Best Keypad Phones Under 2000 In India 2023 | Dual SIM Mobiles Below 2k

Are You looking for the best keypad phone below 2000 Rs?

Are you looking for the best budget phones under 1000-2000 Rs, then look no further. We will give you a list of some of the best mobile phones available in the market.

If you want long-play time, then these should help you out. Sales representatives and Field Job representatives would be getting frequent calls, so they would need a phone that works efficiently and lasts long.

On the other hand, old-edge people are not comfortable with smartphones. So if you fall under any of those categories then this post is for you!

For Whom are these keypad phones best?

  • Those who are looking for long-play time
  • Sales Representative
  • Field Job Representative
  • Those have to make or receive more calls in a day 
  • Those  roughly use phones
  • Old-Edge persons not comfortable with a smartphone

What is the advantage of keypad mobile phones in 2000?

  • Long battery life
  • low maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Less Expensive
  • Easy to carry and travel

What is in the post?

In the era of smartphones, keypad phones are still convenient as they provide all the basic functions which an individual requires.

Communication is the basic thing that connects a person from their home to everywhere. 

India is the only country where a major proportion of the population have keypad phones as they are feasible also and fulfil the need of an individual. 

One can easily learn to operate it. They perform the age-old job which is expected from a mobile phone.

Despite the introduction of Smartphones, we have the inclination toward the best keypad mobile phones. The communication earlier was time-consuming. 

We are grateful to these keypad phones which came as a revolution in the market. No one can think of such an affordable device that can connect everybody irrespective of class. 

The long queues in PCO were replaced by these keypad phones and even today it may be considered obsolete but it still has the basic features which are required for an individual.  

Which are the best keypad phones?

Here are some of the best keypad phones under 2000 available online to buy, which will help you in finding out the right phone for you-

List of Best Keypad Phones Under 2000

PreviewBest Keypad Phones Under 2000Price
nokia single sin keypad phone1. Nokia 105 (Single SIM, Black)Check Price 
samsung guru 1200 keypad phoneset2. Samsung Guru 1200Check Price 
samsung guru skyped phone under 20003. Samsung Guru FM PlusCheck Price 
nokia 105 dual sim keypad phone4. NOKIA 105 New 2019 (Dual SIM, Black)Check Price 
micromax x741 phone5. Micromax X741Check Price 
lava a1 best keypad phone under 10006. Lava A1 (Glossy Blue)Check Price 
lava a9 keypad phone under 20007. Lava A9 (Midnight Black)Check Price 
karbonn kx3 keypad phone8. Karbonn KX3 (Black-Red)Check Price 

1. Nokia 105 2019 (Single SIM, Black): Best Keypad phone with a single SIM

Nokia is the most trusted brand so far. It is known for its sturdiness and functionality for decades. 

Design and Build Quality

It comes with a 1.8-inch display clear screen that is visible enough for the user. 

It has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and it comes in 3 vibrant colours which will attract you for sure.

Reasons To Buy

  • It is featured an analogue keypad and a wireless FM radio.
  • It can store up to 2000 contacts and 500 messages.
  • The most important thing is the power-saving mode which provides 4.8 days of standby mode on a single charge.
  • One year manufacturer warranty is also provided.

Reasons To Avoid

  • It does not provide earphones.

Verdict:  If we go by the name and are brand-conscious this keypad mobile, will not disappoint you definitely. In the present time, children and the elderly are far away but communication has not been barred just because of these phones. 

2. Samsung Guru 1200 (GT-E1200, White): Best Affordable cellular Handset 

Samsung has won the hearts of consumers by providing innovative technologies and transforming the lives of consumers.

Design and Build Quality

This is an affordable cellular handset that is designed with a 1.52-inch screen and a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels that provides images brighter and better. 

It has an 800 mAH battery which quantifies the vitality of a battery.

It has a Samsung proprietary operating system.

It has a 4-way navigation qwerty keypad which helps you to access your important functions. 

It has an extremely handy and portable built-in mini-flashlight whenever you require a torchlight in dark places. 

Reasons to Buy

  • It offers a dust-resistance surface featured with a rubber anti-dust keypad that keeps your handset clean and new as well.
  • It has a poly ringtone feature that is capable of playing up to 400 notes at the same time and thus provides rich, harmonious, and high-quality sound.

 Reasons to Avoid

  • With continuous usage, the rubber keypad starts to fade.

Verdict: Samsung has always set impeccable standards within this range of handsets. The bonafide customers of Samsung will never deny purchasing it.

This low-budget handset is easy to handle at a minimum weight of 65.1 gms. So grab as it is the best keypad mobile phone under 2000.

3. Samsung Guru FM Plus (Gold): Best Dual SIM Keypad Mobile with FM

The master of all phones ‘Samsung Guru’ has extraordinary features. 

If you are vexed with your smartphones and you want peace of mind then go for this amazing handset.

 Design and Build Quality

This phone comes with 3.81 centimetres (1.5-inch) display with 128 x 128 pixels resolution and has an 800mAH lithium-ion battery

It is equipped with micro USB and 3.5mm earphone ports, you can effortlessly charge your phone using a universal micro USB cable.

It offers an elegant design with its leather-feel rear casing, two-tone colour scheme, and smooth curves for a comfortable grip. It is a dual sim handset with an FM radio.

Reasons to Buy

  • It provides better visibility for text messages and missed call notifications in screen lock mode for greater convenience. 
  • It supports Conference Calls, Speed Dialling, Hands-Free, Call Timer, and Call Divert features. The call feature has also evolved, some of the updations are also required in keypad phones as per the requirements of the individual

Reasons to Avoid 

  • The sound quality is a concern with basic phones. 

Verdict: Communication has connected all of us so for communication, this small device can bring a great change in your lives. So, go for this amazing handset as it is the best Mobile phone under 2000. 

4. NOKIA 105 New 2019 (Dual SIM, Black): Most Popular Dual SIM Keypad Phone

Nokia has found and nurtured success over the years whether it is the best Keypad phone under 2000 etc. 

We have been bonafide customers of Nokia for years. 

Design & Built Quality

This comes with a 1.8-inch (4.57 cm) display for visibility. 

This phone comes with a modern, ergonomic design that ensures long conversations and stays connected.  It has a wireless FM radio with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is a dual sim keypad handset.

Reasons to Buy

  • There’s room for up to 2,000 contacts and up to 500 SMS.
  • The snake games, we all remember, will give you endless entertainment and other preloaded games with four other Gameloft games including Tetris, Sky Gift, and Airstrike.
  • You can never be caught in the dark with the built-in flashlight and light up your way.

 Reasons to Avoid

  • Some of the mobile networks may not work properly, so check the replacement policy.

Verdict: Nokia has always come up to the mark. So, don’t be perplexed as it is the best keypad mobile phone under 2000.

5. Micromax X741 (Blue, Ultra Bright LED Light, 1750mAh): Best Made in India Dual Keypad Mobile

The time of ‘being independent’ has come so go vocal and support locals

This handset is by an Indian brand and that is the primary cause to purchase it. It is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in India.

Design & Built Quality

The handset comes with a 6.1 cm display for a clear and vibrant visual experience. 

The phone is blue in colour and has a compact size. It comes with a dual SIM card setup.

It has an analogue keypad, a camera alone with wireless FM radio, and a power-saving mode. 

Reasons to Buy

  • The Camera is also available in this economical range. 
  • The phone with its lightweight of 231 grams and compact size fits your pocket and palm easily.
  • It has an auto call recorder and multi-language.

 Reasons to Avoid

  • It doesn’t have an internal memory so the storage problem is there. 

Verdict: Use this Micromax mobile phone to the fullest. The bright blue colour will attract you and has a smooth and glossy body. Make your life convenient with this handset.

6. Lava A1 (Glossy Blue): Best Keypad Phones Under 1000

Lava is the only Mobile handset company that makes truly “Make In India” phones with complete control of design and manufacturing within India. 

Lava has empowered people to be more and to do more. This is what their tagline is. 

Design & Built Quality

It has 4.6 Centimeters (1.8-inch) QQVGA display with 128 x 160 pixels resolution

It comes with a 0.3MP primary camera with zoom.

It has an 800mAH lithium-ion battery. It provides FM radio where entertainment is best experienced. 

It has a slim design with the loudest, clearest sound in the industry.

Reasons to Buy

  • It is equipped with an auto call recording feature having the option of recording both incoming and outgoing calls. 
  • It has an expandable memory of up to 32GB  with dual sim.
  • It offers a 1-year replacement promise from the brand’s end.

Reasons to Avoid

  •   The back covers usually get loose after a certain period of time. 

Verdict: In this cut-throat competition, Lava has made its place and that too safe and won the trust of its customers. So, it’s our duty to promote it and you will not get disenchanted as it is the best keypad phone under 2000. 

7. Lava A9 (Midnight Black)Best Small Mobile Phone

Lava has come up with a super-evolved design. The company has been building mobile handset design capabilities including industrial design, mechanical design, hardware design & software design.

Design & Built Quality

Lava is featured with 7.112 centimetres (2.8-inch) display with 240 x 320 pixels resolution. It is a dual SIM handset. It has a  1700mAH lithium-ion battery.

Reasons to Buy

It has an unmatched sound experience with smartphone speakers and 7 languages type and menu tree support – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati. 

Power backup will not disappoint you.

Reasons to Avoid 

The sound clarity may be the reason to drag you behind. 

Verdict: When we travel, we need to have a phone with a power backup, so these backup phones are always going to connect you to your close ones. 

This is the best keypad phone under 1000-2000. So, grab it as the festive season is nearby, and you can gift your closed ones. 

8. Karbonn KX3 (Black-Red)Best Keypad Phone

Karbonn is a leading Smartphone brand in the country with numerous accolades under its belt with an aim to bring the benefits of Smartphone telephony to the masses. 

It offers a range of mobile communication devices to meet the communication needs of developing Indian consumers. It offers simple designs according to The simple customers. 

Design & Built Quality

It comes with a 1.8-inch QQVGA bright TFT Display and 800mAH (Li-ion) long-lasting battery.

It has a 0.3MP primary camera with VGA Camera and a 0.3MP front-facing camera

It has 4.57 centimetres (1.8 inches) LCD multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with 320 x 240 pixels resolution.

It has 4MB RAM, and 4GB internal memory expandable up to 32GB.

It is a Dual SIM handset. 

Reasons to Buy

  • This Phone supports MP3 and MP4 playback that you can listen to on its BoomBox speaker with good sound quality.
  • It comes packed with features like Mobile Tracker, Power Saving Mode, Bluetooth, Auto Call Recorder, LED Torch, Digital Camera, GPRS, and WAP support.
  • It has unique features like Photo Caller ID which displays a selected image for the caller.

Reasons to Avoid

In the present scenario, we have many other brands that have brand value and are trustworthy enough, so this may be the reason to avoid them. 

Verdict: This Karbonn KX3 has provided all the essential features in a phone. This will satisfy your basic needs so go for it as it is the best keypad phone under 2000.

Buying Guide for Budget Keypad Mobile Phone 

Above we have researched and reviewed the best keypad mobile under 1000-2000 Rs that will save you time and money. But before purchasing any keypad phone you need to consider the following crucial factors-

1. Display Screen Size

A reasonable size of the display screen is always good for any phone. Screen Size is an important factor because it enables you to read messages and you can check saved contact numbers easily for calling. Generally, 1.8 inches of display screen size would be fairly good for keypad phones. 

2. Battery Life

The battery life of keypad phones is generally high compared to smartphones because they are less useful for multimedia and video that consume more battery. The lithium battery can give up to 12-15 hours of playtime after a full charge.8000mHA is a good capacity for batteries of keypad phones.

3. Headphone

A headphone with a 3.5mm jack is required that enables you to take calls for a long duration and it will assist you in hearing audio too.

4. Storage 

keypad phone should have enough basic storage that you can store up a sufficient number of phone numbers and messages. Generally, 2000 contact numbers and up to 500 messages can be stored up in good keypad mobile phones.

5. Features

Keypad phones come with many basic features that are required for you like alarm settings, analog keypads, wireless FM, and a power-saving mode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which are the best keypad phone under 2000 In India?

Nokia 105 2019 is the best keypad phone in the range of 2000 Rs.

Is the keypad mobile phone safe during charging?

Yes if you purchase a branded phone then it will have no issue during charging but avoid over-charging to protect battery life.

Does a mobile phone in the range of 2000 come with a waterproof design?

For a waterproof mechanism, you have to spend more money these are best for long battery backup or life.

Which one is the best dual SIM keypad phone in the range of 1000-2000 Rs?

Samsung Guru FM Plus is one of the best dual SIM keypad phones that have almost all the required features with dual SIM.

Comparison Table

Best Keypad Phones Under 2000Display ScreenBattery CapacityBattery BackupWarranty
1. Nokia 105 (Single SIM, Black)1.8-inches800mAH4.8 days1-Year
2. Samsung Guru 12001.52-inches800mAH4 days6-Months
3. Samsung Guru FM Plus1.5-inches800mAH4 days1-Year
4. NOKIA 105 New 2019 (Dual SIM, Black)1.8-inches800mAH3 days1-Year
5. Micromax X7412.4-inches1750mAH7 days1-Year
6. Lava A1 (Glossy Blue)1.8-inches800mAH4 days1-Year
7. Lava A9 (Midnight Black)2.4-inches1700mAH6 days1-Year
8. Karbonn KX3 (Black-Red)1.8-inches800mAH4 days1-Year

Bottom Line

We always move towards a developed state gradually but some of the assets will always be carried forward in every generation and the keypad mobile phones hard the same assets which are user-friendly.

Some of the mobiles under 2000 are mentioned here to give you assistance and resolve your concern for the same.

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