Best Laptop Under 30000

During Lockdown we realized the importance of virtual connectivity and e-work.

The same is true for students and work from home peoples. It was a great opportunity for students to learn more without going to colleges or schools and it was possible due to online learning and work.

But still, most people and students are looking for a good laptop that could match their requirements.

Top Laptops Under 30000: For Student | Work From Home | Buying Guide |FAQ

It should opt with new technology and should be in the budget.

By considering all constraints we have made a list of the top 5 best laptops under 30000 for studying and online working persons.

This list will greatly assist you if you are looking for the best laptop under 30000 in India.

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Top 5 Best Laptop Under 30000 (30K) in India

List of Best Laptop Under 30000 (30K) with price

BrandBest Laptop Under 30000Price
best laptop under 30000Dell Inspiron 3595 LaptopCheck Price
best laptop under 30000Lenovo V145Check Price
best laptop under 30000Acer One Intel LaptopCheck Price
best laptop under 30000ASUS VivoBookCheck Price
best laptop under 30000Lenovo MIIX 320Check Price

1. Dell Inspiron 3595 15.6-inch HD

Dell Laptops & 2-in-1 PCs, equipped with all the required features that will help in your class and work compatibility online. It is also very stylish and well-rated by customers.

As you know that Dell is well known for its notepad and laptop and this product also reflects the quality of Dell.

In-built Design & Display

The in-built quality of the Dell laptop is good and the platinum Silver finish gives it more stylish looks along with smooth finish touch. laptop height is 21 Millimeters and Width 38 Centimeters that are fair enough.  Weight is a little bit more and it exceeded 2 kg. Its HD and anti-glare monitor screen gives very clear and eye-friendly experience

Processor & Graphics

The AMD Processors come with Radeon RX Vega Graphics. This combination is perfect for good speed and performance. AMD processor offers the best performance on multiple tasks and utilizes effective resources for optimum results. It is also good for medium graphic online games and perfect for online classes and work.

RAM & Storage

Random Access Memory plays a bigger role in performance and data provided to the processor. A good 4GB(DDR4) RAM not only boosts the speed of instruction execution but also facilitates the process for fast multi-tasking. Mechanical Hard Drive size is 1 TB that is well enough for your storage. It gives you the freedom to store videos and documents without worry about a lack of storage.

Battery Backup

In-built Lithium batteries offer 6 Hours of backup after a full charge. Even after electricity supply interruption you can learn and take online classes for a long duration.

Ports and Slots

It comes with a sufficient number of connectivity slots and ports that offer you to connect multiple devices with your laptops. It comes with one  USB 2.0 Port, two USB 3.0 Ports, One port of HDMI Ports, and one audio-out Port along with one Ethernet Port.

Reasons To Buy This Dell Laptop Under 30000

  • Revolutionary performance
  • Goo Memory
  • Stunning screen
  • Ports and Slots
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 1 Year hardware Warranty

Reasons To Avoid Dell Inspiron

  • It took a little bit extra time to pulling-out after reboot.

Product Specification 

Memory TechnologyDDR4
Hard Drive1 TB
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Average Battery Life6 Hours
HD screen(Monitor)15.6-inch
Warranty 1 Year

Verdict: Dell is a good brand and this laptop has long durability. If you are looking for a laptop for your basic work and online classes then you have to go for this laptop. That’s why overall its the best laptop in India under 30000.

2. Lenovo V145-AMD-A6

the best laptop under 30000 for students

Lenovo laptop is consists of ergonomic features that best framed it in videoconferencing experience for students and teachers.

This laptop in-built design and finish gives it a signing and delightful look.

It includes almost all required in-operating features that will greatly assist students and teachers for online activity.

This laptop is the best suited for all small businessmen, employees, students, and any working individuals.

In-built Design & Display

The monitor is 15.6-inch HD and displays the resolution of this laptop is 1366 x 768.The 

laptop body is made of metal alloy that gives it durability and long life. The laptop width is 25 cm so it is slim compared to the same segment laptops. Its height is 23 mm and weight is 2.1 kg so you can easily carry it in your bag.

Processor & Graphics

The Processor is most crucial for any laptop performance, so a good speed processor delivers optimum output by effective utilization of resources. The speed of the AMD processor of this laptop is 2.3 GHz that is fair to operate multiple tasks.

RAM & Storage

RAM  is primary memory and size is directly connected with speed and performance so 4GB RAM (DDR4)size is good for speed. Hard Drive is secondary storage where we store most of the data so its size of 1 TB is also well enough for data storage and this Hard Disk Rotational Speed ​​5400 RPM.

Battery Backup

After Full charge of batteries of the laptop, you can enjoy a cordless experience of up to 5 hours. So do not worry about the lack of electricity supply,5 hours backup gives you the power to complete your work on time.

Ports and Slots

It offers great flexibility with multiple connectivities. It comes with two ports of USB 3.0, one HDMI port, one audio-out port, and one ethernet ports for wired internet connectivity. It is in-built with on microphone ports for assist in video calling operations.

Reasons To Buy This Lenovo Laptop Under 30000

  • Robust AMD processor
  • Ergonomic features
  • Multiple ports
  • Great reliability and durability
  • Spill-resistant
  • HD camera
  • Dolby Audio speakers

Reasons To Avoid Lenovo 145

  • Battery backup is a little bit low compared to other brands like Dell

Product Specification 

ProcessorAMD (A Series)
Memory TechnologyDDR4
Hard Drive1 TB
Operating SystemWindows 10 
Average Battery Life5 Hours
HD screen(Monitor)15.6-inch
Warranty 1 Year

Verdict: This is one of top laptops under 30000 for all types of users like students, teachers, and individuals.

3. Acer One Intel Pentium Gold

the best laptop under 30000 for students

This is Acer one series laptop that is provided by ACER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED which one of the Indian origin brands and well known for its hardware and IT services.

This laptop is best for students and programmers because they spend a long time with this without any concern on their eyes.

In-built Design & Display

This Acer laptop is very lightweight and easy to carriable, its weight is 1.8 kg that is near about 500g less weight than its competitors. Its HD screen display size is 14 inch and resolution is 1366×768. It comes with in-built dual speakers, HD camera with an integrated microphone.

Processor & Graphics

Acer Laptop is equipped with high-performance Intel Pentium Gold that is capable of performing multiple tasks in a very short time and gives you very speedy output. The speed of this processor is 2.3 GHz.The integrated graphics card is the best combination with this processor. It is very good for programming and learning but it is not is up to mark for high graphics gaming.

RAM & Storage

Memory is a key part of the laptop that delivers the best result with the processor. Always good RAM is required for fast processing. A processor can not deliver optimum result without good RAM capacity .RAM also play a big role in system booting and graphics so 4GB RAM is good for this laptop processor.1 TB of Hard drive gives you the freedom to store lots of visual, audio, and text data.

Battery Backup

After full charging, the lithium battery provides super 7 hours of backup so battery life is great and it is well ahead of its competitor in respect of battery backup duration.

Ports and Slots

You can use multiple ports and slots according to your needs. It offers one USB 2.0 Port, two USB 3.0 Ports, one HDMI ports, one Ethernet Port, and one Microphone Port for a great connecting facility for compatible devices.

Reasons To Buy This Acer Laptop Under 3000

  • Dual Speakers
  • Good Processor
  • High Durability 
  • HD camera
  • Light Weight

Reasons To Avoid Acer One Intel

  • Not good for gaming

Product Specification 

ProcessorIntel Pentium Gold
RAM4 GB and Extendable up to 32 GB
Memory TechnologyDDR4
Hard Drive1 TB
Operating SystemWindow 10 Home 64Bit
Average Battery Life7 Hours
HD screen(Monitor)14-inch
Warranty 1 Year

Verdict: This is one of the best laptops below 30000 for students and work-to-home people. You can do programming too but not good for gaming.

4. ASUS VivoBook : Best Laptop For BCA Students

 best laptop under 30000 for students

The ASUS VivoBook is full of all basic features with a good look and its responsive computing performance is fair. It is a very close competitor of top-ranking laptops.

Due to its HD display and visibility, it is very favorable for students that spend more time on this laptop.

This  ASUS VivoBook is one of the most popular and high demanded laptops in the market.

In-built Design & Display

The classic design of this laptop gives it very attractive looks and expressive colors enhance the style of laptop. The screen display size of the laptop is 15.6-inch (16:9)and it comes with LED-backlit. The display resolution of the laptop is 1366×768. 60Hz Anti-Glare Panel gives comfort experience to the eye.

But it also needs to know that it comes with  45% NTSC, which is not up-to-mark.

Processor & Graphics

The Intel Celeron processor is capable to perform well can deliver output very fast. In fast processing Cache of 2MB also assist the processor and facilitate processor better fetch of copy from the cache and enhance the performance of the is integrated with  Intel HD Graphics 500 that provides fair visuals. This laptop is only best for daily working tasks.

RAM & Storage

The 4GB RAM with  LPDDR3 technology is sufficient to assist the processer for great performance. Good RAM also helps in the visual of laptops. The second storage that is Hard Drive comes with a size of 1 TB for your data storage is well-sufficient.

Battery Backup

You will get 6 hours of battery backup after a full charging of the ASUS laptop. Lithium batteries generally give good durability, if you would pay little attention to the charging process and try to remove the charger after a full charge of batteries.

Ports and Slots

Multiple ports and slots are in-built with laptops. Two USB 2.0 Ports, one-one USB 3.0, and HDMI ports are given that are must be required for connectivity to other devices.

Reasons To Buy This Asus Laptop Under 30000

  • Classic design
  • The ideal laptop for daily computing
  • Expressive colors
  • Ergonomic Keyboard Design

Reasons To Avoid Asus VivoBook

  • 45% NTSC is not up to the mark

Product Specification 

ProcessorIntel Celeron
Memory TechnologyDDR3
Hard Drive1 TB
Operating SystemWindow 10 Home 
Average Battery Life6 Hours
HD screen(Monitor)15.6-inch
Warranty 1 Year

Verdict: This Laptop is best for only basic work and good for students in the range of 30000.

5. Lenovo MIIX 320:

the best laptop under 30000 for students

Lenovo MIIX 320 is one of the good laptops in the 30k budget. It is best suited for daily work and online classes. It is true that it is not good for gaming or other task required more graphics but it is a very simple and good laptop for all basic uses.

In-built Design & Display

This comes with 10.1” FHD display that gives a clear picture and good display experience. The resolution of the display screen (Monitor) is 1920×1200 which very good compare to other good laptops in the range of 30000. It equipped with 2 MP webcam with a mic that gives reach videoconferencing experience for online classes and meetings.

Processor & Graphics

This Laptop comes with an Intel Atom processor and speed of 1.44 GHz.The speed of this Laptop is relatively slower than its competitors. Intel HD Graphics is integrated with a laptop that delivers a bright and colorful display.

RAM & Storage

The 4 GB RAM is good for fast processing but it has only 128 GB Hard drive that is not bad but not up to the mark for this range of laptop and one more important thing hard drive interface is serial ATA.

Battery Backup

This Laptop gives more than 9 hours of battery backup after full charging.9 hours of average battery life for any laptop is excellent. It will great freedom for cordless working experience.

Reasons To Buy This Lenovo Laptop Below 30000

  • Anti-reflective
  • Long battery life
  • Good Graphics
  • 320 flips effortlessly

Reasons To Avoid Lenovo MIIX 320

  • Processor Speed is not up to the mark
  • Hard drive storage is less than others.

Product Specification 

ProcessorIntel Atom
Memory TechnologyDDR3
Hard Drive128 GB
Operating SystemWindow 10 
Average Battery Life9 Hours
HD screen(Monitor)10.1-inch
Warranty 1 Year

Verdict: This is a good laptop under 30000, recommended for those who do not need high storage but a good quality brand  320 flips laptop then you can go for this.

Buying Guide For Laptops


RAM is primary memory and basic storage for all devices from laptop to smartphone. For fast processing a good capacity RAM is required for example for gaming a good capacity of RAM is required but for daily tasks and online classes, 4 GB RAM is good enough for optimum performance.

random access memory for a laptop under 30000

Hard Drive 

Hard Drive is the storage hardware of laptops that store all your digital content like the pictures, documents, videos, etc including the operating systems.

hard drive for a laptop under 3000

Processor or Microprocessor

The microprocessor is a chip that resides in the laptop and processed all inputs instruction for output. A good processor increases the speed of processing and saves lots of time in performing any instruction.

microprocessor for laptop under 30000

Screen Resolution

The screen display resolution shows a number of pixels in a unit dimension, you can say in an easy way that high-resolution pictures and videos appear brighter compare to low-resolution devices.

Operating System

The operating system works as an interface between user and application. It gives you the facility to interact with any application on the laptop. So you can say that the operating system is like a platform on which application runs. Example-Microsoft Windows 10, Android, iOS.

Speed of Processor

Speed of the microprocessor measures in GHz, that describes per the second number of cycles of the processor. More than 2.5 GHz is fairly good for gaming but for having gaming 3.0Ghz is good but the laptop will be expensive too.2.0 GHz is not bad for daily using laptops especially for freelance, students, and work to the home employee, apart from that this laptop comes within budget.

Graphics Processing Unit

The graphics card or processing unit is generally integrated with the microprocessor of the laptop. It is responsible for rendering your images on the monitor. Visual appearances on monitors are done by a graphics unit with a microprocessor.

graphics card for laptop under 30000


Which laptops are the best in India under 30000?

  • Dell Inspiron 3595 15.6-inch HD Laptop
  • Lenovo V145-AMD-A6 15.6 inch HD Laptop
  • Acer One Intel Pentium Gold

Which is the best laptop for students in India 2021 below 30000?

Dell Inspiron 3595 15.6-inch HD Laptop is the best for online classes, e-learning, and videoconferencing for both students and teachers.

Is Lenovo or Dell better?

Both are good brands but Dell is more economical than Lenovo. Dell laptops take more time to reload the operating system while Lenovo less time in pull-out.

Is Dell the cheapest laptop for business as well as home use?

There is no doubt that Dell offers budget laptops for home uses, but if you want to use for business purpose then you have to go for good configuration. Dell Inspiron 3595 would be a good choice for business and home use.

Best laptop under 30k for CAD?

Acer One Intel Laptop would be perfect for CAD because it has a good configuration in the range of 30000 but regular Designing work you have to go for a higher graphic coprocessor but remember that a high coprocessor laptop would be costly.

Which operating system is best for laptops under 30000?

  • AMD
  • Intel Pentium
  • Intel Celeron
  • Intel Atom

What is the best laptop or 15.6-inch monitor for 6-11 students online class?

  • Dell Inspiron 3595 Laptop
  • Acer One Intel Laptop
  • ASUS VivoBook
  • Lenovo MIIX 320

Which are the best computers or laptops for online classes?

For Online classes good configuration is required, so we have recommended the following best budget laptops for online classes-

  • Lenovo V145
  • Dell Inspiron 3595 Laptop
  • Acer One Intel Laptop
  • ASUS VivoBook

What is better mobile or laptop for kids for online classes?

It totally depends upon the students, for toddlers and kids online class duration is shorter, so mobile is perfect. But for 8th and above standard students laptop would be best for online classes.

Comparison Table

Best Laptop Under 30000ProcessorRAMHard DriveAvg Battery Life
Dell Inspiron 3595 LaptopAMD
(2.3 GHz)
1 TB6 Hrs
Lenovo V145AMD 
(2.3 GHz)
1 TB5 Hrs
Acer One Intel LaptopIntel Pentium Gold (2.3 GHz)4GB
1 TB7 Hrs
ASUS VivoBookIntel Celeron(2.3 GHz)4GB
1 TB6 Hrs
Lenovo MIIX 320Intel Atom(1.44 GHz)4GB
128 GB9 Hrs

The list included the best economical laptops for the student, teacher, and online working peoples. And I am very sure that this list of best laptops under 30000 Rs will greatly help you in choosing the right product.

Kindly do comment and tell us which one is your favorite brand.

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