Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000: 144Hz, Free Sync, VA Panel, MPRT

Last updated on September 12th, 2022 at 10:46 pm

Best gaming monitor under 15000 to buy in India 2022

We know you guys are searching for the best gaming monitor under 15000 to buy. And now you guys found the most relevant article to your query. 

 Let’s understand the gaming monitor before going further.

A Gaming monitor makes the output of images render through a high refresh rate and response time. The best display panel, appropriate screen size, and better aspect ratio all together make a complete package of the best gaming monitor

A good gaming monitor gives you a high-quality gaming experience without compromising your eyesight for long sessions. Real-time response and compatibility with high graphics games will keep you interested in gaming.

The configuration of the gaming monitor may vary according to the user’s need. 

Most beginners search for a Full HD display or a high refresh rate on the monitor. 

Another hand, pro gamers search for a specific type of panel, port selection, and aspect ratio based on their gaming experience.

But one thing is common for any search-related best monitor under 15k for gaming, Value for Money. We all know buying a good gaming monitor under your budget looks easy, but it’s not. 

Researching too many things, reading many articles and reviews take a hell of a time. And sometimes make you confused. 

That’s we have come with this article to help you make the right buying decision and want you to keep smiling with your best choice.

For you guys, we have done our homework to bring a list of the best gaming monitors under 15000 in India 2022. We have selected the best 43 monitors, including 32 gaming monitors and 11 regular monitors. We have tested and reviewed all of them based on specific benchmarks –

  • Resolution
  • Panel Type
  • Screen Size
  • Refresh Rate
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Response Time
  • Colour and Contrast
  • HDR
  • Compatibility with gaming platform
  • Mounting
  • Ports
  • Extra Features

After ten days of reviewing the process, we have found that 144Hz monitors are the best performers. So we have selected that gaming monitors only to make a list of the top 11 monitors for gaming

At the final stage, we justify each product with our most trustworthy and transparent BDP Rating to improve the reader’s satisfaction.

1. Acer Nitro 23.8 inch – Overall Best Gaming Monitor

Overall Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000
Size -24”| Panel -IPS| Refresh Rate-165Hz | Pixel-1080P | Weight -3.8kg| Aspect Ratio-16:9

Acer Nitro comes with 23.8 inches Full HD supports 1920 x 1080 resolution. 165Hz refresh rate with 0.5 MS response time gives you the ultimate gaming experience.

Inbuilt High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) completes gaming requirements for multiplatform audio formats. AMD Free-Sync technology gives you the best display fame and doesn’t let occur any screen stuttering issues. MTBF (Mean Time Between Frames ) declaration relies on long durability as 3000 Hrs run before any failure. The VESA standard dimension strengthens the monitor to mount.

Its flexible design keeps your neck relax. From -5 to 20-degree adjustable variation helps you to play longer with no strain. Virtual Response Boost (VRB) technology keeps images blur-free to reach an effect of 1 ms Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT).

2. Acer 27-inch KG271P – Best Ultrawide Monitor

Best Ultrawide Monitor Under 15000
Size -27”| Panel -TN| Refresh Rate-165Hz | Pixel-1080P | Weight -5.79kg| Aspect Ratio-16:9

Acer KG271P is one of the best gaming monitors below 15k. It comes with a 27″ Full HD Ultrawide screen and a 165Hz refresh rate.

The TN panel display supports 1920 x 1080 resolution. 400 NITS brightness works quite well in a dark room and even sunlight also. Overclock mode with a 165Hz high refresh rate perform smoother to display quality graphics. AMD Free Sync technology eliminates visual latency and input lag from videos. The response time of 0.7 milliseconds leads you to any platform of gaming.

Inbuilt Digital Visual Interface (DVI) dual link-up port drive higher resolution to make the best visual effects. An HDMI and Display port come with a DP cable. To raise your gaming experience, the Acer has included two stereo speakers to KG271P. It’s the perfect gaming monitor with a Zero Frame design and 178/178 viewing angle.

It has eight gaming mode like action, sports, racing, standard, user, graphic, ECO and movie to make gaming operation easy. You can access all of them with just one touch on OSD (On Screen Display) setting. Six-Axis colour adjustment brings a high colour visual effect.
Three legs stand always keep some space on the desk for your hand stuff. You will get the option of VESA to mount your Acer KG271P on the wall whenever you want.

3. LG Ultragear 24 inch Full HD – Best 144Hz Monitor

Best 144Hz Monitor Under 15000
Size -24”| Panel -TN| Refresh Rate-144Hz | Pixel-1080P | Weight -4.9kg| Aspect Ratio-16:9

LG Ultragear is an AMD Free-Sync Gaming Monitor, gives you flawless fluid movement with no screen tearing. It comes with a 24″ FHD and TN Panel, gives 170/160° viewing angle.

With a 144Hz refresh rate, you enjoy high-end multi-gaming platforms. For smooth connectivity, two HDMI are inbuilt with display port and headphones output. Ultragear has a height-adjustable stand up to a certain angle according to your neck gesture.

Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) feature enables you to react instantly to your rivals in a high level of gaming. It synchronizes your hand-eye coordination with real-time to be quick as possible. The Black Stabilizer has been a unique feature of LG monitors. It facilitates you to see a clear image of the various dark modes. ‎The resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with pivot display capture the entire battlefield in one shot.

4. BenQ Zowie XL2411P – Best for Esports

Best for Esports Under 15000
Size -24”| Panel -TN| Refresh Rate-144Hz | Pixel-1080P | Weight -3.6kg| Aspect Ratio-16:9

BenQ Zowie XL2411P is the best gaming monitor for esports. It comes with a 24″ FHD 1080 Pixel Display and a 144Hz refresh rate.

1-millisecond gray-to-gray (GtG) response time gives you anti-ghosting and lag gaming encounter. BenQ black equalizer technique helps you to spot enemies hide in shadows and dark rooms.

Black equalizer creates a balance between dark and brightness for clear vision. You can customize colour settings according to your needs at any stage of the game.

You will get an inbuilt display port, HDMI port, Dual-Link DVI, and headphone jack. You will get an option for height adjustment with a tilt angle to keep your body comfortable. The VESA mount wall ready function is inbuilt with it to improve ergonomics. Frame free design utilizes the whole display area in a better way. Blue light management technology with flick free feature care for your eyes health.

High refresh rate capture all details of real-time fluid dynamic games like PUBG, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Apex Legends and many more FPS. BenQ Zowie comes with multiple gaming modes to ease your gaming efforts. The XL LCD degrade light reflection to keep focusing on a game only.

5. Lenovo G-Series 24.5-inch – Best G-Sync Monitor

Best G-Sync Monitor Under 15000
Size -24.5”| Panel -TN| Refresh Rate-144Hz | Pixel-1080P | Weight -5.09kg| Aspect Ratio-16:9

Lenovo G-Series comes with a 24.5″ Full HD Display with 400 NITS brightness. The Edgeless bezels screen utilizes the size of the monitor perfectly.

The NVIDIA G-Sync function represents a smoother and realistic combination of high-grade colours. High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology enhance the colour of advanced graphical videos. The quick response time of 1 millisecond provides you best gaming encounters. TÜV Rheinland monitors care your eyes to protect them from becoming dry. It cares about issues like the effect on retina health and eye pain that occur due to long sessions.

You will get HDMI ports and audio output built into the monitor.
Lenovo G-Series comes with a height-adjustable stand and centred VESA pattern. This anti-glare technology-based monitor is the best for the multiplayer gaming platform.

6. HP 23.8-inch Borderless – Best Free-Sync Monitor

Best Free-Sync Monitor Under 15000
Size -23.8”| Panel – TN| Refresh Rate-144Hz | Pixel-1080P | Weight -6.1kg| Aspect Ratio-16:9

HP 24x gaming monitor comes with a 23.8″ High Definition display enhanced by borderless design. An Inbuilt AMD Free-Sync technology supports display to avoid latency between frame rate and refresh rate.

1-millisecond response time keep any input latency away.

250 NITS brightness does not make your eyes fatigue in continuous watching. The ergonomic gas piston arm design allows you to adjust the display however you want. As we all know best gaming monitor groom itself with high-quality sound. And HP took care of this requirement as inbuilt premium quality integrated speakers.

A 144Hz high refresh rate ensures blur-free and crisp quality images. 1920 x 1080 resolution capable screen hold up a flicker-free visual of action-packed games.

7. Dell 24 inch AMD Free Sync – Best 4K Monitor

Best 24inch Monitor Under 15000
Size -24”| Panel -TN| Refresh Rate-144Hz | Pixel-1080P | Weight -4.96kg| Aspect Ratio-16:9

Dell S2419HGF comes with 24″ (60.96 cm) Full HD with and 144Hz refresh rate.

Inbuilt HDMI port with DP port is a perfect balance to support high 4K resolution videos up to 18Gbps bandwidth. The twisted Nematic (TN) panel screen provides you with that speed to take advantage of the active 3D shutter. TN panel support low response time to min 1-Millisecond. AMD Sync-Free technology eliminates screen tearing, input latency and video shuttering.

Dell S2419HGF has an adjustable tilt screen for better visibility from any axis. This gaming monitor designed with a Swivel feature to keep your upper back body relax. The monitor comes with a height-adjustable hand and VESA mount.

You will get 4.96Kg a monitor, power cable, an upstream USB 3.0, cable setup guide, stand base with riser, and an HDMI cable.

8. MSI Optix G24C4  – Best Computer Monitor

Best Computer cum gaming Monitor Under 15000
Size -24” Curved| Panel -VA| Refresh Rate-144Hz | Pixel-1080P | Weight -3.4kg| Aspect Ratio-16:9

MSI Optix G24C4 gaming monitor comes with a 24″ FHD anti-glare screen and 144Hz refresh rate.

The 1500R curved screen gives your an exceptional gaming experience. Bezel-less monitor boosts your ultra viewing experience with 1920 x 1080 resolution. VA panel represent the ultimate contrast ratio and highly compatible with fast-paced games like DOOM Eternal, Rocket League, Oven Watch, Dirt Rally and many more. You can get an edge on your competitors in high advanced games by quick response time to 1-millisecond. AMD free sync technology gives you artefact-free extra rich performance with any frame.

MSI Optix G24C4 supports a 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angle rendering images and colours with detailing. Blue light reduction function ease your eye retina even in rapid switching of frames.

Anti-flicker technology controls flicker rate to keep your eyes fatigue-free for long gaming stretch. And 250 NITS brightness complement your eyes in dark mode to become dry. The HDMI and DisplayPort are inbuilt as a hardware interface.

9. AOPEN Acer 24HC1QR  – Best Curved Monitor

Best Curved Monitor under 15000
Size -24” Curved| Panel -VA| Refresh Rate-144Hz | Pixel-1080P | Weight -3.39kg| Aspect Ratio-16:9

AOPEN Acer is a lightweight 3.39 Kg gaming monitor. It comes with a 24″ FHD LED and a 1-millisecond fast response rate.

A 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate helps you keep focusing on the battlefield against enemies. Radeon FreeSync technology delivers smooth and cristal clear virtual images. It works with a graphic card’s frame to eliminate any latency with the frame. 1800R curved display bear 250 NITS sufficient brightness. With a tilt angle from 5-20 degree, you can adjust your whole gaming setup. 178 viewing angel ease your eyes and body in any gaming motion.

Low blue light technology controls the colour deviation to save your eyes. Generally, human eyes cant address flickers up to 200 times per second. But It may cause your eyes to strain. That’s AOPEN added flicker-free technology in Acer to regulate brightness.

The Response time is 4-ms that could have been better to get 1-ms. HDMI port and display port comes with preset VESA mount wall feature.

10. ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD – Best 10801P Monitor

Best 10801P monitor  Under 15000
Size -24”| Panel – VA TFT| Refresh Rate-144Hz | Pixel-1080P | Weight -3.36kg| Aspect Ratio-16:9

ViewSonic VX2458 comes with a 24″ FHD LED curved display. 1800R curved screen supports 1080P resolution for high-quality image output.

144Hz refresh rate and 1-ms response time give you unforgettable gaming moments. Free Sync technology powered by AMD keeps gaming rendering smooth and vibrant colour effects at a single frame.

ViewSonic VX2458 is the perfect monitor for high-end games like FPS and MOBA. It has multiple customized gaming mode to help gamers at any level. You can connect it to PCs and Laptops via an HDMI port. Its advanced features are fully compatible with graphic cards and a multiplatform gaming console.

It comes with dual integrated speakers. Preset flicker-free and blue light filter technologies don’t let your eyes be in pain. VX245 specially designed to make the user comfortable with a 178/178 viewing angle.

11. Samsung LC24RG50FQWXXL – Best 24inch Monitor

Best 4K Monitor Under 15000
Size -24” Curved| Panel – IPS| Refresh Rate-144Hz | Pixel-1080P | Weight -3.3kg| Aspect Ratio-16:9

Samsung LC24RG50FQWXXL comes with a 24″ (58.6 cm) Full HD 1800R Curved display. It’s AMD Free-Sync with an impeccable 144Hz refresh rate.

The elegant 3000:1 contrast ratio balance the effects of dark and brightness of the display. Samsung LC24RG50FQWXXL curved monitor has an excellent response time of 4 milliseconds. Specific game mode, low input lag mode, and virtual aim point features help you to be focused.

The CRG5 has a tilt adjustment feature to ease you for long sessions. Eye saver mode relaxes your eyes while in a hectic gaming session. Flicker-free curved screen keeps in frequent switches between low light and high brightness.

Buying Guide 


The size of a gaming monitor is one of the vital factors for an immersive experience. There are too many options available from a 21″ to 32″ display, but going with any size depends on you only. 

Bigger size doesn’t need to mean better quality. 

You have put your thinking cap on to choose the size. Your decision should be according to your game requirements only. 24inch size is perfect for any games like MMORPGs and FPS. Any 24″ gaming monitor with 1080P satisfy your gaming needs under your budget too.

Panel Type – 

There are three types of LCD panel you will get TN, IPS, VA in the market. Generally, you will get both TN and IPS options under the 15k budget. IPS is better than TN for high-quality images. TN has its advantage as even better performance with a low response time. So you can go with either does not affect too much. 

Resolution –

The quality of the visual output depends on the high resolution of a monitor. We can sort monitors according to their pixels as 1080P (Full HD), 1440P(Quad HD/2k), 2160P(Ultra HD/4k) and 4320P(Full Ultra HD/8k). We are talking about the best resolution under your budget, and you can go with 1080P or 1440P. Have a look at GPU power before making a decision. 

Refresh rate and Response Time –

Refresh Rate measures in Hz (Hertz) means how many pictures you can see per second on your monitor. A high refresh rate means more detailing in your viewing pictures. But graphics card needs to be compatible with the refresh rate. It means if your graphics card renders 100 images with a 144HZ refresh rate, then the monitor can show 100 images per second only. You will get the option of 144Hz, 165Hz and 180Hz. For a mid-range budget, a 144Hz refresh rate is sufficient. 

Response Time measures in milliseconds(ms). Lower response time means better colour quality. It’s like how quickly the display can switch between multiple shades of colours. TN panel can go a minimum to 1.5-ms from 1-ms. And IPS panel supports 4-ms only.

So better to chose a TN panel with a 1-ms response time.

Adaptive Sync-

Most companies are including either AMD Free Sync or G-Sync to provide a tear-free viewing experience. AMD Free Sync technology compatible with AMD Graphics Card. Free Sync does not include any extra to the monitor price. Other-side NVIDIA G-Sync is only compatible with the premium NVIDIA GPU.

So with your budget, you can go with AMD Free Sync.

Hardware Interface –

All gaming monitors come with an inbuilt HDMI Port, Headphone Jack and Display Port supported by a Display Cable. Some monitors come with dual-link DVI ports to support high pixel output. VESA mount wall feature is very common to all monitors.

So, you don’t need to worry too much about ports and interfaces. 

Comparison Table

List of best gaming monitors under 15000 with price and rating

Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000Refresh Rate Response TimeScreen SizeBDP RatingPrice
Acer Nitro165Hz 0.5ms23.8-inch9.4 Check HERE
Acer KG271P165Hz 0.7ms27-inch9.1Check HERE
LG Ultragear144Hz 1.0ms24-inch8.8Check HERE
BenQ Zowie144Hz1.0ms24-inch9.3Check HERE
Lenovo G-Series144Hz1.0ms24.5-inch8.5 Check HERE
HP 24x144Hz1.0ms23.8-inch8.4Check HERE
Dell S2419HGF144Hz1.0ms24-inch8.7Check HERE
MSI Optix144Hz1.0ms24-inch8.3Check HERE
AOPEN Acer144Hz1.0ms24-inch8.1Check HERE
ViewSonic VX2458144Hz1.0ms24-inch9.2Check HERE
Samsung RG50144Hz4.0ms24-inch7.8Check HERE

Bottom Line

As per the above review, we have seen eleven best performing gaming monitors. They are compatible with advanced video games such as Real-time strategy (RTS), Third-Person-Shooter (TPS), First-Person-Shooter (FPS), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and AAA.

With a final note, we have selected the top 3 gaming monitors under 15000 –

#1. Acer Nitro – Overall Top Choice

#2. BenQ Zowie – Expert Choice

#3. ViewSonic MHD – Pro Gamers’ Choice

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