5 Best Juicer For Beetroot and Carrot

Last updated on January 10th, 2022 at 10:11 am

Buying a juicer is not much tricker than finding the best affordable hard vegetable juicer for carrots and beetroots. To consider the same after lots of research and feedback we found some of the best juicers for beetroots, that are capable of delivering fast and healthy vegetable juice to you and are specifically meant for hard vegetables. Vegetable juice contains a lot of essential nutrients and minerals and provides adequate nutrients to the body. 

Today many people use beetroot juice to keep cholesterol in check, so good juicers for beetroot are being popular nowadays. Before selecting the right one for yourself, you must keep in mind some crucial factors that will definitely help in choosing the right vegetable juicer for beetroot and carrot. Juicers should be affordable and easy to operate, Time-saving is also vital if you are a working guy and want a morning healthy juice faster in your breakfast, so apart from the easy operation, it should be easy to clean too. 

Many people would not be happy with a juicer with a mixer grinder because this hybrid technology is generally good as the best mixer grinder but does not offer as good results as expected for the best juicer, so a dedicated juicer would be a good choice. It might that you have a limited budget and you can not go for Best Cold Press Juicers but still many other options are available that we have described in this post, these are large feeding tube juicers, so you do not need a vegetable chopper or cutter for making small pieces of vegetables, You can directly put beetroots into the feeding tube.

A large feeding tube and safety lock are also two important factors for a good juicer. We have included only worth for money products and the list will help you to find the top Juicer for Beetroot and carrot.

Best Juicer For Beetroot Review

1. Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer

Prestige is one of the most reliable brands and comes with various features that make the product more money-saving for their consumer, PCJ 7.0 is the most popular Juicer for Beetroot and fruits, it is equipped with a heavy-duty 500-watt motor that is capable of crushing hard vegetables and fruits.

PCJ 7.0 is a centrifugal juicer, this slow juicer ensures that you will get maximum nutrients in your juice compared to the traditional juicers. Extra-wide mouth and large capacity provide more comfort during operation, you can put beetroot directly on feeder tube for juice without cutting into small pieces, it is also true for all other fruits and vegetables too, so wide mouth or feeder tube save lots of time especially in the morning when you are running late for your office.

The in-built design of Juicer is fabulous and it has a sleek design that provides a premium look to the product. The juicer is made of stainless steel and plastic material that provides high durability and you would get the same operative experience even after long years. The pulp collector, pusher juice collector jar and feeder tube are made of food-grade plastic and safe for making fruit and vegetable juice while the lock arm and main body of the juicer are made of stainless steel which prevents it from rust and provides long life.

The other features such as anti-drip, rotary switch, dual locking system, and super sharp blades make this juice top in the list of best juicers for beetroot. The product is perfectly designed to offer optimum output and safety features well to protect yourself from misusing the product.

Best Juicer For Beetroot
Motor Power: 500-watt
Material: ABS plastic and stainless steel
Warranty: 1-Year
Weight: 2.7 Kg


  • Portable and Durable
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Comes with various safety features 
  • Anti-skid design and vacuum feet
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • Best result with all vegetables and fruits


  • Little bit costly

2. Sujata Powermatic Juicer, 900 Watts

Sujatha is one of the leading bands in India for kitchen appliances including juicers and mixer grinders. This Sujatha juicer is the best example of a budget and maximum output product. This does not a newly introduced juicer of Sujatha, but it is no doubts that it is still popular and one of trustworthy juicer for or beetroot and carrot apart from that you can also extract the juice of all vegetables and fruits

This Sujata juicer is equipped with a powerful 900-watts motor that works on a double ball bearing and is made for continuous extraction of juice from various vegetables and fruits including beetroot and carrot.

The RPM of the motor is 2200 that is excellent and capable of delivering the original flavor and Aroma of juice. Sujatha juicer has a powerful motor that makes it a leader in this segment and it is worth buying.

When you are preparing for small parties like birthday parties or kitty parties, you need a juicer that can perform for a long duration, this Sujatha juicer provides continuous running up to 90 minutes that is perfect for the long run and get together occasions.

When you have to work for a long duration then you can do your work uninterrupted, because a detachable pulp container facilitates you to pour down pulp easily and be ready for the next operation, without wasting your time.

The in-built quality of the Sujata juicer is outstanding and the body is portable while stainless steel blades are sharp that cut finer and faster. The Juicer jar and lid are also made of good quality, Juicer offers trouble-free running with low maintenance.

Best beetroot juicer
Motor Power: 900-watts
Material: Stainless steel
Warranty: 2-Year
Weight: 5Kg


  • Powerful Motor and High RPM
  • Perfect for homes
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for longer usage


  • Bulky design, need extra space 

3. Rico Electric Juicer

Rico electric juicer has the best in-built design and super portability, Juicer comes with an unbreakable Japanese body. Since last year Rico Juicer is gaining more popularity due to advanced features and budget-friendliness.

Rico Juicer works on quick juice extraction technology, so you will get your vegetable and fruit juice in no time. This juicer is equipped with a 350-watt two-speed motor and the motor is made of 100% pure copper for a lifetime rust-free experience.

The Juicer not only extracts juice fast but also extracts maximum juice and provides your fresh juice for your slim, trim, and fit body. It is easy to clean the product and after use, you can easily clean the sieve of the juicer. 

The compact design of the juicer saves space in your kitchen, blades are made of stainless steel that offers you a robust experience. This Juicer is perfect for a small family, and the powerful motor and capacity of the fruit jar are fair for small families. 

Best juicer for beetroot
Motor Power: 350-watts
Material: ABS plastic and stainless steel
Warranty: 2-Year
Weight: 2.7 Kg


  • Anti-skid Feet
  • No wastage of a single drop of juice
  • Highly durable body
  • Easy to clean


  • Juicer Housing and lid are average quality

4. Preethi Essence CJ 101

Preethi Essence is another one of Indian leading brands that are popular for their highly rated and sophisticated products including the juicer. Preethi has a large range of juicers for hard vegetables and juicers but the Essence CJ series is my favorite, the reason is simple first this total money-for-value product and equipped with all advanced features that are needed for full extraction of juice from beetroot.

The  Preethi Essence CJ is equipped with a powerful motor and high RPM, this combination gives lots of strength to the juicer for easy extraction of juice from hard vegetables and fruits. The 600-watts power is good for all types of fruits and vegetables, whether it is soft or hard.

Good in-built materials are used that offer great durability, the outer body is made of food-grade good quality plastic material and the sieve is made of long-lasting stainless steel metal. The feeding mouth has enough space for putting vegetables like beetroot and carrots directly into it without cutting them into pieces.

The removable pulp chamber makes operation easy and fast and its good capacity makes the juicer ideal for the home. Other safety features and leakproof features make it more user-friendly. The Juicer comes with one year of warranty and it is a highly durable product while it is bulky.

Best Juicer for Beetroot
Motor Power: 600-watts
Material: ABS plastic and stainless steel
Warranty: 1-Year
Weight: 3.8 Kg


  • Good for Home 
  • Powerful motor and High Durability
  • Good In-built design
  • User Friendly


  • Bulky looks and extra weight

5. Philips Viva HL7705/00

Philips Viva is another top user-friendly juicer for daily uses, it has a powerful motor and large feeding tube that helps in extracting juice from hard vegetables like beetroot, carrot, and many more. This is also good for all types of fruits including soft fruits, this highly durable product would be a great option for those looking for brand juicers.

The XL feeding tube provides freedom to you to extract the juice from vegetables such as Karela, carrot, and beetroot directly without cutting into small pieces, so it saves time too with your money.

Philips Viva juicer is eco-friendly and saves a good amount of energy in the long run. The in-built quality is also very good and offers good durability to the product. The body of the juicer is made of 100% food-grade ABS material that prevents it from jerk and impact. The blades are quite sharp and finish their work fast, and ensure maximum extraction of juice from vegetables and fruits.

The juicer comes with 3-speed control to better manage your speed during operation and Vacuum feet prevent the juicer from skid and provide you safety during operation. The optimally designed motor offers the best performance with a plastic coupling on the sieve for longer life.

best juicer for beetroot
Motor Power: 700-watts
Material: ABS plastic and stainless steel
Warranty: 2-Year
Weight: 4.3 Kg


  • Large (XL) Feeding Tube 
  • Powerful motor (700 w)
  • 3-Speed Control
  • User Friendly
  • Good Customer Support
  • Vacuum Feet
  • Advanced ventilation


  • Bulky looks and extra weight

Final Verdict

We have tried to include only the best available juicers that have great design and durability along with performance. Our top recommendation is Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer due to high performance and excellent customer feedback while Sujata Powermatic juicer is also one of the best choices if you are looking for a high power juicer. All listed juicers are best for beetroot and carrot, apart from that you can also extract the juice from other fruits and vegetables too. Our final list for Best Juicer For Beetroot and Carrot is-

Top 5 Juicer For Beetroot and Carrot (2021)

  • Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer
  • Sujata Powermatic Juicer, 900 Watts
  • Rico Electric Juicer
  • Preethi Essence CJ 101
  • Philips Viva HL7705/00