Best Coffee Maker- Morphy Richards, Bialetti, Nescafé, Singer Xpress

Are you looking for a good coffee maker?

It is true that coffee has now become a very much needed part of life and good quality coffee makers facilitate you to get coffee with comfort.

In this post, we are going to discuss good coffee makers that will also fit in your budget.

Now we are going to present a list of the best coffee makers in India that includes all well-rated and consumer-friendly products.

We listed after more than a month of research and you can pick anyone from the list you will not regret. It is our promise to you.

Let’s start with the list –

In the list, we have included all coffee makers for everyone in the range of 1500-7000 Rs. So This list is for all those looking for a good coffee maker whether they are searching for an economical or fairly high coffee maker.

Best Coffee Maker Machines in In India (2021)

Why do you need to read this post?

It would be not a very wise decision to spend money on worthless products while spending on long-lasting products is always a good one. But for selecting the right product you need the right information and understanding of your own preferences. Do not worry, in this post we cover all aspects of a good coffee maker and will not let down waste your hard-earned money.

1. Morphy Richards New Europa 800 4-Cup Coffee Maker (Black)

The Morphy Richards Coffee Maker is a good product that serves you your desired coffee in no time. Its look is a very elegant and premium finish touch that gives you a very stylish as well as rich experience.

BDP Rating:

Reasons To Buy

This New Europa coffee maker is equipped with 800 watts of motor power that is sufficient to serve fast service. Apart from good power, the use of this coffee maker never realized for too much electricity consumption. So it is well energy efficient too, that is one of the requirements of any good electric product.

The Turbo nozzle of The coffee maker is an exclusive feature of Morphy Richards coffee maker. This turbo creates a good amount of froth for your Cappuccino. The satisfactory froth is always a good one for coffee.

The drip tray of the coffee maker is easily cleanable. When coffee drips during operation it is collected on a drip-tray that is detachable, so you would be able to clean it easily without any hassle.

Some people like strong coffee while some normal, so every person has their own test for coffee, and thanks to Morphy because this coffee maker comes with a coffee strength selector to set the strength of coffee.

This coffee maker comes with a glass carafe that collects coffee and indicates used material for a cup of Cappuccino.

This coffee maker comes with stainless steel filters that filters extract and gives very smooth coffee. After filtering the extract you feel consistency and smooth coffee experience this filter makes your coffee experience double.

Reason To Avoid

It has 4 cups capacity, so if you are looking for more capacity then you can choose from another from the list.

Product Specification


800 Watts

Bar Pressure

4 bar

Item Weight

2850 Grams


4 Cups


2 years

Verdict: It is highly recommended from our team, if you are searching for a good coffee maker in the range of 4000-4500 Rs then you can go for this appliance.

2. Bialetti 6800 Moka Express 6 Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker

Bialetti Espresso  Maker is the best iconic coffee maker in the rage of 5000 Rs. This Stovetop coffee maker is very easy to operate and has 6-cups of capacity. It is not only a Moka pot but it has an elegant aluminum design that gives it more effective looks.

Actually, Bialetti started in Italy but due to simplicity and optimum output, this brand got famous in the world. This is also true with this Moka Express.

BDP Rating:

Reasons To Buy

The in-built design of this Espresso Maker is in such a way that it has a distinctive eight-sided shape that allows you easy diffuse of heat. By diffusing the heated aroma all over in the coffee it tastes very smooth. Always use coffee grounds with this coffee maker.

This Moka pot is giving you a traditional rich coffee experience without any hassle.

It is easy to clean appliances, all parts are detachable so you can easily wash them.

It comes with a safety valve that gives more safety during steaming. 

The preparation of coffee with This Mok pod will change the art of coffee brewing, it is a new innovation for coffee lovers.

Reason To Avoid

This is not operated by electricity, you can use only cooking gas or a stove.

Product Specification

Model Name


Country of Origin


Item Weight

699 g


6 Cups

Verdict-If you do not like the Stovetop Moka pot coffee maker then it is not for you but you want to love  Espresso with the aroma by mixing traditional coffee experience, it is for you.

3. Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker and Travel Mug

Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker is a truly new generation coffee machine that shapes could surprise that its compact design gives it a look like a mug. It has all the new technology and you can say that this very inventive coffee maker that could not be compared to others.

BDP Rating:

Reasons To Buy

This coffee maker is app-enabled which is a totally new innovation. So you can manage your coffee maker with the app. For apps enabling you to have to connect this coffee maker with Bluetooth. Connecting through Bluetooth is easy to process as a Bluetooth button is also on the coffee maker, so you can connect your smartphone easily with this coffee maker.

You can easily prepare your desired coffee, whether it is hot or cold with this coffee mug. This coffee maker comes with double-walled stainless steel thermal insulation that gives you the freedom of making coffee of your own test. A leak-free lid makes this process more comfortable and secure so that you can easily prepare your favorite flavored coffee.

The one advantage with this coffee maker is that you can prepare your favorite coffee in a very quick time. This coffee maker prepares your desired coffee within 50-60 sec with silence.

After getting very good feedback from customers this coffee maker comes with one year of warranty, which is a decent duration for this smart coffee maker.

Reasons To Avoid

This smart and new generation coffee maker is a little bit expensive but if your budget allows you then it comes under 6000 Rs that is fair for this type of smart coffee maker.

Product Specification

Temperature Range

20-60 degrees C


60 Watts 

Item Weight

950 g

Mug Capacity

210 ml


1 year

Verdict: This is the best smart coffee maker and if you have not much concern about a limited budget then you can go for this coffee maker, you would not be disappointed with this new generation coffee maker.

4. Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker Machine (White)

If you are a person who is looking for a low budget and good quality coffee maker then Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker (White) is the only solution. This coffee maker gives you a similar level of rich experience as you will get with traditional premium coffee makers. This brand has good feedback and a reputation in the low budget segment.

BDP Rating:

Reasons To Buy

Preethi coffee maker comes with a water indicator. By this indicator you can easily see the amount of water and you can pour only a sufficient amount of water that you have required to prepare the coffee. This will prevent you from making more coffee than the required amount of coffee.

The power of heating elements is 450 watts that enable this coffee maker to fast brew. After generating good heat amounts it is equipped with a good heat-resistant microfine filter of high quality for fine decoction that is made for delivering optimum output.

It is a drip cafe so it takes a little bit of time to heat ground coffee then this coffee gets filtered and after some time you will get your desired black coffee later you can add milk if you do not take black coffee.

The jar is made of stainless steel that provides it more durability and long life. This stainless steel makes it rust-free too.

This in-built mechanism and design saves wastage of coffee powder by delivering maximum juice of coffee powder.

The design of the handle is very convenient and provides you easy grip during operation.

Reason To Avoid

The plastic design does not look good and durable.

Product Specification

Operating voltage

230 volts


450 watts

Item Weight

1.5 kg

Country of Origin



1 years

Verdict: Preethi cafe zest is the best low-budget coffee maker and this is a purely Indian brand, so if you have a very limited budget then you can go for this best and cheap product.

5. Cafe JEI French Press Coffee and Tea Maker 600m

Cafe JEI French Press Coffee and Tea Maker comes in the range of 2000 Rs. It is good for coffee and tea lovers and those who love strong coffee would love it. This is an ideal product for bachelor and students that love coffee. It is a Press coffee maker so after heating (bowling water), you have to press for good brewing.

BDP Rating:

Reasons To Buy

This is a very simple and easy coffee preparation appliance. It is best to make coffee, tea, espresso, cold brew, or even latte. You have to just pour a sufficient amount of water in the jar and add coffee, wait for a while, and just press and now you can use this black coffee with the milk and enjoy your espresso.

JEI french machine has 4 levels of filtration that delivers very smooth coffee. Two filters are very good for froth milk that you can use for your latte.

Every part of this appliance is made of good quality material. All filters are made of stainless steel that gives more stability and durability to this machine. Stainless steel makes it corrosion-free and gives long life for long-lasting use.

During the preparation of tea and coffee, we put down boiling water into a large carafe, so it is required that it should be made of high-quality heat resistance material, so this carafe is made of borosilicate that gives sturdy power to glass and stands well for boiling water.

Similarly, the handle is also made of very high heat resistant material that enables you for an easy and steady grip.

In the French press method, the oil, and aroma of coffee extract from the coffee bean after pressing. That enhances your coffee experience, so the French press method delivers maximum flavor in your coffee.

Reasons To Avoid

In the French press, you will get a strong and little bit bitter flavor of coffee due to extracted oil.

Product Specification



Item Weight

620 Grams


22.1 x 18.6 x 13.1 cm


1 year

Verdict: This is a different way to make coffee and tea. If you love the strong flavor and do not want to spend too much, then it is perfect for you.

6. Singer Xpress Brew 800 Watts Coffee Maker Machine

Singer Xpres coffee maker is one of the good espresso machines under 3000 Rs. As you know that Singer is a good brand for home and kitchen appliances. This coffee  maker is a good combination of tradition and modern method of coffee preparation

BDP Rating:

Reasons To Buy

It comes with 800 watts of power that generate enough heating for fast brewing. The body is made of ABS material that is a good heat-resistant material and gives you a shock-proof experience too.

The filter of coffee maker is built of stainless steel that gives a long-lasting usability experience for filters and we know that filter is a major part of the good coffee maker.

Safety is also very crucial when you are dealing with high-pressure appliances like coffee makers, to consider this point this Singer Xpress comes with an automatic pressure release protection that releases excess pressure when the pressure goes beyond the required pressure limit and safe appliance too.

It comes with a glass carafe that has a capacity of 4 cups. It is very easy to clean too. The drip tray is detachable to facilitate easy serving and cleaning.

This coffee maker comes with two years of manufacturing warranty that is quite fair for this segment’s products.

Reason To Avoid

Only 3.5 pressure bars. Design is also not very attractive it is only good for basic black coffee.

Product Specification


240 ml


3.5 Bar


800 Watts


2 years

Verdict: This is a good coffee maker in the range 3000 but has limited features that are also available in low price coffee makers too.


What is the difference between espresso, latte, and cappuccino coffee?

Espresso is concentrated and bitter coffee while the other two are prepared with espresso. In latte espresso is used with steamed milk and a thin layer of milk foam is used. In latte espresso and steamed milk are blended together unlike in cappuccino. In the cappuccino, a small amount of steamed milk is used with espresso and large milk foam is layered on the cappuccino.

Latte=Espresso + Steamed Milk + Thin Layer of Milk Foam

Cappuccino=Espresso + Steamed Milk + Large Layer of Milk Foam

What is Brewed drip coffee?

Brewed term specifies the collection of all coffee preparation methods while drip coffee is a preparation method to find a particular test. In drip coffee, hot water is passed into grounded coffee beans and you will get the desired coffee flavor.

How many types of coffee makers machines are available in India?

Roughly you can divide the coffee maker into four categories

Espresso Maker can be manual and automated in this very fine coffee is used with some quantity of water after that it brews. In this, you will get a strong coffee.

Moka Pot is a special pot in which you use the power of steam and you will get very aromatic and nice flavored coffee.

AeroPress is a different type of coffee maker in which we use pressure. Boiled water and coffee powder are poured into the pot and put a deep pressure, and as a result, we get Espresso like French Press coffee maker.

Auto Drip Brewer is the most common and used coffee maker. In this coffee maker, everything is done automatically so it is most popular worldwide.

How many types of coffee beans in India?

Many varieties of coffee beans are found in India but broadly Arabica and Robusta are considered as the main variety of coffee beans. Arabica is full of aroma so it has more demand in the market compared to Robusta. Robusta has high strength while Arabica has a mild flavor.

How much Caffeine content is found in coffee?

The amount of Caffeine content depends on the coffee preparation method. Caffeine content varies according to coffee preparation methods-                                 


Serving size

Caffeine content


200 mL  

80–135 mg


200 mL

115–175 mg


45–60 mL 

100 mg


Bottom Line: Top Coffee Maker Brand in India

This list included all the best coffee makers for home. We tried to include all the best coffee machines from every segment and range. You will be very pleased after reading this blog because we also included a variety of coffee-making machines, not just Espresso maker so you will get information about a broad range of coffee makers that will definitely help you in making a purchasing decision.

Do not forget to comment on which type of coffee maker machine you do like …I generally prefer a Moka Pot coffee due to the aroma, and you?