BlueHost Vs GoDaddy: Which one is better in 2021?

BlueHost and GoDaddy both are leading Brands and close competitors to each other. Both provide domain names and web hosting. So BlueHost Vs GoDaddy is a very interesting competition.


If you are looking for a new web hosting brand and want to detailed analysis information about BlueHost and GoDaddy, which you can utilize for your decision then you are in the right article. We are going to discuss which one is better in 2021.


Every people have criteria for choosing a domain name and hosting services but it is not the same for all. So we are going to compare Bluehost and GoDaddy on every parameter which must be considered before purchasing any web hosting brand.


In BlueHost Vs GoDaddy we will use a set of metrics to test which brand meets your requirements.


We will use performance metrics, for comparison that which Hosting Brand is more reliable.


A variety of features are offered by both Hosting Brand. Features are different according to plan and it is also important metrics because after comparison you will be able to find which plan will work for you. Features also show the flexibility of the Hosting plan which plays an important role in choosing which type of hosting will work for your website.


Pricing of the plan is an important metric because everyone looking for affordable hosting. BlueHost and GoDaddy both are serving web hosting and domain names to millions of websites so no doubt both are reaching to customers’ requirements.


Before and After purchasing web hosting you always need help, especially you purchased the first time, so that time you must require a good customer support team that should capable to resolve any type of queries like account or Technical.

Major Differences

  • BlueHost Uptime is 99.99% while GoDaddy Uptime is 99.98%.

  • BlueHost shared Plan starts with $3.95 whereas GoDaddy plan starts with $2.99.

  • BlueHost offers free SSL certificates while GoDaddy does not.

  • BlueHost site transfer fee is $149.99 while GoDaddy site transfer fee is $7.99.

  • GoDaddy has its in-house website builder while BlueHost has Weebly and WordPress Integration.

  • By BlueHost Shared hosting you can access the unlimited database while in GoDaddy access is limited.

BlueHost Vs GoDaddy: Overview





Uptime (Avg)




50GB to Unlimited

100 GB to Unlimited


Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Bandwidth

24/7 Customer 





Shared, VPS, Dedicated Hosting, Free SSL certificate, First-year free 

domain registration

Shared, VPS, Dedicated Hosting, First-year free 

domain registration with Annual plan

Site Transfer Fee




$2.95 for Basic Shared Hosting 

$2.99 for Basic Shared Hosting 

Which one is more (Uptime)reliable?

Now start with Uptime…


So, what is Uptime?

 Why we consider it an important parameter in BlueHost Vs GoDaddy.

Uptime shows the availability of hosting server for your website during a period.

 And I know that you are looking for 100% available hosting server.

 That’s Good…

 But practically it is not possible.

 The industry benchmark for Uptime is a


minimum of 99.94%, which means minimum hosting server availability required for business is 99.94%


 So, we got a benchmark.

 We can say the minimum value of good Uptime.

 In the case of BlueHost and GoDaddy, we considering 24 months Data.

After observing 24-month data we found that BlueHost has 99.99% Uptime and GoDaddy has 99.98% Uptime.


Uptime or reliability of both hosting brands is very close and ahead of Industry benchmark that is 99.94%.


 High Uptime also shows minimum downtime.

 The advantage of right Uptime is that your website is always available for your visitors. The maximum availability of websites means maximum business.

In the current year, both web hosting Brands have 100% Uptime, which is remarkable.

bluehost and godaddy uptime

Verdict: Uptime (Reliability) of BlueHost is 99.99% and Uptime of GoDaddy is 99.98%, But since Jan-2021 both have 100% Uptime. So In BlueHost Vs GoDaddy Uptime Bluehost is the winner.


Which one is feature-rich?

Features are crucial for selecting hosting, while Bluehost and GoDaddy provide similar types of features but still, many competitive differences are available.


Let’s discuss one by one 


Domain Name


I started with domain names because the domain name is the first requirement for starting your Website.


As we know that GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar and BlueHost serves services to more than two million websites.


BlueHost and GoDaddy both provide free domain with web hosting plans.BlueHost provides free domain registration for the first-year while in GoDaddy if you get at least an annual plan you would qualify for free domain name registration.


In BlueHost Vs GoDaddy we can say that both are trustworthy brands for providing domain name but it is also true that GoDaddy is still the first choice in the world for the domain name.


Web Hosting Services


A variety of web hosting shows great flexibility of Brand. A good hosting Brand should offer every type of web hosting service that meets everyone’s requirements.


Web hosting plan should offer good services for beginner to expert


BlueHost and GoDaddy both are a big brand of web Hosting and provide a variety of web hosting like Shared, VPS and dedicated web Hosting 


BlueHost and GoDaddy both provide managed web hosting like WordPress Hosting.


So if you are going to start your business then you can go with Shared hosting and if you have already a web hosting platform and want to switch then you can go for VPS or Dedicated web hosting.


GoDaddy and BlueHost both provide the best web hosting according to the customer’s needs.


In BlueHost Vs GoDaddy it is very tough to say which one has more flexibility because both offer a variety of quality web hosting services.




Security is also very important, actually, we can divide security into two parts 


First security is related to communication or website security and the second one is related to content like Backup.


BlueHost comes with free SSL certificate while GoDaddy does not come with free SSL 


SSL Stands for “Secure Sockets Layer.”  SSL is used for sending information securely over the Internet.


BlueHost provides malware scanning and protection tools like SiteLock, Spam protection. GoDaddy also provides a spam protection tool like WAF ( A Web Application Firewall ).


CDN-Performance booster 

CDN is a content delivery network tool that reduces content loading time and using a web cache mechanism. So by using CDN your website performance is increased.


BlueHost and GoDaddy both come with CDN.


WordPress Integration:

BlueHost and GoDaddy both support WordPress Installation with one click, but BlueHost serves more compatibility and flexibility with WordPress while GoDaddy needs to work on WordPress compatibility.


BlueHost is also in the recommendation list of WordPress.


Money-Back Guarantee:

For any web hosting brand customer satisfaction is always a priority, but if any reason customer wants refund then BlueHost and GoDaddy both have refund policies.


BlueHost provides a refund within 30 days of purchasing. BlueHost refund amount after deduction of domain charge if you have availed free domain services of BlueHost.So BlueHost provides your domain, later you can transfer your domain to other hosting services. After 30 days BlueHost will not entertain any refund request.

In the case of GoDaddy, you can initiate the refund within 30 days of the date of the transaction for Annual plans while for Monthly plans within 48 hours of the date of the transaction.

Verdict: BlueHost and GoDaddy provider nearly similar types of services but if you want the WordPress website then BlueHost web hosting would be a great choice. So in BlueHost Vs GoDaddy both are providing great services for their customers.

BlueHost Vs GoDaddy: Which has an economical web hosting Plan?

Everyone looking for the cheap and best web hosting plan and if you have a small business or you are a newbie then the price of web hosting is most important for you. 


BlueHost and GoDaddy both provide Shared, VPS, and dedicated web hosting along with  WordPress managed web hosting.


Shared web hosting is best for small businesses and new bloggers. Shared hosting is the most popular and economical web hosting.BlueHost offers shared hosting in the range of $3.95 – $13.95 while  GoDaddy Shared hosting price range is  $2.99 – $12.99.


VPS hosting is the best suited for high traffic website and you will get more control on your website. For VPS hosting BlueHost price range is $19.99 – $59.99  and GoDaddy price range is $29.99 – $74.99.


Dedicated Hosting is the best for the website has huge traffic or have a large business. Dedicated hosting provided dedicated resources to your website like RAM, CPU. Dedicated hosting provides great control of the website to enhance security. The BlueHost price range for Dedicated hosting is $79.99 – $119.99 and GoDaddy price range for Dedicated hosting is $89.99 – $179.99


For WordPress managed web hosting BlueHost price range is $3.95 – $6.95 and GoDaddy price range is $4.99 – $24.99.

BlueHost and GoDaddy: Web Hosting Plan

bluehost and godaddy comparison

BlueHost and GoDaddy: Renewal Plan

blehost vs godaddy renewal plan

BlueHost and GoDaddy: Site Transfer Fee

If you have a website and want to switch to other hosting brands then you have to aware of website migration fees.

BlueHost website migration cost is very high compare to other web hosting brands.BlueHost website transfer fee is $149.99 which is costly.

While in the case of the GoDaddy website migration fee is $7.99.So if you want to transfer your web hosting to GoDaddy then you have to pay a very economical transfer fee to compare to BlueHost.


Verdict: In BlueHost vs GoDaddy web hosting plan, we got the conclusion that BlueHost offers a more economical plan than GoDaddy. But if you want to switch your web hosting to BlueHost then it is very costly in comparison to GoDaddy.

Which has good Customer Support?

Customer support services are the gateway to interact with hosting brand and as customers, we always want great support and guidance apart from aggressive upsell. 


In the case of GoDaddy, we found that customer service feedback is not up to mark. GoDaddy Customer reps are more interested in Upsell than providing a solution. Customer support reps of GoDaddy are friendly but not capable to handle technical queries as expected. Also very confuse regarding refund policy. GoDaddy needs to work on its customer support.


While BlueHost also has mixed feedback for its customer support. But from the last one-year BlueHost have done a very good job and providing better services.


BlueHost and GoDaddy both providing 24/7 customer support. Both brands provide a 24/7 Live Chat and Phone call facility.


Verdict: Customer support of BlueHost wins in BlueHost Vs GoDaddy because customer support reps of BlueHost is more capable to handle any queries than GoDaddy. While BlueHost and GoDaddy both customer support is available 24/7.

BlueHost Vs GoDaddy: Which one is Easy to Use?

If you have not much technical knowledge then you always prefer web hosting which is easy to use and most beginners do not have technical knowledge so they looking for a more feasible solution.


After Signup GoDaddy fully support in website building.GoDaddy has its own in-house drag and drops website builder while BlueHost comes with Webbly and WordPress.


So if you are going to build your website with WordPress then BlueHost is the ideal web hosting for your website. GoDaddy also has a good user interface website builder for your website.


Both have the most popular cPanel as the control panel for the hosting platform.cPanel is Linux based graphical interface control panel to manage website and server.cPanel enables you to publish websites manage domains create email accounts and many more.cPanel provides great control over the website and makes it easy to manage the server.


Verdict:  BlueHost and GoDaddy both are nearly similar user interface and easy to use.

Which has the potential to be a favorite of beginner?

For a beginner, it is very challenging to choose the right web hosting and domain name. A Beginner always looks for best and economical web hosting.

BlueHost and GoDaddy both have the potential to be favorite of beginner, But due to great user-friendly and more economical plan BlueHost is my favorite for Beginner.


BlueHost provided hundreds of free themes and easy integration with WordPress which provides an edge over GoDaddy.


BlueHost provides free SSL certificates and many free plugins for your website which enhance your control over your website.


One con with BlueHost that site transfer fee is high, while GoDaddy migration fee is less.

BlueHost and GoDaddy: FAQ

Is BlueHost is good for beginners?

BlueHost offers great features for beginners like free domain registration for first-year and Free SSL certification. BlueHost offers an economical shared hosting plan which very good for beginners.

Does GoDaddy provide a free domain name?

GoDaddy provides a free domain with an annual plan. If you get GoDaddy annual plan then you would qualify for a free domain.

How I can get a free domain and web hosting?

You can get a free domain and web hosting from many hosting Brands like GoDaddy and Wix. But free hosting has limitation and if you want to grow your business then it is better to start with economical web hosting like BlueHost.

How can you transfer the website from GoDaddy?

Customer support reps will help and give you entire details.GoDaddy has a transfer tool which helps to transfer hosting.

Is GoDaddy good for WordPress?

GoDaddy is a renowned web hosting brand and it is very good with WordPress website builder.WordPress is the best content management system and install in one click. But if we compare BlueHost and GoDaddy then BlueHost would be the best recommendation for WordPress.



In BlueHost Vs GoDaddy it is very tough to say which is a clear winner because both have a similar type of features and both are the great name of web hosting.

But BlueHost has some edge over GoDaddy because BlueHost is a little bit ahead of GoDaddy in reliability.


Also, BlueHost has an economical shared web hosting plan compared to GoDaddy shared web hosting plan and we know that pricing matters lot when you are a beginner or newbie. 


BlueHost offers free SSL certificate and free domain registration for the first year.GoDaddy does not offer free SSL certification.


GoDaddy migration fee is very low in comparison to BlueHost.


If you are new and start free hosting then you can start with GoDaddy because BlueHost not offers free web hosting. But it is also considered that if you want to grow your business and want to the real advantage of web hosting then go with a paid option.


So if you are looking for cheap and best web hosting then BlueHost is a good choice and if you want to start with free web hosting then go with GoDaddy and later switch on BlueHost web hosting.

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