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Astra Vs Hello Theme-Which one is 2023 Elementor Theme?

Hello, theme and Astra theme has an integration with the Elementor page builder.

Astra is a complete WordPress theme you just need to modification with page builder when required whereas Hello theme is like a blank canvas you have to create everything for your website appearance.

Major Differences -Astra Vs Hello Theme

  • Hello is Elementor theme and it works with the only Elementor whereas Astra is WordPress theme and works with all page builder
  • Hello theme has no features and integration like blank canvas whereas Astra offers all WordPress theme features and integration.
  • Hello, the theme does not offer styled blog archive page and metadata whereas Astra offers a completely styled page along with post metadata.
  • Hello theme , does not offer integration with popular plugins whereas Astra offers in-built integration with all popular plugins.

Astra vs Hello: Which one is Best for Elemetor?

Astra is the best WordPress theme that can work with Elementor. It is designed by the Elementor team with great effort and features.

The Hello theme is like a basic platform or blank theme on which you can build your Elementor site.

Hello, and Astra both are the best work with Elementor.In Hello theme you need to build your website, the theme works as a platform whereas Astra is a complete theme.

The selection of theme depends on your project so Let discuss in detail for comparison between Astra and Hello theme.

Astra Vs Hello: Compare Between Design

Astra default design gives your website the same outlook and feels as a website should appear after activation of theme.

After activation, you can customize every element of the theme via customizer.

On the other hand, the default design of Hello does not add any styling and elements.

Your website will not appear like a website after activation of the theme.

You have to design all elements via Elementor.

In Hello theme you have to build Header and Footer via Elementor pro or custom CSS.

While the Astra theme gives you a fully created Header and Footer.

Free Astra gives a transparent Header.

As you know the blog archive page is a list of all your most recent blogs.

In the case of Hello theme, does not provide any archive page or metadata for the archive page.

Hello theme Archive page

Whereas Astra provides a styled blog archive page with complete metadata like -Publish date, category, and Author.

If you want to WooCommerce with Hello and Astra then you have to do work for Hello with Elementor Pro.

woocommerce page

On the other hand, Astar includes built-in styling for WooCommerce.

Finally, for a design, we have reached on this point that in the case of Hello theme you have a design element of the theme via Elementor Pro.

Lots of work needed with Elementor page builder to give a good look to the website using Hello theme platform.

Whereas in the case of Astra has styles and elements you just need to modify according to your need.

In the case of Hello theme, you will be responsible for all designing like 404 pages, Archive Page, WooCommerce Page and more

Whereas Astra is a complete platform and premium Astra is well designed and meet all requirement of the user.

Astra vs Hello: Performance

It is not fair that we compare the loading speed of Hello with Astra because hello theme is blank canvas whereas Astra has theme elements and layout so for real comparison we had done two comparison- 

  1. First between Astra vs Hello (without Elementor)
  2. Astra website with Hello based Website


















So, we can see that Astra’s performance is remarkable because of this speed of a theme with all elements and layout.  

And it is not surprising that Hell theme without Elementor is less because without Elementor Hello is a plain platform. So, without any theme element Hello speed is just fine.

I am interested in Hello theme speed with Elemntor means after building layout and elements, we can see that it is a little bit high.

But Hello theme performance is not bad after increasing page size and some KB does not affect so much in good Hosting. If you have good and best hosting like BlueHost, WPX then it will be no issue.

So, we can say that Astra’s performance is better and up to mark whereas Hello theme with Elementor is not bad.


Astra vs Hello: Built-in-Features

As we know that Hello is a blank canvas, it does not offer any features, so it is a very easy comparison.

Astra offers all the basic features you can customize by WordPress customizer.

reasons for love Astra

Astra vs Hello: Plugin Inegration

Hello, the theme does not have any Integration with popular plugins like WooCommerce.

Astra integration with plugins

Whereas Astra comes with Built-in-Interaction with many popular plugins like WooCommerce and e-learning plugins like LearnDesh.

So Astra offers great flexibility with most WordPress popular plugins.

Astra Pros

astra theme
  • A complete lightweight theme 
  • Good Performance
  • SEO Friendly
  • Compatible with all popular plugins 
  • Good Styling for all elements.
  • Best for all websites
  • Flexibility with all page builders including Elementor

Hello Theme Pros

hello theme
  • Hello is the blank canvas you can build your own layout with Elementor Pro.
  • Lightweight with Elementor.
  • Work with only the Elementor page builder.
  • Performance is fair with Elementor.

Astra Cons

Astra provides good performance but for the best result, Astra premium is required.

Hello Cons

  • You have to design all website pages from 404 Page to Archive Page.
  • Does not offer integration with plugins.
  • Only for the Elementor website.

Astra vs Hello: Final Verdict

Hello, is a great lightweight and performing theme, can build a very good Elementor website.

Astra is the most popular and most downloaded WordPress theme.

Astra offers more compatibility and flexibility for your websites and theme elements.

Astra provides great control over website layout and appearance.

Astra provides deep integration with all popular plugins.

astra feedback

Here you can start with free Astra theme, but you want to long run in business then you can start with Astra premium.

you want to build a website with Elementor Pro then you can start with Hello theme.

Astra Theme Review

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