Top 10 Best Mixer Grinder in India

best mixer grinder in india

The mixer grinder is one of the important appliances in your kitchen. No matter you have to make a recipe for yourself or a guest, you always need a good economical mixer grinder. The main requirement of a mixer in the Indian kitchen is to grind and blend different types of spices to serve a … Read more

Best Water Purifiers Under 15000

Best Water Purifiers Under 15000

Pure water is the most important for your health. In the past groundwater was best for drinking but now due to impurity in water, it is much need that we do filter water before drinking. One thing you have to consider before choosing any purifier that is, which purifier technology is good for purifying your … Read more

Best Wet Grinder: Preethi, Butterfly, Elgi Ultra, Lakshmi

Best Wet Grinder

The wet grinder is a kind of mixer grinder. It works with inbuilt granite stone plates to make food grain into the batter.  You will find wet grinders very rare in the western kitchen. These grinders are used for abrasive cutting, especially in South Indian cuisine. The stone wet grinder has been part of the traditional Indian kitchen from an early age. … Read more