Best Trimmer Under 1500-Top 5!

Are you searching for the best budget trimmers under 1500 Rs?

If your answer is yes then you are on the right post. We have describes all the required information that will assist you in choosing the right trimmer and it would save your time and money too.

Trimmer is a perfect system that consists of two sliding blades that are used to trim hair and beards, even blades come in various sizes to choose your style. Men grooming is waving now and it is good for fashion and stylish looks. Today many top brands like Philips, Mi, Kubra, Syska, Panasonic, and much more are available in the market, and all have good features so choosing the best one among these is not an easy task, to reduce your tension we have research and review on various brands from stylish beards to side cuts, and after using more than 22 brands we have finally listed some of best that are not only best trimmer under 1500 but also truly money for value products.

Whether you are looking for cordless or corded trimmers we tried to include both in the list of best trimmers under 1500, if you are ready to spend a little bit more, then you can get more features for that you can check out our post, best trimmer under 2000

Trimmer brands are offering various features for trimmers in the range of 1500, but we check the products on various parameters like trimmer run time, durability, and is it portable or not? We know that most of you travel lots and you need a portable and durable trimmer. Warranty is also a vital feature, sizes of combs are another important feature.  In 2021 Men became more cautious about their skin so trimmers should be skin-friendly too. 

What is in the Post?

Stylish beards are now very popular and especially youth are crazy about that. Many icons star also keep very good-looking and stylish beards so it is fair that their followers want to look like them.

But for stylish beards, you must need the best trimmer that gives you comfort for trimming and cutting.

Many trimmers are indeed available in the market and it is very tough to choose the right one within your budget.

To avoid any skin infection or irregular skin folds always use a good-rated Trimmer that follows consumer safety precautions.

But we have a solution for you we have made a list of the best trimmers under 1500 for easy selection within budget. We have selected all value-for-money products and you will get the best comfort and output after using them.

How to select the best Trimmer?

You can select a good Trimmer by keeping the following points to be considered-

  1. Trimmer should be in your budget
  2. Charging Duration & Battery Life
  3. Cordless or Corded
  4. Blades Material
  5. Skin-Friendly
  6. Easy to use
  7. Warranty of Trimmer

Best Trimmer For Men Under 1500 in India

PreviewBest Trimmer
(Under 1500)
Type Of TrimmerCordless Run TimeWarrantyPrice
Philips-BT1212-USB-charging-cordless-rechargeable-Beard-Trimme1. Philips BT1212/15Cordless30 Minutes2 YearCheck Price
Philips-cordless-rechargeable-Beard-Trimmer2. Philips Cordless Beard TrimmerCordless45 Minutes2 YearCheck Price
mi-trimmer-cordless-and-corded3. Mi Corded & Cordless Beard TrimmerCorded & Cordless90 Minutes1 YearCheck Price
.Kubra-KB-5300-trimmer4. Kubra KB-5300 5 IN 1 Multifunctional Grooming KitCordless60 Minutes1 YearCheck Price
syska ht800 5. Syska HT800 Cordless Trimmer for MenCordless30 Minutes2 YearCheck Price
Panasonic ERGB30 trimmer under 1506. Panasonic ER-GB30-A44BCordless20
2 YearCheck Price
Comparison Table of Best Trimmers Under 1500

1. Philips BT1212/15 – [USB charging cordless rechargeable Beard Trimmer Under 1500 Rs]

Nobody can deny the fact that Philips is a leader in this segment and it is not only due to the brand of Philips but also customer feedback that makes it a favourite of all.

After doing lots of research and feedback we found that Philips BT1212/15 USB charging cordless rechargeable Beard Trimmer is very economical and the best trimmer for men.

Due to these features, design, and price we have given top rank to this trimmer in the list of best Low Budget trimmers under 1500.

The Durapower technology of these trimmers gives it a long life. This technology reduces friction and minimizes the load on the battery along with the trimmer due to this life of your trimmer becomes increases, in fact up to 4 times to ordinary trimmer’s life.

For flexibility in respect of charging it comes with a USB cable that enables you easy charging with mobile, laptop, and USB adaptor.

Best Trimmer Under 1500
Best Trimmer Under 1500

It comes in different sizes of combs, you can choose according to your beard or style. 5mm and 7mm combs are for long beards, while 3mm combs can use for 3 days beards.

You can use a trimmer without the comb for zero trim.

As we earlier discuss that it comes with a USB cable so you can charge it with this cable after 8 hrs of full charge you will get 30 mins of cordless experience.

For optimum result and smooth trim, the blades of the trimmer must be extra sharp but it should be skin-friendly too.

Philips trimmer blades are sharp and come with round tips that prevent any irritation or scratch to your skin, so the blades of the trimmer are extra sharp but they are skin-friendly which is good.

The blades of the trimmer come with a self-sharpening mechanism for the optimum result for every day, in this mechanism actually blades slightly brush to each other and keep sharp from the first day of trimming.

One more thing these blades are made of good quality stainless steel that prevents blades from rust and gives durability and long life.

Philips 1212 trimmer for all beards best trimmer under 1500

This trimmer comes with a battery charging indicator, green light shows that the trimmer is in charge.

You can easily clean your trimmer it comes with a detachable head, so you just detach the head and rinse with water but remember that attach it with the trimmer after properly dry.

I highly recommend this trimmer for you because I have been using it for the last seven months and found that this is worth the value product.

You can pick this one if you have a very limited budget too.

[amazon bestseller=”philips trimmer under 1500″ items=”3″ template=”table”]


  • DuraPower technology
  • USB Charging
  • Skin-Friendly
  • Self-Sharpening Blades
  • Charging Indicator
  • Easy to Clean


  • No Fast Charging Mechanism

Product Specification 

Item Weight200 g
Item Dimension17.2 x 8.4 x 6 cm
MaterialStainless Steel
Included Components1. Trimmer, 2. Three Stubble & Beard Combs, 3. Cleaning Brush
Batteries1 AA batteries
Warranty2 Years

Verdict: It is a good economical and feature-rich trimmer in the range of 1500, so I recommend f this product. This is our top pick in the list of best Low Budget trimmer

2. Philips BT3203 – [Best Low Budget cordless rechargeable Beard Trimmer]

It would not be a surprise for you that our second recommendation is also a Philips trimmer.

Philips has no match in trimmer technology it is not only our opinion but customer feedback and popularity that show this.

We are here to recommend you only quality products and we found this trimmer is one of the best trimmers.

This is our second choice in the range of 1500 Rs.

Philips BT3203 comes with Durapower technology that saves energy and works on power consumption. Due to this, you can use your trimmer for long-duration compared to other trimmers.

You can enjoy a cordless experience with this trimmer after a full charge. After 10 hrs recharge you can use it for up to 45 mins.

You may think that charging time is long, but all trimmers do not equip with fast charging technology. this is the expected charging time for this segment of trimmers.

In this budget, this is a very good cordless trimmer.

Best Trimmer Under 1500
Best Trimmer Under 1500

Trimming would be easy and smooth with this Philips trimmer. It comes with 10-length settings which are easy can be set by zoom wheel, you can pick any length set according to your beards.

You can also remove the comb for zero trim experience.

The lift and Trim system of this trimmer gives more close trim, this system is built for fast and optimum results. This system removes hair 30% faster than any other trimmer of the same class.

This trimmer is designatory slightly brush to each other for self-sharpening and make sure that you always get sharp blades for your beards. 

The Ergonomic Design of the Trimmer gives users an easy grip that you can hold the trimmer without any slip from hands.

philips cordless trimmer under 1500

The blades are made of stainless steel that gives a long-lasting experience.

This is the second recommended product by our team, due to its built-in design and features. It is very economical too.

If you are looking for a brand and low-budget Trimm, this is trimmer would be a good choice.


  • Durapower technology
  • Cordless Use
  • Effortless Trimming
  • Self-Sharpening
  • Skin-Friendly
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ergonomic Design


  • No Fast Charging

Product Specification 

Item Weight210 g
Item Dimension19.2 x 10.1 x 6.6 cm
MaterialStainless Steel
Included Components1. Trimmer, 2. Cleaning Brush
Batteries1 AA batteries
Warranty2 Years

Verdict: This is a great choice for the low-budget trimmer. If you are looking for a cordless trimmer then this would be a good one for you.

3. Mi XXQ01HM – [Corded & Cordless Beard Trimmer Under 1500 ]

This Mi trimmer is the best trimmer after Philips, but if you compare with features then Mi has some edge over Philips, but if you consider reliability, durability, and customer feedback then Philips has the edge.

Mi is also a very good trimmer and the best in features. It comes with all required features that should be in a good Trimmer, and you will get all these on a perfect budget that is also an advantage.

This trimmer can be used cordless and corded, so after fully charged you can unplug the cable and can enjoy a cordless experience.

It takes near about 2hrs to charge fully. After a full charge, you can use a cordless trimmer for up to 90 mins that are fantastic. It comes with fast charging technology that gives power to you that you can easily charge even you are running short of time.

Best Trimmer Under 1500
Best Trimmer Under 1500

It comes with a 40-length setting that is high compared to other brands in the same segment, you can adjust the setting to your requirement. For easy operating a setting, the wheel is placed at trimmer so just by rotating the wheel, you will get your desired setting.

It comes with an ultra-power mechanism that enables you to fast charge. Fast charging gives a long-lasting cordless experience.

Its blades come with round tips so blades deliver a very skin-friendly experience, you will not feel any scratch or irritation on your skin during trimming or after trimming.

The blades are made of good stainless steel. Stainless steel gives high durability to blades and makes blades rust-free for long-life use.

This blade comes with a self-sharpening mechanism so you will get optimum output every day due to this self-sharpening technology.

mi beard trimmer for men under 1500

This is equipped with an IPX7 design that makes its body completely washable. Due to the waterproof design, you can easily wash the trimmer without any worry of a wet body. So this trimmer is easy to clean.

It comes with a travel lock so you can travel long distances without any harm to the trimmer.

Different comb enables easy-operate according to the size of your beard without any discomfort.

Mi trimmer has no match in this segment for its features and you are a person who looking for a feature-rich trimmer then this is best for you.

40 length setting and IPX7  technology make it different from others.

[amazon bestseller=”Mi trimmers under 1500″ items=”3″ template=”table”]


  • Self-sharpening Blades
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Skin-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Durable


  • Zero trimmings is not possible

Product Specification 

Item Weight214 g
Item Dimension48 x 38 x 154 cm
MaterialStainless Steel
Included Components1. Trimmer, 2. Cleaning Brush, 3. Power cord
BatteriesLithium-ion batterie
Warranty1 Year

Verdict-If you are looking for a feature-rich trimmer in the range of 1500 Rs then this would be the perfect choice for you.

4. Kubra KB-5300 – [5 IN 1 Multifunctional Men Grooming Under 1500]

Kubra KB-5300 is the first multifunctional grooming kit. It is a total body groomer. You do not need any extra clippers for your nose, eyebrow, and Moustache.

This body groomer is best for those looking low-budget body trimmer or clipper.

This one product is a complete kit for all types of body hair.

Most of the people who love stylish beards also love mustaches but trimmers generally work for beards now this trimmer also trims the excess hair of your Moustache.

It comes with fast charging so after charging for 1.5 hrs you can enjoy a trimming experience of up to 60 mins.

It comes with an LED indicator that indicates the status of the battery.

The blades are designed in such a way that your skin would not feel any concern.

It is a good and multipurpose groomer you can not say that this best trimmer but you can not deny that this is the best body groomer available in the market.

Its price is also one of the crucial factors because you would get all the most features like premium or pro groomer at a very limited price, due to this stand different from others.

Best Trimmer Under 1500
Best Trimmer Under 1500

Blades are made of stainless steel and are corrosion-free so you can use blades for long-duration without any maintenance.

The groomer is designed and built in a very sophisticated manner to deal with all types of hair so you would not get an issue with soft or hard hair.

This is popular too and in the list of most selling products of 2020. If you are looking for a new groomer or trimmer and a person who loves innovation then you can go for this clipper I am sure that you would be not disappointed.

kunra kb5300 multifunctional groomer for men  under 1500

This is our third recommendation but if you are looking for a groomer for the entire body then this would be our first recommendation to you and the best thing is that this is within your range that is 1500.

[amazon bestseller=”kubra trimmers under 2000″ items=”3″ template=”table”]


  • Multi-Purpose Use
  • Fast Charging
  • LED Battery Indicator
  • Skin-Care
  • Durable
  • Stainless Steel Blades


  • One Year Warranty
  • No Self-sharpening mechanism 

Product Specification 

Item Weight355 g
Item Dimension18 x 22 x 6.5 cm
MaterialStainless Steel
Included ComponentsGrooming Kit
Warranty1 Year

Verdict: If you are looking for a cheap and best body groomer then this is best for you.[

5. Syska HT800 – [ Best Cheap Cordless Trimmer for Men]

Syska is also one of the leading brands for electric equipment and this trimmer establishes the same thing.

This trimmer comes with a 20-length setting that is perfect for all types of beards’ styles.

Blads are designed in such a way that you get a close trim experience without any scratch, so blades are very skin-friendly.

You can enjoy 30 mins of non-stop cordless experience in one full charge of the battery.

Best Trimmer Under 1500
Best Trimmer Under 1500

Ergonomically designed to easily trim all directions even in the tricky area without any discomfort.

The self-sharpening mechanism enables blades for optimum output on daily basis.

It is very easy to clean. Blades are made of stainless steel for long-lasting use with zero maintenance.

It is also one of the best trimmers in the low-budget segment and has all the required features that should be in a good trimmer.

syska ht800 trimmer for men under 1500

If you did use this brand in past then you knew the power of the good brand, so it is also a good trimmer and you can choose it for a good experience.

[amazon bestseller=”syska trimmers under 1500″ items=”3″ template=”table”]


  • 20 Length settings
  • Self-Sharpening
  • Stainless Steel blades
  • Rust-free


  • No fast charging

Product Specification 

Item Weight240 g
Item Dimension13 x 10 x 65 cm
MaterialStainless Steel
Included Components1. Trimmer, 2. Cleaning Brush, 3. Charging Cord
Warranty2 Years

Verdict– In a low-budget trimmer, it is a good choice and the maintenance cost is almost zero. For Low maintenance, we have selected it in the list of best trimmers under 1500.

6. Panasonic ER-GB30-A44B – [Best Trimmer Bread for Under 1500]

Panasonic ER-GB30 trimmer is a fully battery-operated trimmer that is a very easy-to-use and user-friendly product. It is very safe and simple to operate.

The Panasonic trimmer is ideal for shaping a man’s beard and mustache. It is also compatible with wet shaving. The trimmer comes with a comb that effectively lifts and guides hairs for more effective results.

The Panasonic trimmer is sufficient for all-time types of trimming. It eliminates the need for any extra attachment. It offers adjustable lengths for every trimming size and you can easily adjust the comb from 2 mm to 18 mm. It also supports very fine trimming up to 0.5 mm.

Panasonic ER-GB30 trimmer under 1500

Panasonic trimmer is made with Japanese Technology and blades have an acute 45-degree angle to provide more sharp and clean shaving. The stainless steel blades of trimmers give high portability to the product.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Comfortable Shaving
  • Sharp Steel Blades
  • Adjustable Range
  • Versatile Trimmer


  • Fully battery operated
  • No LED Indicator
Best Trimmer Under 1500

[amazon bestseller=”Panasonic trimmers under 1500″ items=”3″ template=”table”]

Product Specification 

Item Weight88 g
Item Dimension42 x 34 x 153 cm
MaterialStainless Steel
Included ComponentsTrimmer
Warranty2 Years

Verdict– Panasonic trimmer is an excellent budget cordless trimmer for everyone.

Rating and score of trimmer

Trimmer Built-in-Design
(Out Of 5)
(Out Of 5)
(Out Of 5)
Overall Score
(Out Of 5)
Philips BT1212/
Philips Cordless
Mi Beard Trimmer4.
Kubra KB-5300
Syska HT800
Score Table For Trimmers

FAQ: Best Trimmers Under 1500 for Men

What are skin-friendly Trimmers?

A skin-friendly trimmer gives very smooth trimming and you would not feel any type of irritation or itching after using the trimmer. Generally, all good brand trimmers are skin-friendly, but you should take consider this point before purchasing any trimmer.

What is the self-sharpening mechanism of trimmer blades?

Self-sharpening means blades can sharp themselves without any effort from outside. Actually in self-sharpening blades are designed in such a way that they can slightly brush to each other by doing this they become sharp from the first day for optimum result.

What is the length setting in Trimmer?

For different sizes of your beard, you require different length settings. So good trimmer provides a more length setting for easy trimming for every desired beard length.

Which one is the best low-budget(Cheap) trimmer? 

Low-budget (Cheap) trimmers are not the only parameter, the trimmer should be of good quality too, so I will recommend Philips BT1212/15 which cheap and best trimmer.

Which one is good between Mi and Philips beard trimmers?

Both are a good brand and enrich with the best features but due to their high positive rating and durability, I will recommend Philips beard trimmers over Mi trimmers.

What feature should be in the good beard trimmer?

  • Self-Sharpening Mechanism
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to clean
  • Long Cordless duration 
  • Value For Money 
  • Zero or low maintenance cost

Which one is the best trimmer Under 1000 Rs for men?

Philips BT1212/15 is the best beard men trimmer under 1000 Rs in India. This is the best trimmer that comes with all the required features and quality.

Cordless Vs Corded Trimmer?

Cordless or Corded is the type of usability of trimmer. You need a cord for both types of trimmer for charging. After battery charging, you can detach the cord(Cable) from the cordless trimmer and can use it while in the case of the corded Trimmer you need to use the trimmer with a plugged-in cord

Bottom Line

This list included only the best and long-lasting beards trimmer for men. The list of best trimmers under 1500 is made for you after long research and hard work. I and my team do not believe in presenting too many products we list only the products that are valuable for us and will be best for our readers.

Before recommending we use the product and check for all parameters provided by the particular company. if we found that features are true then we list the product the same we have done in the list of best trimmers under 1500, so you will not disappoint if you check out for beard trimmers mentioned in the list.

Kindly do comment and tell us which one is your favourite beard trimmer.

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