Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000

Last updated on February 16th, 2023 at 04:16 pm

Best Keyboards below 3000 for gaming in 2023

How good you are in gaming depends on how quickly your fingers move on the keyboard. It’s not easy to search for the best gaming keyboard that suits your gaming style and needs too. Your search for the best gaming keyboard under 3000 ends here.

Your buying decision should be so accurate when you have a set budget and too many similar options available. We reviewed more than 150 keyboards, including mechanical and membrane, on highly anticipated games like God of War, Grand Theft Auto V, and Crysis 3.

We found that the inbuilt structure of the mechanical keyboards is more dynamic and capable than a membrane keyboard

We will dive into the details of “Why mechanical keyboards are best for gaming ?

We have considered many points below to justify our answer as mechanical keyboards are the best for gaming –

  • A mechanical gaming keyboard gives you the durability of a 50 million keypress lifespan.
  •  With a mechanical keyboard, you can do keystrokes quickly and smoothly because of its high key resistance feature.
  •  You can press multiple keys simultaneously with the help of the n-key rollover feature. 
  •  You can customize your keyboard according to your needs or other personal reasons.
  •  A Mechanical keyboard is specially designed to relax your hands while on a long gaming session.
  •  RGB Backlit reflects in multiple colours, which makes your attire complete to look like a stylish pro gamer.
  •  With the advantage of liner switches, you can double-tap multiple times whenever you need it in gaming.
  •  The tactile switches function gives you a feel of a quick-click response.
  •  You can have extra multi-media keys to ease your gaming operation, like increasing or decreasing volume quickly.
  •  You may have Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard that is more portable and lighter.

As per the above references, we have concluded the top 5 mechanical keyboards in the list of gaming keyboards under 3000 are available for purchase.

5 Best Gaming (Mechanical) Keyboards Under 3000 in India

Comparison table of Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 with price and rating

Best Gaming Keyboards  Overall Ratings   Price
Redragon Kumara K552  8.3Click Here
Ant Esports MK3400W8.1Click Here
Cosmic Byte CB-GK-128.0Click Here
Zebronics Zeb-MAX V27.9Click Here
Quantum QHM98007.6Click Here

1. Best TKL Gaming Keyboard: Redragon Kumara K552 

Redragon K551 Rainbow is a RGB  Keyboard under 3000
Redragon K551 Rainbow LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under 3000

Specification – 

  • Switches: Cherry MX Red
  • Key size: 87 key
  • Backlit: Rainbow LED RGB
  • Compatible: Windows 10, Vista, and Mac (limited) 
  • Weight: 0.87 kg

Reason to Buy –

  • High-definition metal construction.
  •  Compact high-end switches with an ergonomic feel.
  •  Ultra-durable keys for a long life span.
  •  Perfect design of the TenKeyLess keyboard
  •  Sufficient connector wire to feel a rich experience.

Reason to Avoid –

  •  No customization software

Redragon Kumara K552 is a highly innovative mechanical keyboard with 19 lighting effects. The red Cherry Max switches work as liner switches to help with quick double and triple taps. Outemu red keys help you keep your perfect keystroke with a light touch linear motion. RGB backlit would not increase keyboard performance, sure, but it can give you a beautiful and stylish sense.

The structure of plate-mounted switches makes this K552 more powerful and capable of long-hour gaming encounters. The ergonomic curved design of the keys relaxes your fingers while you are on the battlefield and need to move your fingers quickly. The Kumara K552 frame is made of metal alloy and high strong ABS mixture to last long. Compatibility is very good with all kinds of Windows PCs and somehow MAC.

Redragon Kumara K552Over All Rating8.3
BenchmarksFeatures Ratings (out of 10)
DimensionsHxWxD – 3.6×35.5×12.3 cm8.3
Build QualityA mixture of Alloy and ABS8.4
Ergonomics DesignYes, Fairly Tall with 4 to 8 * Decline and no wrist rest7.1
Keyboard BacklightsRGB lighting with 19 colours but as an effective presentation8.8
Cabel and Connector2 m long rubber structure with no detachable feature7.5
Extra FeaturesKeyboard has multimedia caps, windows lock and scroll lock keys8.3
Keystroke AnalysisTactile bump sound with low operation force7.9
Typing QualityTyping quality is decent but the space bar vibrates little8.1
Typing NoiseSound good but not fair for office use7.6
Latency with wireOptimal latency between 20-307.7
CompatibilityAll windows PCs only with initial Mac Os8.2

2. Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Ant Esports MK3400W 

Ant Esports MK3400W is 2nd best gaming keyboard under 3000
Ant Esports MK3400W Gaming Keyboard under 3000

Specification – 

  • Switches: Mechanical Blue Switch
  • Key size: 104 keys    
  • Backlights: RGB  
  • Compatible: All Windows PC/Laptops
  • Weight: 0.99 KG

Reason to Buy –

  • The perfect keyboard for all kinds of games.
  •  Easy Key swap without harming any quality features.
  •  13 modes of lighting with 12 power multimedia control.
  •  High-end efficient, and durable mechanical custom switches.
  •  Ergonomically curved keys with N-Key rollover.
  •  Works best with PCs and Laptops.

Reason to Avoid –

  • The wrist rest size could have been better.

Ant Esports MK3400W is a very decent mechanical gaming keyboard. As we know, adjusting to a mechanical keyboard is not easy, and the same rule applies to Ant Esports MK3400W. It would be best if you had some patience to get the best out of it. The design looks stylish thanks to the aluminum frame base with multicolour RGB light. Specially designed to enhance the feel of professional gaming with tactile bump feedback response. You can purchase MK3400W online at the price of between 2000 – 3000 Rs.

The keyboard comes with 104 keys specified non-conflict and removable keycaps. Keys are designed ergonomically and have a good ladder outline to strengthen the keyboard. The braided cable is a 1.5m long non-detachable USB connector.

The wire comes with elegant gold plated layer To make it a rich feel. The keyboard is sweat-resistant and built with skin-friendly material. The keyboard has a wrist rest design to ease your fatigue hand due to quick keystrokes. To check its durability and toughness, the company has tested Esports MK3400W by dopping the keyboard from the height of 76 cm and found no wear and tear. The 50 Millions Keystore life span gives long reliability and strong trust.

12 high dedicated power multimedia control keys and 13 kinds of lighting modes increase the value for money.

The font of the keys could have been better. No backlight with Enter key, Spacebar, and WIN lock breaks the RGB effect.

But still, Ant Esports MK3400W is the best choice as a perfect gaming keyboard for your expected budget.

Ant Esports MK3400W Over All Rating 8.1
BenchmarksFeatures Ratings (out of 10)
DimensionsHxWxD – 445 x 115 x 38.5mm (Full Size)8.4
Build QualityAluminium top with plastic structure7.6
Ergonomics DesignYes, Curvy with 4.1 to 8.3 * Decline with wrist rest7.4
Keyboard BacklightsRGB lighting with 13 different colour effects7.8
Cabel and Connector1.5 m long rubber structure, not detachable, braided wire7.2
Extra FeaturesKeyboard has multimedia caps, windows lock and scroll lock keys8.3
Keystroke AnalysisHigh Tactile bump sound with minimal operation force, good in repetitive keystrokes8.1
Typing QualityTyping quality is decent with response sound8.1
Typing NoiseIt sounds good but is best used for gaming only, Not for offices7.5
Latency with wireOptimal latency between 25-357.2
CompatibilityAll windows PCs and Laptops 8.1

3. Best RGB Mechanical Keyboard: Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 3rd best mechanical gaming keyboard under 3000
Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Gaming Keyboard Under 3000

Specification – 

  • Switches: Outemu Brown Switches
  • Key size: Full size 140 Keys     
  • Backlights: RGB Rainbow Backlite 
  • Compatible: All Windows PCs and Mac OS
  • Weight: 0.98 Kg

Reason to Buy –

  • Anti-ghosting keys are a good choice for this budget 
  •  Hot Multimedia Function keys 
  •  Double short keys intensified with injection molded 
  •  Braided standard cable for better flexibility 
  •  Highly compatible with all gaming platforms
  •  Multicolour RGB backlit 
  •  Chrome bezel design for better hand coordination

Reason to Avoid –

  • Lack of customized software 
  • Sometimes little bit wobble with keycaps

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 is a full-size mechanical gaming keyboard with 104 keys. The braided cable is used for USB wire to increase mechanical strength with enough flex. Anti-fading double shot keycaps are used for better front display through RGB lighting. Each key is capable to live a 50 million keystroke lifespan. The keyboard has a unique inbuilt design on an Aluminium frame base.

RGB Rainbow backlit feature is magnified with 10 backlighting effects with 3 levels of brightness and speed adjustment. The tilt mechanism builds Neon GK-12 to keep it in a perfectly flat position when typing. The high interactive chip with an online update support feature makes Cosmic Byte Neon a perfect Hybrid gaming keyboard. The anti-ghosting feature enables you to use multiple keys simultaneously between gaming battles. The 1.8m long USB connector is good enough to keep changing your gesture as you want.

Dedicated multimedia hotkeys like FN and F12 give you complete control in gaming operations such as volume adjustment and media check.

Sometimes you get disappointed with the metallic voice when you hit the spacebar and backspace. It happens because of the metallic frame structure beneath the keys. The Outemu Brown Switches work fine with your typing need, and it’s elegant as other types of keys like Cherry MX.

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 is a hybrid most anticipated gaming keyboard with brilliant compatibility with any kind of game even for frames per second (FPS) also.

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Over All Rating7.9
BenchmarksFeatures Ratings (out of 10)
Dimensions45 x 13.5 x 3 cm (Full Size)8.4
Build QualityAluminium frame 7.4
Ergonomics DesignN/A 
Keyboard BacklightsRGB Rainbow lighting with 10 different colour backlights7.6
Cabel and Connector1.8 m long braided wire 7.6
Extra FeaturesKeyboard has multimedia caps, windows lock and scroll lock keys8.3
Keystroke AnalysisHigh Tactile bump sound with minimal operation force7.9
Typing QualityTyping quality is fair  with feedback sound, sometimes keycaps wobble7.4
Typing NoiseIt sounds good for gaming purposes only7.5
Latency with wireOptimal latency between 18-268.1
CompatibilityAll windows PCs, Laptops, Mac OS and Android8.3

4. Best 87 Tactile Mechanical Keyboard: Zebronics Zeb-MAX V2

Zebronics Zeb-MAX V2 is a premium mechanical TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboard in 3000₹

Specification –

  • Switches: Blue Tactile  
  • Key size: 87 Keys    
  • Backlights:18 RGB Mode 
  • Compatible: All Windows PCs and Laptop
  • Weight:1.5 Kg

Reason to Buy –

  • It’s easy to clean
  • Unique Key removal tool
  • TKL Keyboard with RGB effect
  • Windows Lock Key 
  • Suspended Keycaps to accelerate the gaming experience
  • 4 different brightness level
  • Gold Plated USB connector

Reason to Avoid –

  • A little bit heavier

Zebronics is a well-known brand for its quality tech product in the mid-range segment. Here we will talk about Zebronics Zeb-MAX V2 premium mechanical gaming keyboard with an updated version. Zeb -Max is a TenKeyLess (TKL) gaming keyboard having 87 tactile switches. The keyboard comes with RGB backlit with stylish 18 multicolour backlight effects. The 1.8m long USB cable is attached to the keyboard, covered by a gold-plated layer. A rubber grip is placed at the bottom with rectangular standby to keep it sturdy.

The inbuilt RGB backlit function reflects 20 multicolour LED brightness and 5-speed mode lighting.

The Zeb-MAX comes with 12 highly integrated keys to ease gaming operations. Blue mechanical keys work well with tactile feedback sound. Win key enables and disables functions to give you momentum to keep raising the level. Superfast suspended keycaps facilitate you to keep floating with the speed and acceleration of games. This heavy-duty keyboard is best suitable for high-end advanced games like PUBG, Apex Legend, and Counter-Strike, which require perfect mechanisms.

The keyboard is heavier compared to other keyboards in this price segment, but it may be a bonus for you while typing quickly.

The Zebronics Zeb-MAX V2 premium has earned its position in the list because of its phenomenal gamers reviews and high-quality performance with a multi-player gaming platform.

Zebronics Zeb-MAX V2 Zebronics-Zeb-Rating 7.9
BenchmarksFeatures Ratings (out of 10)
Dimensions14.8 x 36.7 x 3.5 cm (TLK)8.1
Build QualityHeavy Duty Material 7.8
Ergonomics DesignN/A 
Keyboard BacklightsRGB Rainbow lighting with LED mode, 5 LED speed mode8.1
Cabel and Connector1.8 m long braided wire with gold plated USB7.9
Extra FeaturesKeyboard has multimedia caps, Win enable/disable key8.2
Keystroke AnalysisHigh Tactile bump sound with 60gf key pressure7.9
Typing QualityTyping quality is fair with 4to5 mm key travel7.5
Typing NoiseSound good for gaming purposes only7.5
Latency with wireOptimal latency between 20-307.9
CompatibilityAll windows PCs, Laptops, and Mac OS8.2

5. Best Cheap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Quantum QHM9800

Quantum QHM9800 Gaming is the 5th top gaming Keyboard Under in just 3k
Quantum QHM9800 Gaming Keyboard Under 3000

Specification – 

  • Switches: B23 Blue  
  • Key size: 104 Full Size 
  • Backlights: Rainbow RGB  
  • Compatible: All Windows device
  • Weight: 0.98Kg

Reason to Buy –

  • Full N-Roll over function
  • Plug N Play rapid feature
  • Spill-Proof Keysets
  • Metal+ABS heavy-duty material
  • Cheap and best (value for money)
  • RGB lights with 12 adjustable mode
  • Double-shot PBT injection

Reason to Avoid –

  • A little bit loud not for office uses
  • No wrist rest

Quantum QHM9800 is perfectly made for gamers who love to start without delay. QHM9800 comes with 6 colours of RGB backlit with 12 adjustable lighting modes. The keyboard is covered with a polymer film to keep it spillproof. With the Plug and Play function, you don’t have to worry about software installation and technical glitches. You have to plug your connector into your PC and start enjoying your favourite games. The n-Roll over feature would let you press multiple keys simultaneously without the confusion of commands.

Quantum QHM9800 is made of heavy-duty material to be long-lasting. The hotkeys on the keyboard are replaceable according to gaming needs. You can hear each keystroke due to the tactile bump feedback response. The uniform B23 blue switches are used to keep the ladder floating structure with the keyboard. Non-fading keycaps synchronize the colour effect through transparent keysets. You will get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer’s purchase date.

QHM9800 is a full-size keyboard with 45mm in height and 18cm in width but no wrist rest.

Quantum QHM9800 is cheap and the best mechanical gaming keyboard. Here cheap does not mean any compromise with quality. QHM9800 is a high-performance mechanical gaming keyboard and can justify your gaming style.

Quantum QHM9800Over All Rating7.6 
BenchmarksFeatures Ratings (out of 10)
Dimensions46 x 18 x 4.5 cm  (full size)8.1
Build QualityMetal+ABS Heavy Duty Material 7.8
Ergonomics DesignN/A –
Keyboard BacklightsRGB Rainbow lighting with 12 LED mode7.8
Cabel and Connector1.6 m long wire 7.5
Extra FeaturesKeyboard has multimedia caps 7.7
Keystroke AnalysisHigh Tactile bump sound with fairly low pressure7.8
Typing QualityTyping quality is fair with 4to5 mm key travel 7.5
Typing NoiseIt sounds good for gaming but not for office use 7.3
Latency with wireN/A –
CompatibilityAll Windows PCs 7.8

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Terms 

We would like to briefly describe some confusing and unfamiliar terminology for beginners –

Switches Terms:

  • Actuation force is an amount of pressure created to push a key downwards and register a keystroke.
  • Bottom Out is the full-depth pressing process.
  • Buckling Spring Switch is old-fashioned now and was used by IBM first to keyboards.
  • Cherry MX switch is the most recommended keysets to mechanical keyboards. Cherry MX is made by a German company name Cherry and nowadays these switches are the best for gaming keyboards.
  • Clicky is an audible sound of a keypress.
  • Liner Switches are perfect for gaming that enable a gamer to speedy multiple presses.
  • Tactile Switches are generally used to create bump feedback sound as a response against keystroke.
  • There are multiple colour switches available but somehow they all look cherry design keycaps. Blue, brown, red, black, and green are available in the market.
  • Rubber Dome is a type of design that is used for non-mechanical keyboards like membranes.
  • The stem is the part of switches that directly connects keycaps.

Keycap Terms:

  • ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styreneis a material used to create very advanced and affordable keycaps.
  • The key profile is the part of the keycap that got the impression of your finger first while pressing.
  • Legends are any printed text on the keycap.
  • OEM profile is a standardized keyset profile and used for most keyboards. OEM profile keyset has a unique design of cylindric bow to comfort fingertip.
  • Backlit keycaps help legends to shine clear in the RGB light effect.
  • RGB Backlight is a backlight effect beneath keys with different colours of lighting mode.
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is responsible to send electronic signals to the computer on each keystroke.
  • N Key-Rollover is a feature to enable a user to press multiple keys simultaneously.
  • Ghosting term used when noting get registered on simultaneous keypress.
  • Double Tap is related to the gaming term when a key gets pressed twice in rapid succession.
  • An ergonomic design is used most of the time with a mechanical keyboard to relax figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a mechanical keyboard worth it for gaming?

Yes, a mechanical keyboard is best for gaming purposes because of high-performance features like –

  • Customization according to your game needs.
  • 10-20 hotkeys with programmable keys to a feeling better experience.
  • Specified structure to type fast and easy.
  • The ergonomic design of the keyboard.
  • Longer Life span as 50 million keystrokes per key.
  • Easily swappable keycaps.
  • Compatible with all windows devices and Mac OS.

What is a good cheap gaming keyboard?

Quantum QHM9800 is cheap and the best mechanical gaming keyboard and you can buy it online.

How much should I spend on a mechanical keyboard?

The answer to the above question depends on your needs. A basic mechanical keyboard under 2000 INR is a good choice if you are a beginner. But if you want a more compact keyboard with extra features like RGB effects then you can close your deal within 3000 INR.

Bottom Line

At last, we would like to conclude with this end note that as per all analysis, reviews, and ratings we have selected the top three best mechanical gaming keyboards under 3000 as

# 1. Redragon Kumara K551 – Top Choice Over All

#2. Zebronics Zeb-MAX V2 – Professional Gamers’ Choice

#3. Quantum QHM9800 – Best Choice for Low Budget

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