Bluehost India Vs Bluehost USA

BlueHost India Vs BlueHost USA

BlueHost is a big brand in the field of web hosting, so BlueHost India or you can say that review is very interesting and much-needed information, because many Indians looking for web hosting every month.


Let clear from my end that I will provide a detailed analysis of BlueHost India’s review on Data and feedback of Indian Customer.

I know that many blogs are already available on the BlueHost India review but I found that most writers have not provided data for their logics.


It may, I am wrong but I had read most of them

After that, I decided that I will write with actual facts and figures.

If you are going to purchase BlueHost web hosting then this post would be beneficial for you.

In this article, we would compare and and find out which has the edge.

BlueHost started in 1996 but the first web hosting was served in 2003 and achieve many milestones. In India, BlueHost started in the year 2014


India is always a big market for BlueHost, but the challenge for BlueHost is that it is able to provide the same range of services it is providing in the USA.




Major Differences

  • BlueHost India( Uptime is 99.97% whereas BlueHost USA ( Uptime is 99.99%.
  • BlueHost India( avg speed is 4.11 seconds while  BlueHost USA ( avg speed is 1.21 seconds.
  • offers more sophisticated customer care whereas BlueHost India customer support is not of the same level.
  • Both have similar types of features except professional paid service, which is available in
  • Both are leading in providing an economical web hosting plan.
  • Both provide all types of web hosting like Shared, VPS , Dedicated, and WordPress.

How BlueHost India perform against

Performance metrics are crucial for comparison. In this test, we had calculated the average Uptime and average Page load time of BlueHost on the last 12 months’ data. (we had used Pingdom, GTmetrix, and PageSpeed Insights tools and the Data period is Mar-2019 to Apr-2020) and avg uptime

So the average Uptime of is 99.97% and is 99.99%. It is also reflected from the previous analysis we had done in BlueHost Review.

Some of you may think What is Uptime ? and What is the benefit of a high percentage?

Well, Uptime shows the availability of the server for your website means if Uptime for any server is 100% then the server was always available for the website in a particular duration.

But practically it is not possible to achieve 100%  Uptime.

The industrial benchmark for Uptime of server is 99.94% means this is the minimum value for good Uptime.

So Uptime of  is higher than the Industrial benchmark which is good but it is less than Uptime of

Higher Uptime means low downtime, which good for business and also provides maximum availability of your website for visitors.

As you know that page load times mean a time span required to load your website on browser for visitors.

It is found that an increase of 1 second in page load time could lead to a loss of 7% customers or visitors. So page load time should minimum or you can say that page speed should be good for your business and potential customers.

According to google more than 40 percent of customers do not wait more than 3 minimum page time is a very crucial and most important factor before choosing any web hosting brand.

The average page load time for Bluehost India is 4.11  seconds and the average page load time of is 1.21 seconds. So we easily understand that Bluehost India is far below to

Even Bluehost India not able to meet the benchmark of 3 seconds.

We have concluded this average result on the basis of 12 months’ data as we mentioned earlier.

But before posting this article I checked once again to look out for any changes.

I use the tool Pingdom for June Data and the result is- load time

Now you can see that the page load time of is 1.42 seconds which is very close to our average page load time for page load time

For BlueHost India page load time in June-2020 is 4.57 seconds.

It is also very close to our average page load time of BlueHost India.

So we can say that a big gap between and for page load time.

For more concrete results we did the final test with  site24/7 tools for WAM(website Availability Metrics).

In this test, our test website (site24* will send requests from different locations of the world to the BlueHost India server and check response time.

These metrics show how much time take by BlueHost India to respond for loading first to the last byte. response time

From WAM we can see that response time for Asia is a little bit high than the USA.

In the case of Chennai, we see that BlueHost India took more time in DNS resolution which is 328ms while the last byte is relatively fair.

But it is reflecting from the test that BlueHost India response time is very high for the website located in India (In our test location was Chennai)

Verdict: So by analyzing all data of page load time and Uptime we can say that is a clear winner.BlueHost India Uptime is acceptable but page load time and response time are high. For ranking in search engine result speed is a very crucial parameter. So, BlueHost India is far away from the benchmark for speed.

Are BlueHost India web hosting services have the same flexibility as and both provide a variety of web hosting according to user needs.

Web hosting is a platform, when integrated with domain names then a website is created and this website runs on the Internet.

So only choosing good web hosting is not enough you also need fast web hosting services.

So the main question is that Bluehost India and get the same level of speed for their web hosting.

The answer is simple …no!

As we already discussed that speed is less than 

We can check this by our gap analysis test data of the current month.

In this test, we include 6 websites, 3 from and 3 from

In 3 websites of, one using shared hosting, second using VPS, and third using Dedicated web hosting.

Similarly, for we pick one for shared hosting, second for VPS, and third for Dedicated hosting.

Why I took one website from each web hosting?

The answer is that my team wants a real gap analysis of  BlueHost India and for each web hosting.

speed gap between bluehost india and

(Speed Gap Analysis of web Hosting speed  based on Site24/7 data)

So a big gap of speed and reliability between the Shared hosting of Bluehost India and

BlueHost India has all variety of web hosting similar to like Shared, VPS, and Dedicated web hostings even managed web hosting WordPress but not of the same level of speed as provide.

Verdict: BlueHost India and both have similar types of flexibility, but due to the high speed of web hosting services in , BlueHost India is not so much edge as bluehost. com.

Is BlueHost India provides the same range of Features as

BlueHost India provides almost the same range of features as .Both provide free domain registration for the first year.50GB to Unlimited storage according to plan and Unlimited bandwidth for web hosting.

CloudFlare is available for both, it is CDN.CDN stands for the content delivery network which works on a web cache based mechanism and improves the performance of the web page.

BlueHost provides professional services to customers but BlueHost charges for it so this is not counted as an additional benefit for BlueHost USA because you can use many other available paid services for your SEO and marketing. professional services

Verdict: Both have almost similar features, So there is a draw between Bluehost India and BlueHost USA.

Which have a more economical plan and prices?

It is very obvious that if anyone goes for then he or she looking for business opportunities from more countries including India.

And if you choose then he or she wants to grow his or her business in India.

So who has to pay more?

The answer is simple, those want their business worldwide( .com domain names).

So is much cheaper than I know that you knew.

I am interested in the fact that BlueHost USA is the best economical web hosting provider in the USA.

So is it true for BlueHost India?

Let’s look out a monthly plan of top web Hosting brands, serving in India –

  • GoDaddy India-149/mo
  • BlueHost India-199/mo
  • Hostinger-205/mo
  • SiteGround-386 /mo
  • A2 Hosting-350 /mo
  • Inmotion Host-324 /mo

After viewing the monthly fee of different India operating brands we found that in India BlueHost is one of the economical web hosting providers which is good.

Verdict: BlueHost India and BlueHost USA both are provide an economical web hosting plan but BlueHost India not providing the same performance as provided by BlueHost USA.

Money-Back guarantee

BlueHost India and BlueHost USA both provide Money Back guarantee but within 30 days of purchasing.

And if you opt free domain then after deduction of the domain name fee, they returned the rest amount as a refund.

You can transfer your domain after 60 days as BlueHost told that they complete process within 60 days and then you can choose other web hosting brands.

BlueHost does not provide any refund after 30 days and it is not “no ask refund” police because at the time of refund they ask some feedback and try to avoid a refund.

It is not unfair because every web hosting does the same, but BlueHost also focuses on customer satisfaction which is good.

Verdict: BlueHost India and BlueHost USA both provides 30 days money-back guarantee.

Is any difference in Graphic User Interface (GUI)?

GUI provides easy to use control panel and provide website tools.

I had read some BlueHost India reviews and found that some posts are very old and they did not update post. They mentioned that BlueHost India does not provide cPanel.

It is not true..and the cPanel user interface is also very good.