Best Earphones Under 500 With Mic And Sound Quality

I was looking for a budget earphone (below 500 Rs) because I had purchased costly earphones, but now it is not working due to my rough uses. Now I do not spend much amount on earphones, but the problem is that I am a music hunger person and need comfortable earphones for daily and long-session use. After lots of research, I made a list of the 16 best earphones under Rs. 500 having good bass & sound quality.

Before going to list further, we need to understand what exact specification is expected from budget earphones.

Sometimes we collect more data about a product when we want to purchase online. But usually start searching customer reviews, new arrivals, product prices, and compatibility before reaching the online platform. Like many of us, we do all the above activities for a costly product rather than a budget product.

Thus, unfortunately, we choose the wrong product to buy and realize after some days.

This list of earphones would help you make the right decision and even before you get a comparative review of each product. Let’s go to product specification (best choice) straight away 

Brand – Brand is the main characteristic for any product to gain the trust of customers. We need to pay attention to product brand value include history and services. Like JBL and boAt, has been creating value for many years in the Headphone market.

Quality – It defines the degree of excellence of a product. For earphones such as hi-resolution audio, crisp sound, rich bass, and noise cancellation headset.

Design – For the design prospect of earphones, we can expect –

  • Wired earphone with mic
  • Mini earbuds with magnetic charging
  • Digital battery indicator
  • Integrated microphones
  • Looking elegant with a metallic body
  • Easy access controller with mic

Technical Overview– best headset may have these features –

  • PVC cable, that is tangle-free 
  • Compatible with all IOS /Android/Windows phones
  • IPX5 is known for waterproof security
  • At least 16-ohm, impedance
  • All 3.5 mm Jack device

Availability – We make sure that we will get our product delivered in time with the best suitable payment option.

Review – You can read online customer reviews and see original images of products easily.

Keeping all points in mind, you can go with your product search. somehow it may change according to your requirement and purpose of shopping.

Top Earphones Under 500: With Mic | Best Gaming Earphones | Best Bass Earphones | Best Wired Earphones | Buying Guide | FAQ

If you are also looking for an economical earphone in 500 for music, games with a mic, then this list will be helpful for you.

I am a person who does not believe in the theory that “Cheap products would not be good!”.If you can get the best product on a budget, then why not go for that?

Yes, it is true that you have to spend lots of time in research for the cheap and best product, but do not worry because we had done this for you.

So, below we are providing an updated and researched list of best headphones with mic under 500.


best earphones under 500 in India
Best Earphone Under 500

JBL has just been newly released and a dynamic ultra-lightweight earphone. If you are a music lover or love play games and using earphones for feel-it-in your bones, then JBL CS50HI is an excellent choice.

JBL CS50HI is the best in its class due to the output of sound quality and dynamic look. JBL stood on top of the list of best earphones under Rs. 500.

Reasons To Buy

  • JBL sound quality is its signature, and you feel the same in JBL CS50 HI.
  • JBL Bass is very balanced and clean, enjoy your music notes even on high volume
  • The earphone is of plastic due to this it is very lightweight
  • Earplug is an angled fit that offers more comfort for the long session of audio calling or music.
  • The 3.5mm L-shaped Jack provides more convenience with other devices for connection like Laptop.
  • JBL CS50HI comes with a button-remote microphone, with the help of this button you can pick or reject calls. The microphone provides noise isolation for a better calling experience.
  • JBL CS50 is available in many different colors that are very bright and stylish.
  • You can activate the Google voice assistant on your Android phone with a long press.
  • One year warranty from the manufacturer is available with this earphone.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No tangle-free wire.

Product Specification

Weight13.6 g
Dimension 6 x 3 x 17.5 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

2. Infinity Zip 20

Infinity is an American Brand that is a sub-brand of Harmar, which is well known worldwide for its audio and visual products.

Infinite zip 20 is a budget-oriented earphone under 500 with brand Identity.

best earphones under 500 in India
Best In-Ear Headphones Under 500

Reasons To Buy

  • Infinite Zip 20 offers a deep bass sound that increases your experience with music.
  • Infinite Zip 20 comes with voice assistant integration. You have to connect it with your smartphone and can get a match-score or call a friend by voice command.
  • Infinite 20 earbuds are soft and designed in such a way that you can enjoy your music the entire day without any discomfort.
  • It comes with a one-button remote. By click on a button, you will be able to do multifunction like pick or reject calls, play/pause your music, and many more.
  • The best part of Infinite zip 20 is the tangle-free durable cable that provides a more smooth and rich-experience.
  • L-shaped jack easily connects with your laptop and phones.
  • Infinite zip 20 offers a year warranty.

Reasons To Avoids

  • Some distortion in sound at a high volume

Product Specification

Weight9.07 g
Dimension 13.5 x 3 x 6 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

3. boAt BassHeads 162 Earphone

boAt Basshead 162 is one of the excellent earbuds under 500, a lightweight earphone with brand boAt. It is value to money product and, the sound quality is similar to any premium HD brand. You can enjoy your bass track with a more rich HD experience.

best earphones under 500 in India
Best Super Extra Bass Earphones Under 500

Reasons To Buy

  • boAt Basshead 162 comes with 10mm drivers, but it offers more HD quality sound with 10mm driver earphones. You will get crystal clear sound.
  • boAt Basshead 162 comes with super bass that gives a more connecting feel to your music track and, you will deeply enjoy your favorite music track.
  • It comes with a 3.5mm angled jack, so you can easily connect your audio device like mobile to the jack.
  • It comes with In-line-microphone with a multifunction button. The microphone gives a seamlessly calling experience without discomfort. Through the multifunction button, you can pic/reject call, play/pause the audio track. 
  • boAt 162 cable is very durable and tangle-free.
  • boAt Basshead 162 comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty.

Reasons To Avoids

  • Need to work on the design of earphone

Product Specification

Weight18.1 g
Dimension 120 x 0.1 x 0.2 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

4. Mi Earphone Basic

Mi earphone basic is specially designed for Indian by Xiaomi. It is an excellent earphone under the 500 category with ultra bass and silicone earbuds. It is designed in such a way that it can give a good sound with comfort.

best earphones under 500 in India
Best Wired Earphones Under 500

Reasons To Buy

  • Mi Earphone Basic is the best budget earphones that comes with Ultra deep bass for increased sound and airflow. You will feel the stereo effect and well-balanced sound output.
  • Earphone design consists of an aluminum sound chamber that gives a more rich experience and delivers balanced sound.
  • High-quality silicone earbuds provide extra comfort to you. If you are a music lover or gaming lover person and have kept earphones for a long time in your ears, then silicon earbuds provide you comfort. 
  • The microphone comes with a multifunctional button for pause, play answer, and hang up calls. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Speaker Impedance 32-ohm is remarkable and produces a good quality soundtrack.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Only a six-month warranty, it should be at least one year.

Product Specification

Weight14 g
Dimension 1.24 x 0.0 x 0.0 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

5. Samsung  EHS64

As you know that Samsung is a renowned name for electronic gadgets and devices. So if you are getting the original Samsung earphone under Rs 500 budget, then it is 100% money worth. It is not an excellent earphone for hearing music, but also very good for interactive game sound.

best earphones under 500 in India
Best Headphone under 500

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with a flex grip connection that prevents the cable from damage.
  •  It comes with a speaker size of 13 mm and 160 DB sensibility, which deliver the best sound output.
  •  It gives a superb performance with all devices, including the iPhone, and gives the best result with all interactive games.
  • It comes with a microphone and button to control and manage sound and calls.
  • You can enjoy your music even on a high note, it does not exaggerate the bass sound response.
  • Samsung EHS64 gives very balanced and accurate sounds, and you will be more than happy with its surrounding sound effects.
  • You will get an extra pair of earbuds of different sizes with Samsung EHS64 earphones.

Reasons To Avoids

  • Not come with L-shaped Jack.

Product Specification

Weight40.8 g
Dimension 17.6 x 5.6 x 1.4 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

6. boAt BassHeads 100

boAt Basshead 100 is a very budget-friendly and stylish earphone under a price bucket of Rs 500. It is a total value for money product. After economical, it looks is awesome and premium. It is very lightweight, so you would not to worry if you use earphones for a long duration in a day.

best earphones under 500 in India
Best Gaming Earphones Under 500

Reasons To Buy

  • boAt Basshead comes with 100 superior coated wired that give it a very stylish and fashionable look, You will feel stand out from the crowd.
  • It comes with a 10mm dynamic driver and resistance of 16ohm, which enables the boAt 100 to deliver more impactful and punchy tracks.
  • HD microphone of boAt BassHead 100 provides crystal clear voice, you can enjoy a clear voice on calling. The microphone comes with a perfect 1.2-meter cord length and, it is very user-friendly and stylish.
  • Available in many vibrant colors, pick colors that suit you best.
  • One year warranty.
  • Best rank in amazon.

Reasons To Avoids

  • boAt BassHeads100 does not come with an L-shaped jack.

Product Specification

Weight40.8 g
Dimension 120 x 0.1 x 0.2 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

7. Artis E400M

Artis is an Indian IT device marketing company. In India, its office is located in Mumbai. The company is involved in the marketing of many low budgets and quality products.

best earphones under 500 in India
Artis E400M

Reasons To Buy

  • Artis E400M is the earphones with mic under 500, turns your mind and full with swing head mod due to its crystal quality sound and dynamic stereo output.
  • 15mm powerful sound drivers and excellent bass output spellbound you with your musical track even in long sessions.
  • The cable of Artis E400M is made of very soft and good quality material that gives it a premium look that upgrades your style.
  • It gives compatibility with all audio devices due to a 3.5mm L-shaped jack.
  • Bult-in-mic and button with multifunction provide you more comfortable and easier audio and sound control support.
  • The small, medium, and large size of ear caps, for the perfect fit.

Reasons To Avoids

  • It comes with only a six-month warranty.

Product Specification

Weight50 g
Dimension 21.99 x 6.99 x 1.99 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

8. Motorola Pace 100 (Black)

Motorola is an American multinational company and one of the leading brands in technology. Motorola Pace 100 is an excellent product with great sound and, it is a next-generation earphone.

motorola pace 100 , placed on 9th one for best earphones under 500 with high bass
Motorola Pace 100

Reasons To Buy

  • Motorola Pace 100 comes with three different sizes of earbuds. You can fit any earbuds for a great and rich experience.
  • Motorola 100 supports AI functionality, can connect to Alexa, Google Assistant, and ask for cab, suggestion, or anything else, it works tremendously.
  • Motorola pace design is built in such a way that you would enjoy very crystal clean audio.
  • The inbuilt microphone works best for seamlessly audio calling, and you will feel comfortable after a long duration of calling.
  • Motorola pace comes with a year warranty, and it is an advantage to use the product of brands like Motorola within a budget of Rs.500.

Reasons To Avoids

  • It does not come with L-shaped Jack and tangle-free cable.

Product Specification

Weight13.6 g
Dimension 7 x 2 x 18.5 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

9. MuveAcoustics Drive MA 1000FB

MuveAcoustics is an Indian audio product marketing company, which offers many earphones on a limited budget. This company gives a rich experience to music listeners through the best earphones under Rs.500.

best earphones under 500 in India
MuveAcoustics Drive MA 1000FB

Reasons To Buy

  • Good sound output and powerful bass give you a feel that your soundtrack has been enhanced, you can enjoy every note like a premium wired headphone.
  • MuveAcoustics earphones come with noise isolating earbuds and a safe soft pouch for protective storage.
  • MuveAcoustics drive earphone is flat and tangle-free, you can put it into your pocket and bag.
  • You can control and manage your audio without using your device. The earphone provides volume control by the in-line button.
  • The in-built microphone enables you to answer phone calls without using your device. Mic performance is fair, and you will get a good voice calling experience.

Reasons To Avoids

  • Some Customer review for  L-jack is not up to the mark.

Product Specification

Weight99.8 g
Dimension 1.2 x 2.4 x 2.2 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

10. Boult Audio Bass Buds X1

Boult X1 is an audio marketing company and recently introduced many earphones. Boult Audio X1 has good sound quality and money worth earphones under Rs.500.

best earphones under 500 in India
Boult Audio Bass Buds X1

Reasons To Buy

  • Boult X1 is the best earbuds under 500 that come with an aerospace-grade AL alloy driver that gives extreme comfort during a long session of music and calls.
  • Boult X1 built-in micro-woofer that produce very smooth and punchy bass.
  • Cable design and ear-fines provides the best comfort and intact with your ears during sports activity like running, climbing, hiking, cycling, etc.
  • One button-remote microphone is seamlessly supported long-duration voice calls, and you can manage audio play/pause and call pick/reject by a button inbuilt with the microphone.
  • Boult X1 gets a final finish with remarkable colour and material, which makes it look premium.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.

Reasons To Avoids

  • It does not come with an L-shaped jack.

Product Specification

Weight200 g
Dimension 11.99 x 7.99 x 1.49 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

11. Philips SHE1525BK/94

Philips SHE1525BK/94 is a well known and renowned brand in Electronics and Technology segment. So, without adding Philips, this list could not be complete. Philips offers excellent earphones in buckets of the Rs.500 range.

best earphones under 500 in India
Philips SHE1525BK

Reasons To Buy

  • It is a very popular earphone of Philips due to its compact design. You can wear these earphones under your helmet or hat.
  • Philips earphones provide comfort even after long sessions and deliver the best sound quality.
  • It has defined bass that output gives you a fully balanced audio experience.
  • Earbuds of Philips earphones are perfect and seal to ear for block out external noise, and you can enjoy your audio.
  • The microphone is best to deliver a seamlessly audio calling experience, and the multifunction button enables you to control call and audio with a hand-free experience.

Reasons To Avoids

  • Only six months warranty.
  • No Tangle-free cable and no L-Shaped jack.

Product Specification

Weight38 g
Dimension 18.49 x 6.99 x 1.99 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

12. CZARTECH Acoustics CW430

It is an audio device marketing company it is new compare to other brands. It offers very trendy and good looking earphones for youth.CZARTECH earphones are widely used during the workout. It is a brand emerging at a good pace.

best earphones under 500 in India
CZARTECH Acoustics CW430

Reasons To Buy

  • It has 10mm drivers that produce a very balanced dynamic sound for music listeners and increase the audio listing experience.
  • Earbuds are enough-tight with ears that provide a good grip during running and workouts.
  • It offers a noise-canceling hands-free mic for noiseless and quality audio calling.
  • The multifunction button support managing audio and call. You can pause and start audio, similarly, you can cancel or pick the phone-call.
  • Compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones.
  • It comes with a 3.5mm L-shaped jack.

Reasons To Avoids

  • Providing only a six-month warranty.

Product Specification

Weight60 g
Dimension 17.99  x 9.99  x 1.99 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

13. boAt BassHeads 132

boAt BassHeads 132 is another excellent earphone with a mic for music listeners. Due to the stylish look, it is also called a silver surfer. It is an economical earphone under 500 budget.

best earphones under 500 in India
boAt BassHeads 132

Reasons To Buy

  • boAt132 comes with a tangle-free cable, so it is a great advantage because when you are in-hurry can put into your bag or pocket, that will not affect sound quality when it comes out from your bag.
  • It has a very steek and comfort-oriented design that increase your style.
  • It comes with a 3.5mm jack, which provides compatibility with all audio devices like mobile and laptop.
  • It comes with a mic and multifunctional buttons. Through a button, you can easily control audio and call.
  • boAt 132 offers one year warranty.

Reasons To Avoids

  • Average Voice calling Experience.

Product Specification

Weight14 g
Dimension 1.99 x 0.99 x 0.99 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

14. Philips Upbeat SHE2405BL/00

Philips Upbeat earphone is ergonomic slim fit earbuds, delivers the best quality sound with a Stylish look. It has many vibrant colours and will suit your personality. It is one of the most economical earphones Under Rs 500 of Philips.

best earphones under 500 in India
Philips Upbeat SHE2405BL

Reasons To Buy

  • 8.6 mm speaker drivers deliver clean and rich bass for your musical track.
  • Philips Upbeat earphone comes with neodymium magnets that add extra power to the bass so you can enjoy more on high and low notes.
  • The microphone comes with a multifunction button that provides great controls on audio and call.
  • 3-sets of earbuds (small, medium, large) give more comfort to your ear to enjoy the favorite track for a long session without any concern.
  • Philips Upbeat comes with a one year warranty.

Reasons To Avoids

  • The cable is not Tangle free and Jack is not L-shaped.

Product Specification

Weight14.52 g
Dimension 2.99 x 5.19  x 16.99 cm
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

15. WeCool Mr.bass W012 C

best earphones under 500 in India
Best Gaming Earphones Under 500RS

WeCool Mr.bass W012 C type offers the best sound output earphone with HD bass and HiFi Stereo sports design, making it look very cool and a better choice for youth.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with a 30 Degree Ergonomic design that gives, it more comfortable and best fit during sports activities and long-duration calls.
  • It offers a great microphone that provides a hand-free experience via voice assistant.
  • multifunction button gives freedom to manage and control the phone-call and audio.
  • It has a sweatproof design that is a must-needed feature during sports activity.
  • It comes with 8mm drives and deep bass that produce crystal clear audio sound, and you can enjoy your music and high and low notes.

Reasons To Avoids

  • It comes with only a six month warranty.

Product Specification

Weight14.52 g
Compatible withAudio Player ,Mobile,Laptop,Tablet
Cord Length1.2 m   

Buying Guide

Purchasing any product is depends on your preference and choice, but recommended that you must consider some factors before buying any earphones. You have to consider the following factors-

In-Built Design & Quality

It is a good thing that enough earphones under the 500 price tag come with excellent quality and design. The in-built material of earphones is plastic that provides lightweight and durability. Tangle-free cable is ideal for earphones and makes it easy to carry. The earbud’s design and quality should be good to avoid any issue in the ear. Soft pad earbuds are best for the ear.

Great Value For Money

A comfortable and decent quality earphone is an excellent value for money. Earphones should be lightweight without compromising the quality. In terms of sound, it should be easily beat high and low-end earbuds. It should be compatible with all smart devices like phones, tablets, and laptops.

Size and Comfort

Cable size is a crucial factor for sound and use. Similarly, different sizes of earbuds play a vital role in a good sound experience. If earbuds are not fit into the ear canal, then sound quality would be affected and, you might feel some pain in your ears.

Frequency Response

The frequency response range differs from one brand to another. To enjoy and crystal clear audio at the low and high notes, you should know about the frequency range of the earbuds you are going to purchase. 


Earphones must have at least one year of warranty. Because purchasing an earphone is not the complete solution, a good brand offers at least one year of product warranty. You should first get information about the product warranty then go for earphones.


Budget plays an important role and, it is a good practice to decide your buying budget before purchasing. We have included all the best earphones in a 500 price tag that will help you in choosing the right earphones in your limited budget.

FAQ: Best Headphones With Mic Under 500

Which are cheap earphones?

Many cheap earphones are available, but along with cheap earphones, It should be safe for your ears. JBL CS50HI is the best economical and safe earphone.

What is the difference between Headphones and Earphones?

Generally, both terms are used interchangeably but, Headphones are worn on or around the user’s ears while Earphones fit into the user’s ear canal

Are cheap earphones are bad for your ears?

The answer to this question might not be “Yes” or “No” because it depends upon use if you are using for a very long duration on regular basis earphones then it will be not best for your ears, It does not matter earphone is cheap or expensive. Yes, one point needs to consider is the design and material of earbuds but, some economical earphones may also have good design and quality like JBL CS50 HI, boAt BassHeads 152, etc.

Is it safe to share earphones?

Sharing is common and, everyone thinks that it is not a big deal but, you should care about some risks that would be involved in sharing-

  • Itchiness
  • Ear Fungus
  • Other Viruses
  • Infection

How do you ensure that your earphones last long?

  • Keep them clean avoid sharing
  • Store your earphones carefully
  • Use a small pouch or ziplock bag
  • Earphone should keep away from kids

Comparison Table Best Earphones Under 500

List of best earphones under 500 with price, driver size, impedance and warranty

PreviewBest Earphones Under 500Driver SizeImpedanceWarrantyPrice
best earphones under 500 in India1. JBL CS50 HI8.6 mm30 Ohm1 YearCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India2. Infinite Zip 2010 mm 16 Ohm1 YearCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India3. boAt BassHeads 16210 mm16 Ohm1 YearCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India4. MI Earphone Basic10 mm32 Ohm6 MonthCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India5. Samsung EHS6413 mm32 Ohm6 MonthCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India6. boAt BassHeads 10010 mm16 Ohm1 YearCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India7. Artis E400M15 mm16 Ohm6 MonthCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India8. Motorola Pace 10010 mm16 Ohm1 YearCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India9. MuveAcoustic Drive MA 1000FB8 mm21 ohm1 YearCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India10. Boult Audi BassHeads X110 mm32 Ohm1 yearCheck Price
Philips SHE1525BK11. Philips SHE1525BK/9410 mm16 Ohm6 MonthCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India12. CZARTECH CW43010 mm16 Ohm6 monthCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India13. boAt BassHeads 13210 mm16 Ohm1 YearCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India14. Philips Upbeat SHE2405BL/008.6 mm16 Ohm1 YearCheck Price
best earphones under 500 in India15. WeCool Earphones8 mm16 Ohm6 MonthCheck Price

Bottom Line

So, now here I am windup my list of best earphones under Rs.500 and, this above list makes your conclusion that which headphone is best. I Hope! you will get help in purchasing the right product.

If you think that I had missed any earphones under Rs.500, then kindly comment me and my teamwork on that, and if the product would be money-worth then we will include that product.

If your budget is tight then You can go for low-cost earphones-

What are the best affordable earphones under 200-300?

Nowadays everyone wants to connect with the music and youtube in-home, public transport even in the Gym. But due to its rough use, some people always looking for cheap and best earphones, and you will be happy that lots of good earphones are available in the market. We had made a list of under this you will get the best earphones under 300, for music-loving persons that do not want to spend too much.

You will not get the same level of features and design those into expensive earphones, but you would not be disappointed with the earphones mentioned in the list.

Before starting, I want to share the information on which grounds we had made this list? And you must know because these sets of parameters should match with your set of key parameters of purchasing. We had considered the following key points for making the list of best earphones under 200-300 Rs

  • Sound Quality
  • Built-in Design & Material
  • Value For Money
  • Customer Feedback

Best Earphones (Low Cost) in India

Best Earphones (Cheap & Best)– (2021)

Earphone BrandsSpeaker DriverWeightDimension Cable LengthAvailable Colours
1. Philips Earphones10mm38g 18.49 x 6.99 x 2.49 cm 1.2 MBlack
2. pTron HBE6 Headphone10mm28g17.5 x 7 x
2 cm
1 MRed & Black
3. Zebronics Wired Earphone10mm40g2 x 6.6 x
18.5 cm
1.2 MBlack & White
4. WeCool in-Ear Round Wired Earphone12mm42g18.5 x 9 x
3 cm     
1.2 MWhite
5. pTron HBE5
10mm37g17.5 x 7 x
2 cm
1.2 MWhite & Blue
6. UBON Earphones Universal10mm100g10.00 x 6.00 x 4.00 cm1.2 MBlack

1. Philips SHE1505BK/94

Philips is a renowned name and popular to offer grate quality products. This earphone is also a good example of good quality and low budget products 

Philips earphone design is very compact and good looking which enables you to indulge in your outdoor activities like running, cycling, and other activities without fear of earbuds slip from your ears.

The bass of earbuds is so balanced that you would experience very rich and clear music even on high notes.

The in-built design of Philips earphones is super cool and you will feel very low pressure on the canal pass after the long audio sessions.

Three earbuds cups of different sizes offer the best fit and comfortable experience.

The inbuilt microphone offers a great hand-free calling experience with comfort and easy assistance.

philips earphones under 300 rs
Philips SHE1505BK/94


  • Good Sound due to a 10mm speaker driver.
  • Six months of product warranty.
  • Good feedback was given by customers


  • 3.5mm Jack is not L-shaped 


Which brand is best for earphones for 300 Rs?

Philips SHE1505BK/94 earphone under 300, offer all required facility that meets with user requirements.

2. pTron HBE6

pTron headphone is a good combination of design and sound quality. It is designed in such a way that gives a premium look and the sound is well balanced and crystal clear.

pTrom stereo wired earphone is lightweight and earbuds are made of metal alloy that gives a very comfortable and rich experience.

The headphone is mostly used for hearing music so the sound of earphones should be dynamic and without noise.

This Headphone stands good on these parameters because it has good dynamic stereo bass and very good quality sound.

Ergo fit the design of earbuds are the best fit into canal pass and gives full noise isolation experience for your audio and calling.

Integrated mic and multifunctional buttons enable you to manage call and music volume like pick /reject calls and play/pause audio.


  • Tangle Free cable
  • 10mm sound driver
  • Six-month warranty.


  • Jack is not L-shaped


Which is the best brand for Earphones Under 200 – April 2021?

pTron headphones are the best In-ear stereo earphones under 200 with wireless features, offer premium and stylish looks.

3. Zebronics Wired Earphone

Zebronics sporty design and lightweight facilitate you to easily put it in your pocket without worry of roll or any issue. The good technical specification makes it a good choice in the list of best earphones under 300 Rs.

The sound quality is very good compare to the same segment earphones and high bass produces a deep music experience.

Earbuds are designed well and best fit into your ears to produce noise isolation with great comfort and you can enjoy only your music without any interruption.

Long and strong cable enhances the durability and life of the cable and you can use it daily without any worry.

In-line microphones and multifunctional buttons enable you to manage and control calls along with the audio.


  • Speaker Driver of 10mm produces good sound.
  • Stylish and Good looking
  • Warranty of Six month 


  • Straight Jack in place of  L-shaped Jack
  • Some noises at high volume.


Which Earphones Below 300, Last The Longest?

Due to its Stylish and well-in-built design, Zebronics deserves to rank at the top of the list of headphones under 300 rupees.

4. WeCool Mr.Bass

WeCool is gaining popularity nowadays and It is also the latest earphone in the market. It has almost all required good features that fully fill your requirement, most surprising is its price which makes its best and cheap earphones in the list of best earphones under 300.

It delivers the digital premium audio quality sound that changes your entire music experience and you would love this change.

Large Earbuds with 12mm speaker drivers with deep bass produce a very clear sound.

The Special ear canal design of earphones is well fit into your ears so you would not get noise and can enjoy your music in isolation.

In-line mic enhances your calling experience and you can use the mic for a long duration without any discomfort.


  • 12mm Speaker is very good compare to other earphones of the same segment.
  • HD voice clarity of earbuds.
  • It comes with 6-months of warranty.


  • Cable quality is not up to mark.
  • Jack is not L-shaped

Verdict –

Are Cheap Earbuds Under 300, Worth it?

This pure new edition in earphones under 300 and would be a great choice if you love HD clear voice.

5. pTron HBE5 Raptor

pTron HBE5 is not the latest earphone as you that HBE6 is available and at the top position in our list but HBE5 is still the most popular and high customer rated earphones, so if you want to spend less amount and best product then pTron HBE5  is perfect for you.

It comes with HD stereo sound and deep bass which increase the sound quality of the music.

Ergonomic design provides you extra comfort for your canal fit and you will feel less pressure so without any pain, you can wear this earphone for a long duration.

The in-built mic provides a hand-free calling experience and a multifunctional button enables youtube to manage and control audio with ease.


  • A 10mm speaker driver gives the power of quality sound.
  • High rated by costumes 
  • 6-month manufacturing warranty.


  • No tangle free cable


Is pTron bass buds a good earphone under 200?

If you want to be cheap and best then pTron HBE5 is best and no option for this earphone with mic under 200 Rs.

6. UBON Earphone Universal

UBON Earphones Universal Perfume is of natural and bass-rich earphone that gives you a perfect solution for your sound issue and enhances the audio listening experience.

The agronomic design gives a robust structure to the earphone that assists in delivering excellent sound quality. 

The inline microphone allows you to receive calls without any discomfort and, the multifunctional button manages and controls incoming calls and your music track.

The inbuilt high fidelity sound drivers offer you sharp sound quality and, the dynamic bass of earphones adds more punch to your music track.

The 1.2-meter tangle-free cable gives you the ease of use of earphones when required while the earphones are in the bag or pocket.


  • Eye-Catchy Looks
  • Durable
  • Comforting Designs
  • High-Quality Sound


  • 3.5mm Jack is not L-shaped


Why is UBON a best-selling earphone under 300?

It is another best earphone for excellent sound quality and crystal clear audio earphones under 200.

Comparison Table of Budget Earphones in India

EarphoneSound QualityBuilt-in DesignMicrophone QualityTangle Free cableScore
1. Philips EarphonesExcellentGoodGoodYes4.0
2. pTron HBE6 HeadphoneExcellent GoodGoodYes4.0
3. Zebronics Wired EarphoneGood  Average GoodNo3.5
4. WeCool Wired EarphoneGoodAverageGoodNo3.5
5. pTron HBE5 RaptorExcellentGoodGoodYes4.0
6. UBON Earphones UniversalGoodGoodGoodYes3.9


Which earphones are the best earphones with a mic under 200-300 Rs?

The best budget earphones between 200 and 300 are-

  • Philips SHE1505 BK/94
  • pTron HBE6
  • pTron HBE5

Which is the best budget earphone?

Philips SHE1505 BK/94 comes with all basic features and good sound quality within the budget.

Which are the best earphones for sound quality under 300?

Best sound quality phones under 300 are-

  • Philips SHE1505 BK/94
  • pTron HBE6
  • pTron HBE5

Which are the best budget and sporty wired earphones under 300?

Zebronics Wired Earphone is a very stylish and sporty headphone under 200-300.

Which are the best HD stereo sound earphones under 300?

pTron HBE5&6 is the best HD stereo sound earphones.

Bottom Line

This is a list of best earphones under 200-300 Rs and we had included only those products have good features in class and you will get no regret after purchasing them.

This list could completely be saved your valuable time and helped in taking the right decision.

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