Best UPS For Computer

Top 10 Best UPS For Computer (PC, Desktop, Laptop, Gaming PC)- Oct 2021

Best UPS for PC (Desktop & Computer) 2021

  • Zebronics 600VA UPS
  • APC Back-UPS BX600C
  • APC Back-UPS Pro BR1000G
  • iBall Nirantar UPS 622
  • APC Back-UPS Pro BR1500G
  • APC Back-UPS BX1100C
  • Microtek 1000VA UPS
  • Artis PS-600VA
  • APC Back-UPS BE700Y
  • Foxin 600VA

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Mostly we work or play games on our Desktop or laptop. In today’s scenario, it is obvious.

To avoid losing our data on sudden power cuts, we always need a good UPS for computers (PC).

An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) provides backup power to our Desktop or PC  when regular power fails.

A UPS is generally used to save or protect hardware such as computers, laptops, and a Desktop. The primary role of UPS is to provide backup when the input power source fails, but UPS can monitor and respond to some utility power problems such as Voltage spike, reduction in input voltage, and voltage sag.

Some UPS provides backup for 20 to 40 minutes while some expensive provide more juice for your devices. Purchasing a good UPS is totally depends upon your requirement, For a PC or Desktop computer 20-30 mins backup is fair to save your files and documents while for more backup time you can go to other top brands like APC.

A UPS not only safe Desktops but also allows for the proper shutdown of a computer.

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) manufacturers should follow all protocols for design load and testing according to Government Security and Service Norms For UPS.

Common Parts of UPS?

part of ups system
Parts of UPS System

What is in the post?

We have made a list that included all UPS from every demanded segment. These Segments are-

  • Best UPS For Desktop Computer
  • Best Budget UPS For Home
  • Best UPS For Gaming PC
  • Best UPS For Laptops

Why do we use UPS for computers?

As we know that UPS stands for Uninterruptible power supply, UPS protects our Desktop and equipment from main supply problems like fluctuations and complete power failures.

We request you kindly go through the Buying Guide and FAQ for UPS before taking a final decision, Guide will assist you in choosing the best product.

Which are the best UPS for computers (PC)?

Best UPS For Desktop Computer (PC & Laptop)

PreviewUPS BrandIdeal ForOutput CapacityBackup Time
UPS-U725 for Desktop Computers PCZebronics UPSDesktop Computer, PC600VA20 minutes
an Ideal Power Backup & Protection for Home Office, Desktop PC & HomeAPC BX600C UPSDesktop Computer, PC600VA20 minutes
 High-Performance Premium Power Backup & Protection for HomeAPC BR1000GComputer, PC, Home Use1000VA50 minutes
iball ups for pciBall Nirantar Desktop Computer, PC600VA15 minutes
apc ups 1500 for computer gaming pcAPC Pro BR1500GPC, Gaming PC, Streaming, Home Use1500VA5 Hours
apc 1100 ups for desktop pcAPC UPS BX1100CHome, Gaming PC, Computer1100VA3 Hours
microtek ups for desktopMicrotek UPSComputer, PC, Laptop1000VA50 minutes
artis 600AV ups for computerArtis PS-600VADesktop Computer, PC600VA15 minutes
apc back 700 for home use upsAPC BE700YLaptop, PC700VA25 minutes
foxin 600va ups for pc and laptopFoxin 600VADesktop Computer, PC600VA20 minutes
Comparison Table Of UPS

1. Zebronics 600VA UPS-U725 for Desktop/Computers: Home user PC

 Zebronics 600VA UPS-U725 for Desktop/Computers: Home user PC
Best UPS For PCs

Zebronics is one of the most popular UPS in India for computer and Home user PC.

UPS comes with sleep mode charging and a Microcontroller.

The overload feature of UPS saves connected devices from damage during overload.

In the case of a fault, the audible alarm makes an alert.

The capacity of UPS is 600VA  that is sufficient to provide a backup of 20 minutes to your Desktop PC.

It took up to 6 hours to fully charge the batteries.

Reasons To Buy

  • Fair Capacity For Home User PC
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Generator Compatible
  • 2-years of warranty
  • Overload and Short Circuit Protection

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not Suitable for Router 
  • Early Overheat 

Product Specification

Capacity 600VA
Wattage360 Watts
Voltage230 Volts
Number Of Lithium-Ion Cells6
Included ComponentsUPS and User manual

2. APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN 600VA / 360W, 230V, UPS System, an Ideal Power Backup & Protection for Home Office, Desktop PC & Home

Ideal Power Backup & Protection for Home Office, Desktop PC & Home
Best UPS For PCs, Home & Office

APC is one of the best UPS that comes with smart battery management.

The UPS is a battery backup and surges protector that smartly protects your attached electronic devices and computers from harm.

UPS comes with a self-test mechanism that takes care of itself and alerts when the battery needs to replace.

The Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology maintains the level of voltage. It steps up low voltage and steps down high voltage, according to your equipment.

The UPS batteries are generator compatible. You can recharge the batteries with generator power without any concern.

The capacity of UPS is 600VA that is equivalent to 360 W.This is well enough to provide 20 minutes backup to your PC.

Reasons To Buy

  • Compact Design
  • 360 Watts Capacity
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Mechanism
  • Generator Compatible
  • Warranty of 2-Years
  • Cold-Start feature

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not best for multiple PC

Product Specification

Output Power Capacity600VA
Wattage360 Watts
Power Cord Length1.22 meter
Charging Time4 Hours
Included ComponentsUPS, User Manual, and Warranty card

3. APC Back-UPS Pro BR1000G-IN, 1000VA / 600W, 230V UPS System, High-Performance Premium Power Backup & Protection for Home

High-Performance Premium Power Backup & Protection for Home
Best UPS For Home

APC 1000VA is a high-performance UPS of Schnieder Electric, The global leader in Power Protection.

APS 1000VA is a PRO UPS that is perfect for home offices and PCs.

You easily track the status of the battery. It comes with an LCD status display that indicates load and battery bar graphs like Battery charge status, on/off, overload, etc.

The capacity of 1000VA or 600 Watts is capable of looking out your almost backup requirements like laptop and mobile charging, printing, Table charging, etc.

It comes with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology that protects your connected equipment from power surges and drops.

It is a very energy-efficient UPS system that is Energy-star certified. The monitor and Evaluation software Power Chute of UPS smartly saves data when it finds low battery power conditions.

Reasons To Buy

  • 40 to 45 minutes of backup time
  • Can check status on the LCD
  • Multiple outputs socket
  • AVR feature for protection with voltage up/down
  • Generator Compatible & Energy-saving features
  • Customizable voltage sensitivity 
  • Automatic self-test for battery status 

Reasons To Avoid

  • Weight and cost both are a little bit.
  • The cooling-fan is a little bit loud.

Product Specification

Output Power Capacity1000VA
Wattage600 Watts
Number of USB 2.0 Ports1
Voltage120 Volts
Included ComponentsUPS, USB Cable, and Manual
Item Weight10 kg 700 g

4. iBall Nirantar UPS 622 – Uninterrupted Power Supply to Your Personal Computers, Home Entertainment Network

iBall Nirantar UPS 622 - Uninterrupted Power Supply to Your Personal Computers, Home Entertainment Network
Best UPS For Computer

Nirantar UPS 622 has a compact design and microprocessors for continued power supply. It is capable of meeting all the power requirements of your PC.

The capacity of Nirantar is perfect for 40 minutes of backup. UPS comes with tested backup time on Standard PC loads.

The Automatic Voltage Regulator feature protects your PC and Desktop from spikes and up/down of voltage.

It is always in ready status to serve you better service. It comes with AC recovery mode that enables you to restart the system without the worry of losing data.

It offers a two years warranty on the product that is a good warranty duration. The UPS comes with many intelligent features like audible alarms, overcharge, overload, and cold-start function.

Reasons To Buy

  • Compact design and long durability
  • Multifunction LED indicator 
  • Smart audible alarm notification
  • Playtime up to 40 minutes for standard home PC
  • AC recovery mode

Reasons To Avoid

  • The recharge time is a little bit more (6-7 hours).

Product Specification

Output Power Capacity600VA
Wattage360 Watts
Number of USB 2.0 Ports1
Voltage120 Volts
Included ComponentsUPS, USB Cable, and Manual
Item Weight10 kg 700 g

5. APC Back-UPS Pro BR1500G-IN, 1500VA / 865W, 230V UPS System, High-Performance Premium Power Backup & Protection for Home

High-Performance Premium Power Backup & Protection for Home
High-Performance Premium Power Backup & Protection for Home

The APC BR1500 is a PRO UPS that is suitable for home and office use comes with advanced functions.

It is an extended form of regular UPS and capable to provide long runtime. It gives you the freedom to play online games and watch videos during power cuts.

UPS comes with master and slave socket features. In this feature when the master device becomes shut down then the slave will automatically shut down. For example, if you shut down your PC, the printer would be shut down automatically.

For monitoring the device UPS comes with an LCD screen that displays the status of the battery and other issues.

The AVR functionality protects the system from harm during spikes of voltage. UPS is power efficient too,  automatically cuts power from connected devices being not used for a long-time.

Reasons To Buy

  • Long battery backup for high-end gaming
  • Sufficient for multiple devices
  • Voltage customization feature
  • AVR technology
  • LCD screen 

Reasons To Avoid

  • Recharge time is a little bit high

Product Specification

Capacity 1500VA
Wattage865 Watts
Voltage230 Volts
Item Weight11 kg 800 g
Included ComponentsUPS, USB Cable, and Manual

6. APC Back-UPS BX1100C-IN 1100VA / 660W, 230V, UPS System, An ideal Power Backup & Protection for Home Office, Desktop PC

APC Back-UPS BX1100C-IN 1100VA

APC comes with 1100AV  that is perfect for more than one piece of equipment. High capacity gives longer run time and makes it suitable for home and office.

It comes with four battery-powered sockets along with one surge-protected socket.

The automatic self-test provides alerts when need to replace the battery. AVR technology maintains the voltage level when the voltage suddenly surges or drops.

It is compatible with the generator and low power loads, for example- the Wi-Fi router and Modem.

The UPS comes with fast charging mechanism that assists in fast charging in less time. It also comes with a charging indicator that shows the charging status of the battery.

Reasons To Buy

  • Cold-start feature
  • Good capacity of 1100VA
  • Total of five ports
  • 45-50 minutes runtime
  • Smart battery management

Reasons To Avoid

  • Little bit costly

Product Specification

Capacity 1100VA
Wattage660 Watts
Voltage230 Volts
Item Weight8.98 Kg
Included ComponentsUPS, User Manual, and Warranty card

7. Microtek 1000VA UPS, High Performace UPS for PC, Optimal Voltage Output UPS for Dekstop Computer

Microtek 1000VA UPS

Microtek 1000VA UPS is high-performance UPS that comes with optimal voltage output.

It protects your system in case of electric surges, fluctuation, and short circuits. When an overload issue or short-circuit happens, it deactivates the power output to your computer and keeps your systems safe.

The Microtek UPS comes with additional safety measures like fuse protection and noise filter.

It always stables the power output (230 V) and protects your computer. Your computer can works in a versatile range (135v-330V) without the issue of low or high voltage.

It comes with good backup support. It gives you up to 50 minutes of backup after power termination for a single PC. It is sufficient time to finish your work and save your files before shutting down your computer.

The batteries of UPS  do not allow excessive charging or discharging. The UPS protects from overloading and short circuits.

Reasons To Buy

  • High-performance
  • Optimal voltage output
  • Long backup support
  • Efficient Power Unit
  • Overload and short-circuit protection

Reasons To Avoid

  • Little bit noisy

Product Specification

Capacity 1000VA
Wattage600 Watts
Voltage230 Volts
Item Weight13 kg

8. Artis PS-600VA Line Interactive UPS for Desktop PCs, Personal Computers, Laptops, Routers, Gaming Consoles and Networking Devices

Artis PS-600VA Line Interactive UPS

The Aritis UPS is a line-interactive UPS for computers that have a compact design and lightweight. It is a sophisticated and smart UPS for Personal computers or laptops.

The 600VA capacity of UPS provides up to 20 minutes of backup. The backup duration will be less if the PC configuration is high. The microcontroller of UPS delivers high reliability.

It comes with an AVR feature that ensures voltage stabilization. AVR  protects systems from voltage buck/boost and enhances the durability of the system.

It comes with fast charging features.90% battery charged within four hours. It generates very little noise during operation.

It comes with many advanced features-star capabilities, audible alarms, led indicator, etc.

Two years of warranty on the battery is excellent with good customer support.

Reasons To Buy

  • Safe UPS and India BIS certified
  • Connect up to three devices
  • Compact and user friendly
  • AVR and fast charging
  • Two years of warranty 

Reasons To Avoid

  • Overheat Issue

Product Specification

Capacity 600VA
Wattage360 Watts
Backup15-20 Minutes
Voltage230 Volts
Item Weight4.25 kg

9. APC Back-UPS BE700Y-IND 700VA UPS for Computer and Dekstop PCs


This is another high-performance UPS from APC that comes with a capacity of 700AV. It has sufficient capacity for PC and laptops but is not suitable for high-end gaming PCs.

The LED interface of UPS is easy to use and very user-friendly. This interface comes with audio alarms that make a sound when backup remains low or any fault occurs.

Built-in AVR features provide protection during high and low voltage conditions. AVR feature ensures that the battery remains conserved during voltage surges and drops.

The UPS comes with remarkable overload protection. It comes with a thermal cutoff that shutdown UPS in an overload condition.

Three battery-backed cum surge protected sockets facilitate you to connect multiple devices. It is better to connect only your PC with UPS for a long backup. It safely shut-down your computer when the battery runs out.

Reasons To Buy

  • 9Ah battery offers 20-25 minutes backup
  • AVR technology 
  • High durable and safe
  • Comes with surge protected socket
  • Simple LED Interface
  • Two-year warranty that includes the battery

Reasons To Avoid

  • After a one-year battery issue 

Product Specification

Capacity 700VA
Wattage390 Watts
Backup20-25 Minutes
Voltage230 Volts
Item Weight7 kg 800 g
Mounting HardwareUSB Cable, Manual, Unit

10. Foxin 600VA/360Watt Uninterrupted Power Supply

Foxin 600VA/360Watt Uninterrupted Power Supply

Foxin FPS is one of the best UPS for PCs that comes with all features.

The capacity of Foxin UPS is 600VA that is sufficient for 20-25 minutes of power backup for a single desktop. If you run multiple devices at the same time, then backup time will decrease.

It comes with a battery overload protection feature. It protects connected devices or equipment from surges in voltage and short circuits. 

The Automatic Voltage Regulation technology maintains stability in voltage and steps-up voltage in case of buck and steps- down the voltage in case of boost.

It also comes with a cold-start feature that provides temporary battery power when the input power supply is off. It gives minimal required voltage to your system to pull up before starting the main power supply whenever required.

The LED indicator interface is easy to operate and provides the current status of the operation. The audible alarm indicates the UPS power condition.

Reasons To Buy

  • 600VA capacity  for PC
  • Line-interactive UPS and fast-charging capacity
  • Battery overload protection
  • Cold-start functionality
  • AVR feature
  • LED indicator and audible alarm

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not suitable for multiple devices

Buying Guide For Best UPS For Computer/PCs

Before buying UPS for Home PCs or gaming computers, you have to consider the following factors-

1. Types of UPS System

Generally, we categorize the UPS system into three segments-

Offline/Standby UPS Unit

In an offline UPS unit, UPS charges the battery via the main supply power that is AC. But if any time the main supply fails, then the backup is provided by the UPS battery. 

Switching from the main power supply to the battery takes about 20-80 milliseconds. This period is less, so connected devices would not off and, you get uninterrupted backup.

Line-Interactive UPS

Line-Interactive UPS is similar to offline UPS, but it has an additional component: a special transformer.

This UPS not only provides backup but also maintains voltage stability and secures all connected equipment.

Online UPS System

This UPS system is slightly different from the above-mentioned UPS Systems. This UPS system gives backup every time through battery even without the main-power supply failure.

In this UPS system, no need to switch from the main-supply power backup to battery backup.

This type of UPS system is more expensive than the other two types of UPS systems. 

2. AVR Feature

AVR stands for Automatic Voltage Regulation. This feature maintains the output at 120 voltages and protects equipment from voltage surges and drops.

3. UPS Overload Protection 

This feature must be in the UPS. The overload protection protects you from connected equipment from harm. Generally, UPS comes with a thermal cutoff feature that prevents overload.

4. Load capacity

UPS comes with a variety of capacities. It depends on your requirement and preferences. The 600VA UPS is an excellent choice for a single Home PC whereas, 1000VA and above would be best for a high-end gaming PC.

5. LCD Display

Many UPS come with LCD Displays for easy use. This LCD shows the status of charging. The LCD facilitates alert notification by this notification. You would be able to take a preemptive decision.

6. Generator Compatible

Today most UPS come with generator compatible. If the main supply of power fails, you can connect UPS with the generator and charge the battery for backup.

7. Energy Efficient 

Some UPS comes with innovative Green Outlet technology. This technology reduces electric consumption and the amount of your electricity bill. UPS takes less power  compare to ordinary UPS but delivers optimum results

8. Voltage Surge and Drops

The sudden change in voltage can harm the delicate components of your computer.  Suddenly high voltage or surge and low voltage or drops are not ideal for your UPS. To Avoid surges/drops, the UPC comes with an AVR feature. AVR protects components of your PC from harm.

9. Budget

Budget is always a crucial factor. It is true that if you want high capacity UPS, then you have to pay an extra amount. For regular use, you can choose UPS under 7000AV that comes at a low price.

10. Cold-Start Feature

In the cold-start feature, UPS temporally supplies the power to the system, even after the failure of the main power supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the main difference between UPS and Inverter?

UPS  function is to provide backup to connected devices at the time the main supply fails, whereas an Inverter converts the AC power into DC power. UPS immediately switches from the main power supply to battery backup during the power outages, whereas inverter takes some time, the delay is less.

How choose a good UPS for the computer?

The best way to select the right UPS  is that select a UPS that has 25% more capacity than the total wattage of equipment you want to connect. So, First, analyze your capacity requirement. Mostly 300-390 watts UPS is perfect for a single home PC.

Do I need UPS if I have an Inverter?

UPS is best for battery backup to your computer. You can directly connect the computer to the socket of UPS, whereas an inverter does not plugin to the Inverter socket. If you have an Inverter then you do not need a UPS.

Can I use Desktop UPS for Laptop?

Yes, you can. There would be no issue while the laptop comes with a battery. If the laptops’ battery is not working, you can connect the laptop with a UPS socket.

Can a UPS damage computer?

The UPC provides backup to computers at the time of power outages. If UPS is non-branded and cheap then it might harm components of your UPS. It is recommended that before purchasing any UPS, check all features and customer feedback of the UPS.

How to connect UPS to the Desktop computer?

Easily you connect your UPS with a Desktop computer-

  • Plug-in computer power supply cord to UPS socket 
  • Plug-in monitor cord to UPS
  • Now plug-in UPS power cord to main supply socket.
  • On the main power supply
  • do not forget to the power button of the UPS
  • Green light will appear that shows now Desktop Computer is connected with UPS

How I  calculate UPS capacity requirement?

  • List the Volts (VA) of all equipment to be protected.
  • Add VA subtotal together.
  • Multiply this subtotal by 1.5. 
  • After multiplying, you get a final total.
  • Now select UPS that has more VA  than the final total.

Which are the best UPS brand in India?’

Many best UPS brands are available in India. Few names of brands are-

  • Zebronics UPS
  • iBall 
  • Microtek
  • Artis UPS

Which are the best budget UPS for desktop computers?

  • Zebronics 600VA
  • APC UPS BX600C
  • iBall Nirantar UPS 622
  • Artis PS 600VA

Which are the best  UPS for gaming and streaming PCs?

For gaming and streaming, high-performance and large-capacity UPS is required. Some UPS are-

  • APC Back-UPS BR1500
  • APC Bac-UPS BX1100C
  • Microtek 1000VA

UPS is giving a beep sound and power off light flashing for every few seconds?

If it occurs repeatedly, then it might be the issue of overheat. Kindly clear all four sides of the UPS and ensure better ventilation. If still, the problem is persistent kindly contact to customer support.

How know the status of the battery charge?

If “Charging LED” is green, then the battery is charging. If “Charging LED” not showing any indication, then the battery is fully charged.

Which are the best portable UPS for Computers?

  • These are the best portable UPS for Computers-
  • Zebronics UPS
  • APC Back-UPS BX600C
  • APC Back-UPS Pro BR1000G
  • Microtek 1000VA UPS

Do computers require high-voltage power?

UPS does not support high-voltage operations. Generally, UPS supports high-low voltage combinations.

What is the difference between a battery and a UPS?

The battery can store the energy, it not comes with a self-detection mechanism so when a power cut takes place it will not automatically switch on backup mode while in the case of UPS after power cuts it automatically switches over to the UPS batteries, for power backup.

How to Plug in Your PC with a UPS?

How to Plug in Your PC with a UPS
Diagram: How to Plugin Your PC with a UPS

Bottom Line

We have made this list after research for more than 60 hours. This list includes the best UPS among all available UPS in the market.

We have included UPS for everyone. In the list, we have include UPS for Home, Desktop computer, Personal computer(PC), gaming, and streaming.

Most included UPS in the list are standby UPS that offers surge protection and battery backup. The UPS is designed to provide power backup to certain equipment such as a personal computer without any brownout to that device.

If you purchase a UPS from the list, we ensure that you would not be disappointed.

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