5 Best Soundbar Under 10000: Boat, Blaupunkt, Philips, and JBL

Last updated on February 10th, 2022 at 08:21 pm

5 Best soundbar under 10000 (2022)

You start watching your favorite movie on your TV and realize that sound is not generating spell-bound effects for you.

Now, this is not the only issue you are facing, All have faced the same that TVs are not able to produce a quality sound like you feel in a movie theater. I know you want a solution, but you do not want to spend too much money.

The soundbar not only enhances the TV audio output but also produces spell bounded experience while you are watching your favorite movie on TV. For a good soundbar, numerous functions and features are a must such as how many channels are set up? What is the sound output? How many connectivity modes?

I know these are features are sound tricky for normal people so to assist you, we have researched many products before making this helpful list of best soundbars under 10000 rupees, we also take care of that product should be economical and would suit to your budget.

For this, we have a solution that is “list of Best Soundbar Under 10000

You know that …

What is a soundbar?

A soundbar system is an all-in-one speaker that generates good quality TV sound without too much expense and complexity.

The soundbars are economical and capable of delivering good quality sounds, But always remember that they are not a home theatre.

Do you know…

What is the difference between the soundbar and home theatre?

Soundbar delivers the best TV sound, while home theatre is an entire separate sound system that mixes another sound effect with source sound like the surrounded sound effect.

Soundbars are cheaper than home theatre systems.

So if you are looking for a good soundbar for your TV sound, then you are at the right post. We are going to discuss a list of the best soundbars for TV under 10000, which will help you to make the right buying decision.

1. boAt Aavante Bar

boAt Aavante Bar is the best soundbar in delivering HD sound. You will deeply feel the sound of your song and movie.

boAt Aavante is the most popular high demanded soundbar. The customer feedback for this soundbar is remarkable. It has all the excellent features that should be in a good soundbar. So we have included this soundbar in the list of best soundbars under 10000.

This soundbar comes with 120 watts RMS so, it can continuously deliver 120 watts of power very comfortably that is good for the listening experience. A subwoofer delivers 60 watts of power. The soundbar with this subwoofer generates a very bold and clear sound that you would enjoy even if your room has much space.

Best soundbar under 10000

The boAt AAVNATE 2.1 channel provides stereo sound and enhances your cinematic audio experience. 2.1-channels include stereo (left+right) and one subwoofer. They are capable of generating the best sound for your TV. You can feel every low sound of your movie.

Its In-built-design is fantastic and, its sleek design increases your home looks. Its premium finish would be the complement for your house.

The signal-to-noise ratio of this soundbar is 72db so, you can feel even the small background sound of your movie.

Best soundbar under 10000

It offers multiple connectivity modes for more flexible use. You can connect via USB, optic, aux, remote. So you have almost all the options for connectivities that are very good. You just connect by your desired mode and enjoy the stereo sound experience. It is a very user-friendly and easy-to-operate soundbar.

This boAt soundbar comes with high-end equalizer technology that optimizes your sound quality according to the source of audio and delivers the best HD sound experience.

It comes with various modes like news,3D, movies, etc. You can select anyone and enjoy your sound output according to that.

The boAt offers a one-year manufacturing warranty on this product from the date of purchasing that is cool!


  • 120 watt RMS+60 watt subwoofer
  • 2.1 Channel Surround Sound
  • Cinematic experience
  • Sleek Design with premium finish
  • Multiple Connectivity Modes
  • 3D stereo surround sound
  • High-end equalizer technology
  • 1-year warranty


  • Remote Quality is not up to the mark

Product Specification

Item Weight6.4 kg
Compatible DevicesOptical, Coaxial, HDMI ARC
Audio Output ModeSurround, Stereo
Sound Channel2.1
Speakers Maximum Output (Power)120 Watts
Signal To Noise Ratio72 dB
Special FeaturesSubwoofer
Product Dimensions96 x 7.8 x 7.3 cm

Verdict- This soundbar with subwoofer delivers good HD sound and it is very economical. If you are looking for a good economical one with a brand like a boAt then this soundbar is best for you.

2. Blaupunkt Soundbar SBW100 120Watts Wired

Blaupunkt SBW100 is one of the quality products of the Blaupunkt brand.

Blaupunkt is a german brand and we know for it a good quality audio product and this is one of them.

This soundbar is full of all features that are required for optimum results. The sound quality of this bar is tremendous and almost no match.

This soundbar comes with 120 watts of power that is enough to generate load and bold sound. This soundbar comes with a wired Subwoofer that gives you a deep bass experience. So the combined effect of both powers generates good bold quality sound.

The elegant design of this soundbar gives it the very stylish and premium looks that increase the stylish ambiance of your room. It is fully made in German styles to look different from others.

Best soundbar under 10000

Its in-built design and powers with subwoofer produce cinematic Surround Sound that you feel in your inner bone. Even After the loud sound, you would be able to hear clear audio and can enjoy your favorite movie with more pleasure.

It comes with multiple sound modes that enable you to choose any sound modes according to your mood. It offers four sound modes –Music, movie,3D, and News.

This soundbar comes with a Fully Functional Remote that gives you power in hand that you can control all functions of the soundbar with this remote. You can change mode through your soundbar even if you can play, pause, and do other commands of your audio. So you can enjoy your uninterrupted audio.

Best soundbar under 10000

Blaupunkt soundbar is a highly recommended soundbar from our team because it is full of features and well in-built quality makes it a favorite for everyone and recommended as one of the best soundbars under 10000.


  • Iconic German brand
  • Powerful Sound
  • Wired Subwoofer
  • European Design
  • The 3D sound cinematic experience
  • Multiple music modes


  • Extra Bass instead of Balanced Bass

Product Specification

Item Weight5.9 kg
Compatible DevicesOptical, Coaxial, HDMI ARC
Audio Output ModeSurround, Stereo
Sound Channel2.1
Speakers Maximum Output (Power)120 Watts
Signal To Noise Ratio72 dB
Special FeaturesSubwoofer
Product Dimensions80 x 5 x 6.5 cm

Verdict- It is a very well-designed and well-looked Blaupunkt soundbar that enhances your room environment and its German premium finish makes it a must to purchase the product.

3. Philips 1000 Soundbar

Philips audio is well known for its audio product and it is a big brand. This is known for its quality audio products. It is a very old and trustworthy brand.

So Philips soundbar is also one of the best economical and feature-rich products of Philips. This soundbar is capable of delivering a very balanced and quality sound that you would love.

This Philips soundbar is integrated with a subwoofer and the latest Bluetooth. So one advantage is that you do not need any wire to connect the subwoofer, due to integration the subwoofer works more effectively with the soundbar power and delivers well-balanced audio.

Best soundbar under 10000

It also comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 so you get the latest technology flexibility with the Philips soundbar.

It comes with multiple connectivity facilities like HDMI ARC and USB.

The USB socket is provided on the side of the Philips soundbar for easy connection. 

This Philips soundbar comes with a wall-mountable that also shows more flexibility provided by manufacturers. So, now you can place this soundbar on the TV stand, Table, or hang it on the wall, it is now totally on your will.

It comes with 45 watts of power. The power of Philips soundbar is fair but other competitors indeed have more power than Philips soundbar.

Best soundbar under 10000

Philips also offers more power capabilities with other versions of soundbars but they will not fall in the range of 10000 Rs.

This Philips soundbar has all features and qualities that make it a perfect choice for everyone. we have not given its first rank in the list of best soundbar under 10000, due to only its limited power capacity otherwise, it has all features that it can stand on top.


  • Metal grille
  • Integrated soundbar with Bluetooth
  • Premium Sound
  • Deeper bass
  • Wall Mountable
  • Multiple Connectivity Options


  • Only 45 watts of power

Product Specification

Item Weight2.92 kg
Compatible DevicesOptical, Coaxial, HDMI ARC
Audio Output ModeSurround, Stereo
Sound Channel2.1
Speakers Maximum Output (Power)45 Watts
Signal To Noise Ratio
Special FeaturesIntegrated Subwoofer
Product Dimensions9.2 x 7 x 80 cm

Verdict- No doubt that This soundbar with a woofer of Philips is one of the best tv soundbars available in the market. If your room spaces are average then this Philips product is best for you otherwise you have to go for a high-power Philips soundbar.

4. JBL SB110 Subwoofer

JBL SB110 is the most popular and well-appreciated product by the customer. This soundbar has good power and deep bass that perfectly produces good quality audio sound.

This JBL soundbar is embedded with Dolby digital technology. Due to this technology, you will feel the same quality sound experience that you felt at the movie theater. So this technology will enhance your movie sound experience even if your room space is larger than the average room space.

The JBL soundbar is in-built with a subwoofer and the soundbar comes with 110 watts of power. Both are providing the best sound experience after combining. The inbuilt subwoofer produces deep bass and the power of the soundbar reaches every point of the room with quality.

Best soundbar under 10000

Multiple connecting setups like HDMI ARC and USB will give you more flexibility and compatibility. Due to the various options available, you can connect by multiple modes and enjoy your TV sound.

JBL soundbar comes with remote control. With this remote control, you can easily operate all functions of the soundbar. So this remote provides you a hassle-free experience while watching your favorite show.

The in-built design is very sleek and the finishing is very premium that gives it a very stylish look. 

Due to its premium and stylish looks, you will place it in front of your TV and it would be no surprise it will enhance the looks and style of the entire room.

Best soundbar under 10000

JBL soundbar is equipped with the latest Bluetooth and a good subwoofer that facilitate it for optimum output. Recently it came in the list of most selling soundbars.

Due to increasing customer trust day by day, good features insist us to include this good product in the list of best soundbar under 10000 Rs.


  • All-in-one soundbar
  • Dolby Digital Embedded
  • Built-In Subwoofer
  • 1-year warranty
  • Powerful Wireless
  • Compatible with all devices


  • No Wall mountable 

Product Specification

Item Weight2.6 kg
Compatible DevicesOptical, Coaxial, HDMI ARC
Audio Output ModeDolby Digital Embedded
Sound Channel2.1
Speakers Maximum Output (Power)110 Watts
Signal To Noise Ratio72 dB
Special FeaturesIntegrated Subwoofer
Product Dimensions43.3 x 4.9 x 3.7 cm

Verdict- This JBL soundbar for tv is a good choice for those who have a limited budget and looking for good products. This soundbar has all the required features and also has stylish looks.

5. Infinity (JBL) Sonic

Infinity (JBL) Sonic soundbar is a high-powered wireless soundbar with great looks. A powerful soundbar gives a good cinematic experience.

This soundbar comes with integrated subwoofers that give you a quality deep bass experience.

This soundbar is in-built wireless,  seamlessly connected to any compatible device.

Best soundbar under 10000

It comes with deep bass due to this you can enjoy your movies and show with extraordinary sound.

It comes with multiple connectivity options so you can enjoy the flexibility of connectivity.

Its sleek and compact design gives it a more premium look. It will be a good combination for your TV and works as a complement to your rooms.

Best soundbar under 10000

Multifunction remote gives the facility easy operation. You can easily operate all functions of the soundbar with this remote and control or manage the soundbar with comfort.


  • 160 Watt Power
  • Wireless Streaming
  • Deep Bass
  • Multi Connectivity
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Wireless Subwoofer
  • Multi-Function Remote


  • No HDMI Port

Product Specification

Item Weight13.7 kg
Compatible DevicesARC, USB
Audio Output ModeSurround, Stereo
Sound Channel
Speakers Maximum Output (Power)160 Watts
Signal To Noise Ratio72 dB
Special FeaturesIntegrated Subwoofer
Product Dimensions94.20 x 39.20 x 25.62 cm

Verdict- This best soundbar is a close competitor of other top-rank soundbars, if connecting flexibility increases then it would be a good choice.

FAQ: Best Soundbars

What is the 2.1 sound channel in the soundbar in 10k ?

The soundbar 2.1 describes the stereo(Left+Right) system along with one subwoofer.

What is the signal-to-noise ratio?

Signal-to-noise is a parameter that describes the level of desired signals against background noise.

Which are the best wireless Bluetooth soundbars under 10000?

  • Philips 1000 Series HTL1045
  • BL SB110 Powerful Wireless Soundbar
  • Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL

Which one is better in Soundbar Vs Home Theater?

The soundbar is economical and produces the quality sound of the source in front of you like TV while the home theater comes with a variety of speaker range that gives you more deep sound quality.

Which are the best soundbars with a subwoofer under 10000?

  • boAt Aavante Bar 1500
  • Blaupunkt SBW100 120Watts

Bottom Line

The list of best soundbars under 10000 included only the best and economical soundbars. This list has been made after long research and feedback, so you do not worry about any concerns, we believe in providing only worthwhile products to you.

But still, you find that our team has skipped any product that deserves a place in the list of best soundbar under 10000 Rs then kindly comment the name of the soundbar, we research that product and if we found that product is up-to mark then we will include that product.

Here we are going to wind up, and I believe that this list will greatly help you in selecting the right soundbar for your TV. we are very sure that if you get any product from the list then you will not be disappointed and the product will be value for the money.

Comparison Table of Best Sound Bar Under 10000 (10k)

List of Best Soudbar Under 10000 with price

PreviewBest Soundbar Under 10000Price
boat soundbar under 10000boAt Aavante Bar 1500Check Price
blaupunkt soundbar under 10000Blaupunkt SBW100 SoundbarCheck Price
philips best soundbar under 10000Philips HTL1045 SoundbarCheck Price
jbl sb110 soundbar under 10000JBL SB110 Wireless SoundbarCheck Price
infinite sonic soundbar under 10000Infinity (JBL) Sonic 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound BarCheck Price
List Of Best Soundbar for TV In India

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