BlueHost Review 2021: Still BlueHost is the best web hosting

BlueHost Review 2021: Overview

Uptime (Reliability) 99.99%
Speed 414 ms
Features Free domain for the first year, Unlimited Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth
Hosting Shared, VPS, Dedicated, WordPress
Security SSL Certificate,SiteLock
Customer Support 24/7
Migration Fee(Site Transfer) Applicable 
Pricing $3.95 per month (For basic Plan)
Verdict Best Economical Shared Hosting 

If you are looking for hosting or you have already any hosting but you want to switch your hosting services then this blog post is for you. BlueHost review will help you to make the right decision along with complete details of BluseHost services.

I would not interested to tell you who is the owner of BlueHost or which one is the parent company of BlueHost because it is not part of the BlueHost review.

(It may that some of you are interested, then kindly do search)

Here I am going to describe whether BlueHost meets your requirement or not?

A review of the product is a very crucial responsibility because if the review is not honest and unbiased then the customer may buy a product which is totally useless for the customer.

And I know you are reading this block for an honest BlueHost review.

I will provide genuine BlueHost reviews because I am using BlueHost services for a long time along with my team. So I know the pron and cons of BlueHost and I know that customer is more valuable than anything.

As you know that BlueHost is domain provide, host provider, and recommended by WordPress.

In this BlueHost review, we are going to test the following areas:-

Uptime( Reliability) is crucial and most important in performance matrics…(Why?)…

The answer is simple that Uptime of a server shows the availability of server for your websites means uptime of the server is the time during server is operational.

I know you want 100% Uptime server, but in practice, it is not possible to achieve.

Page Load Time is also an important part of performance matrics it plays a very vital role for website help in ranking in search engines. page load time means the average amount of time taken for the page to appear on a web browser. So for any hosting brand page load time should be minimum. In the case of BlueHost review, we check load time on websites that have avg huge load( Number of visitors), by this, we get the actual result.

BlueHost review for the features is most important because if you are going to purchase or switch form your old hosting brand then you have to know full details of the new hosting plan 

by this, you would be able to compare with your old hosting features and BlueHost features.

Roughly we can divide features of any hosting brand into three segments. First is flexibility means, How many types of hosting provided by BlueHost?…second feasibility means hosting provider is How much feasible with site builder and content management system like WordPress.Last but most important security. It is also important that security tools are provided by BlueHost like an anti-malware tool.

Everyone looking best economical hosting services so price review of BlueHost is crucial parameter because everyone needs are different, means anyone may be required hosting for small business or website, someone may for the moderate level of hosting and some are may look for advance level of hosting .so for a good hosting brand it is recommended that, offers many different economical planes. And everyone can pick any plan according to requirements. But the low-cost plans should not impact the quality of services. So the best affordable services are crucial for a good hosting provider.

Customer Support is a range of services provided by trained reps about the product and product-related concerns.

We will judge customer support of BlueHost in two ways. First How reps answer of general quires like account related and second How much time take to resolve technical queries.


BlueHost Pros


  • More than 2 million websites hosted by BlueHost. After providing such a large number of Hosting, BlueHost has great performance with minimum downtime.
  • In pricing, BlueHost offers the best affordable hosting with a one-year free domain. BlueHost plans are available according to everyone’s needs.
  • BlueHost provides the best features at economical prices. BlueHost offers a variety of hosting which shows its great flexibility.
  • Provides 24/7 customer support via chat, phone, and email.                              

BlueHost Cons


  • BlueHost charges higher fees for domain renewal than average.
  • In past, some issues raised for customer support, now it is fully resolved but still, some mixed review for customer support persists.
  • BlueHost charges a high migration fee for the website while others are doing free.so if you have a website and looking for new hosting services then check ones before opting Bluehost.

Now let’s Start BlueHost review with details analysis-

BlueHost Performance

The most crucial performance matric is reliability(Uptime) of the server and for BlueHost review it is one of the most important parameters.

Now let’s see average monthly Uptime of BlueHost (Period: Apr- 2021 to March- 2019)

Month Uptime(%)
Apr-2021 100
March-2021 100
Feb-2021 100
Jan-2021 100
Dec-2020 100
Nov-2020 100
Sep-2020 99.99
Aug-2020 99.99
July-2020 100
June-2020 99.98
May-2020 99.99
Apr-2020 100
March-2020 99.99
Feb-2020 99.99
Jan-2020 100
Dec-2019 100
Nov-2019 99.96
Oct-2019 99.9
Sep-2019 100
Aug-2019 100
July-2019 99.99
June-2019 99.96
May-2019 100

So, observing above 24 months data we reach on the final comment that, BlueHost has 99.99% (Approx) average Uptime(Shared), which is tremendous.

It also reflects that the downtime of BlueHost is very low, which is very good for hosting brands like BlueHost.

For last quarter Uptime of BlueHost is 100% which is remarkable.

bluehost review for uptime

High Uptime is very important in the prospect of business too, because due to high Uptime, the server would available for maximum time it means no service interruption. Good Uptime means, increase in engagement time with visitors and keeps a reliable impact on users or customers.

Page load time should be minimum because in many research it is revealed that delay of 1sec or more would lead to a loss of 7% customers. If speed is not up to mark then it affects your business.

Page load time of speed is most crucial for mobile also because your website is first indexed for mobile on google. So if the speed of the website on mobile is not up to mark then due to loading speed google may degrade the mobile index of your website in user searches.

We have 12 months page load data(Period: Apr-2021 to May-2020)

Month Page Load Speed(ms)
Apr-2021 398
March-2021 472
Feb-2021 412
Jan-2021 404
Dec-2020 512
Nov-2020 502
Oct-2020 312
Sep-2020 378
Aug-2020 402
July-2020 411
June-2020 392
May-2020 374

So if we conclude this result then the average load time is 414ms. If we give overall ranking according to the past 12 months then BlueHost will 4th among top brand hosting companies for page load timing.

To see the big picture of the BlueHost review, we are using website availability matrics in respect of response time.

By analysis of this matrics, we get the picture that how location also play a bigger role in hosting brand. Before purchasing hosting services you should look for server location.

In WAM(website Availability Metrics) we see that result and response of server from first-byte to the last bite means from DNS resolution to last bite download.

bluehost review on response time

From WAM we can easily see that Fremont and Toronto response time is very less than Chennai and Singapore.

In Fremont and Toronto time taken by the server to resolve DNS name to IP address is very good, same true for Amsterdam and Melbourne, but in case of Singapore and Chennai DNS time is high with last bite download time.

So we can easily reach on this point that the location of the server is important. So at the time of purchasing kindly consider server location on priority and ask the same to customer Support.

BlueHost Feature

BlueHost provides many affordable features like free domain, variety of hosting, security,eCommerce features,money-back guarantee, and so many, Let’s discuss in details:-

BlueHost review for Domain 

  • Free Domain for the first year:-As we know that domain name is the very first step required for your website or you can say that all start with a domain name. 
  • Easy Management: After getting your domain Name you can manage your domain from an easy-to-use control panel with a great interface.
  • Auto-Renewal: BlueHost auto-renewal feature for domain name protect your domain from expiring and accidentally lost.you can switch back to manual renewal at any time.
  • Domain Lock: BlueHost is not only provided domain name service but also helps to keep domain name secure for you. It lockdown domain name to prevent unauthorized transfer.


BlueHost provides a variety of hosting services. Flexibility is the great power of BlueHost which makes BlueHost a leader in the field of hosting. For good BlueHost review, it is required that we know about the flexibility of hosting provided by BlueHost-

BlueHost Shared Hosting: BlueHost Shared hosting is the most affordable and popular web hosting. In BlueHost Shared Hosting resources of the server are utilized by many users.

Shared Hosting is best for the beginner or small websites for the small or medium volume of traffic. But if your site has a high volume of traffic then you should go for VPS or dedicated hosting.

BlueHost Shared Hosting is the perfect platform for starting online. Shared Hosting of BlueHost is perfect for blogs and small business websites. BlueHost review with respect to Shared Hosting is remarkable because it is very cheaper, so many bloggers are using  Bluehost  Shared Hosting.

BlueHost Shared Hosting is very managed which means that the user does not have to worry about any things like server management and platform patches.

VPS Hosting: In Virtual Private server resources ( like CPU, RAM) isolated for individual uses or you can say that in virtual private server hosting resources like RAM and CPU are dedicated to your website. In the VPS server is shared but resources are dedicated.

Virtual Private Server provides a good experience with more consistent performance. User is guaranteed the resources on their VPS hosting account thus allow greater stability and performance of your website

If you have high traffic or the number of visitors is more then you can go for VPS hosting. But if you are a beginner then I will recommend Shared Hosting and when your business grew you can switch on VPS or Dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting: According to name Dedicated Hosting means an entire server is dedicated to your website, so all resources are dedicated to your website. By dedicated hosting you will experience enhanced website performance and stability.

BlueHost provides the best-dedicated hosting at a very economical price. By dedicated hosting users get full access to all resources of the server without affecting other users.

High traffic websites are mostly the best fit for dedicated hosting. the main benefits of dedicated hosting are control, privacy, and guaranteed resources.

You have high traffic then you can go for VPN or dedicated hosting.

WordPress Hosting :Hosting is a platform on which your website runs.BlueHost provides a variety of hosting which we earlier discussed apart from that BlueHost offers WordPress Hosting.

Do not confuse with WordPress(CMS). So it is very interesting that BlueHost review on WordPress hosting.

Actually WordPress is a content management system that works as a website builder with a theme.

BlueHost is recommended by WordPress but you can purchase WordPress hosting with WordPress(CMS)

WordPress provides hosting but all other things are managed by BlueHost, so you can say WordPress is managed hosting 

If you want to purchase hosting then I will recommend BlueHost hosting which provides more control and flexibility than WordPress hosting and also you will get BlueHost hosting at a more affordable price than WordPress hosting.


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is used for online selling of products and services, Through WooCommerce makes it easy to build an online store, and also you can customize according to your business need. WooCommerce is completely free.

BlueHost Control Panel: cPanel

cPanel is the most popular and simple control panel. The user interface of cPanel is very simple and easy to understand by beginner and expert.cPanel is Linux based graphical interface.cPanel simplifies website and server management. It allows you to create an email account, manage the domain, and website.

By cPanel you can create a new website or assign a new domain .cPanel provides a great interface which makes it one of the popular control panel.

bluehost review of GUI


CloudFlare is CDN work on the web cached method means it is a content delivery network that works on the web cached method and improves the performance of website speed.CloudFlare does not directly participate in the role of BlueHost review but it is free with every plan and helps in upgrading speed of the website.

Review on Security 

Security is most important in a review of any hosting brand. For a website, roughly two types of security are required, first at the time of communication or say time of sending and receiving messages and the second type of security required to website content.

BlueHost review in respect of security should be measure on both grounds.

BlueHost provides free SSL certificates with all plans, but the most important thing that do you know what is SSL? And why is it important for your website?

SSL stands for secure socket layer, actually, it is recommended that every site should have an SSL certificate.SSL is used to keep sensitive information encrypted (in specific code) when sending through the internet.

So it is required to prevent unsecured access to data during communication. Thus helps in keeping personal information, e-commerce transaction, and other sensitive data safeguards.

Spam protection and SiteLock is available and provide in advance plan except for Basic plan.

Spam protection is provided by Google. It filters unwanted email by Postini.

Actually Postini was an email web security, it filters unwanted email spam.

SiteLock is a cloud-based security mechanism that scans your websites for infected elements like malware and vulnerabilities.

SiteLock is a very useful tool because it does not only detect threats but also fixes issues for your web pages.

Domain Privacy + Protection

Help to identify theft, spam, and phishing attacks. It sends alerts via SMS in case of changes to the domain.


(BlueHost review for Backup) I told you that your website content is also very important and needs to secure all content of the website.

CodeGuard is a solution. CodeGuard takes daily backup and saves each as a separate version.so it is easy to take a backup when you required it.

But one concern with CodeGuard is that it comes with a choice plan or above plan otherwise you can add with your plan by paying extra amount.

Review for Pricing

BlueHost provides the best affordable hosting plan. In all top hosting Brand only HostGator has a cheap hosting plan than BlueHost.

But in comparison to BlueHost and HostGator, BlueHost has some edge. So if you look entire package then BlueHost is a good choice.

We will Start with BlueHost Shared Hosting because it is the most popular and affordable hosting.

BlueHost Plan for Shared hosting

bluehost shared hosting plan

If you have high traffic then you can choose next-generation  VPS Hosting

BlueHost Plan for VPS hosting

bluehost vps plan

If you want ultimate performance, security, and control you can choose Dedicated Hosting. Generally this hosting is suitable for huge traffic websites.

BlueHost Plane for Dedicated Hosting

dedicated hosting plan of bluehost

30-Day hosting money-back guarantee

BlueHost provide a refund if you are not satisfied with hosting of BlueHost within 30-days of purchase. But there are some points regarding a refund:-

1-BlueHost refund only your hosting service amount, the money-back guarantee would not apply on add-on-products such as domain.

2-If you raise your cancel within 30-days and your plan includes a free domain then Bluehost will deduct a non-refundable amount which would be your domain fee. After that you can transfer your domain.

3-BlueHost not accept any type of refund request after 30 days.


BlueHost provides refund within 30 days which is fare but some other brands like Hostgator refund within 45 days of purchases and in case of BlueHost refund is not in “no ask” means customer support reps ask reason but it is true that they refund your amount after deduction of domain mane fee which is generally near about $15.After refund some formalities have been done then you can transfer your domain. So BlueHost review for the money-back guarantee is fair for BlueHost because 30-days is okay for a refund but BlueHost needs to extend up to 45 days for more competitive.

Website Migration Service

Switching between one hosting to another is a widespread process. Due to many reasons you may switch to another platform. Mostly migration is done due to load time, affordable pricing reliability, and many more.

It is not known that you are not happy with your current hosting and want to migrate or switch on Bluehost hosting.

Mostly hosting brand welcome new website with no fee but BlueHost charges $149.BlueHost allows migrating up to 5 websites and 20 mail accounts including all databases and files.

So in case of BlueHost review for website migration services, we found that it is costly compare to other hosting brands.

Review of Customer Support

Customer support is a customer service to assist customers for product related queries. Customer for product related queries. Customer supports reps should be capable of handling two types of queries one general query and second technical query.

BlueHost is a big Brand in the field of hosting so we check customer support reps by asking some queries and here are results-

1-In case of General queries they are given perfect solution and good care of the concern.

2-But in case of Technical queries they have taken a little bit more time in troubleshooting.

BlueHost review for customer support is not very good feedback from customers. we check much feedback and talk to existing customers we get mixed type of reaction.

Some customers are happy with customer support reps, they told us that reps are very friendly and properly respond to the queries. 

While the other hand some are not happy, they told us that they are unable to connect with customer support after many calls.

Bluehost provides 24/7 phone calls, live chat, and emails. customer support reps are friendly, they verified your authority of domain by generating a coupon or ticket number on your primary email id.

bluehost live chat window

bluehost review for customer suppoert

BlueHost Review for Beginners

If you are just going to start your websites for your business or blog for blogging then you can start with BlueHost.

BlueHost is favorable for beginner because BlueHost provides very affordable hosting and a one-year free domain, free SSL certificates, and up to 25 subdomains.

You have a small business then you can start with the Basic plan of BlueHost shared hosting when your business grown-up you can switch for a higher plan.

But you are Blogger and want to start new blogging website then I will recommend that go with plus shared hosting plan, the reason is that in plus you can assign unlimited websites to your hosting platform and I know that many times blogger get it to dream niche after 2-3 niche selection, so if any time you want to create a new website on the new niche you do not worry about hosting platform, if you have a plus plan.

BlueHost is recommended by WordPress so beginner hs one advantage that they can install WordPress by a single click and no need to any professional in creating a website.

WordPress is the best content management system with BlueHost. More than 30% of world websites using WordPress.

BlueHost Review for Beginners

  • Affordable Plan
  • One year free domain
  • Free SSL certification
  • One-Click WordPress installation
  • Many good plugin and themes are available free.
  • Due to good reliability
  • Less page Load time

Apart from BlueHost, Wix is also popular but Wix has limited flexibility. In BlueHost Vs Wix will recommend BlueHost But you can also start with popular website builder Wix.

Review for Expert

The expert may look BlueHost for two reasons first they are not happy with the existing hosting platform and looking for a switch and the second reason that a blogger or Website has high traffic and looking for VPS or dedicated hosting platform.

If you are an expert and already have a website and looking for a switch from your hosting platform then I want to say that the migration fee of BlueHost is very high while you can switch for other hosting Brand which cost might be lower than BlueHost even you get free migration. So if you are comfortable with the migration fee ($149) then you can go for BlueHost.

If your website has high traffic and you are looking for more performance and controlled hosting services then BlueHost VPS plan and a dedicated plan are good for you because both hosting are available at a reasonable price on BlueHost.

In dedicated hosting you will get up to 1TB storage, up to 16 GB RAM with 5 IP addresses. So, for expert BlueHost is a perfect platform but the Migration fee is one con of BlueHost.

BlueHost Review:FAQ

BlueHost is one of the affordable and good hosting Brands. It provides all types of hosting like shared, VPS, and dedicated according to your needs. Apart from that BlueHost provide domain name free for the first year.BlueHost review as a hosting brand is fantastic. 

BlueHost is one of the affordable and good hosting Brands. It provides all types of hosting like shared, VPS, and dedicated according to your needs. Apart from that BlueHost provide domain name free for the first year.BlueHost review as a hosting brand is fantastic. 

BlueHost is worldwide Brand and provide services for all location but kindly recheck server location before purchasing hosting, because due to server location major changes in response time as we found in  BlueHost review for performance.

BlueHost Provides very cheap and good hosting services. So if you want to start your business and looking for a hosting brand for your website then Bluehost would be a good choice but you also go for Wix. Wix is also good website builder but after doing BlueHost review my team got that Wix has some limitations regarding its flexibility.

No, actually BlueHost not accept monthly payments for new signup. But if you want to renew your hosting then you can go for this option.

You can raise your refund within 30-days of purchase and if you have a free domain of BlueHost then some amount will be deducted for your domain and rest would be refunded

After doing BlueHost review we can say that BlueHost provides affordable hosting for beginners.BlueHost also provides a free domain name for first-year which makes BlueHost favorable for beginners.

WordPress is integrated with BlueHost. BlueHost in recommendation list of WordPress and WordPress is Installed very easily on the BlueHost Platform. It is a totally free content management system.

Yes, you can own your domain name and use the power of BlueHost hosting.

Yes, In any type of blogging you need a website so first, select your niche and then go with BlueHost domain name and start building your website on the BlueHost platform.

Yes, you can host multiple websites with BlueHost.It totally depends on which plan you have chosen because you can not host more than one website with BlueHost Basic plan.


After BlueHost review this is time to summarizing facts that does Bluehost is a good Hosting Brand?

My answer is simple that if you are looking for an affordable hosting provider then you can start with BlueHost.

BlueHost provides a variety of hosting services like Shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting, which shows great flexibility of hosting and fulfills every requires requirement.

BlueHost is highly reliable, which is good for hosting services and also has good speed. Because both play a major role in google ranking.

BlueHost is good for beginners and professionals both. One year free domain services are favorable for beginners and the Basic plan is cheaper to other hosting brands s which means comfortable for the newbie.

BlueHost review for features is also good with some limitations.BlueHost provides spam tools and backup tool CodeGaurd but it comes with plus or higher plan.

BlueHost comes with free CloudFlare which is a content delivery network that assists in the fast loading of content.

It is also true that in the BlueHost review of customer support we get mix rection.

The renewal fee is quite high. The migration fee is also very high compare to other hosting brands.

In summarization, I would say that BlueHost is a top hosting Brand and I would recommend to everyone.

If you are looking for a cheap and top hosting brand then  BlueHost is the only solution. So, if you are looking for hosting then you can sign up for BlueHost and start your business with great flexibility of BlueHost.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate and I get a commission when you click a link and purchase product. That’s how I maintain this website. It doesn’t cost you anything. In fact, I guarantee you get the best price when you use my link.