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BlueHost Vs Wix: Which One is The Winner? (2021)

BlueHost Wix
Uptime (Reliability)99.99%99.98%
Load Time (Page Speed)386ms792ms
Free HostingNoYes (with limitations)
Free Domain RegistrationYes (For First Year)No
Starting Plan Cost$2.95 Per Month$13 Per Months
Best ForAll-Beginner to ExpertNewbie
Overall Rating4.5/5.03.9/5.0
Bluehost Vs. Wix (Table)

Before starting BlueHost Vs Wix, we know that both are the two most powerful Brands. Both provide excellent products. BlueHost is a well-known brand for hosting and Wix is the most powerful website builder.

Wix comes with thousand of well-designed templates for a variety of industries and bloggers.

BlueHost offers many good site builders like Weebly. One-click installation of WordPress, Joomla, and other options.

BlueHost you can create any website with full control, unlike Wix.

Wix and BlueHost both are perfect for beginners, but Wix has some limitations, due to this Bluehost has some edge in this comparison

Before comparison, I would say that both provide the domain name, hosting apart from the website builder.

So, it is my responsibility that the comparison should be on data and expert views.

As we know that Uptime and Page Load time are major factors for any website. We concluded 6 sites for the test(3 from BlueHost and 3 from Wix)

(I know you may think that which six sites have been taken?)

(This is not rocket science, from a search engine you can pick any top six websites of different domain ages.)


Major Differences

  • BlueHost offers Uptime of 99.99% whereas Wix Uptime is 99.98%
  • BlueHost offers a page speed of 386ms whereas Wix Speed is 792ms
  • BlueHost offers 50GB to unlimited storage whereas WIX offers a maximum of 20GB storage.
  • Wix provides free domain and web hosting with certain limitations while BlueHost does not.
  • BlueHost plans start with $2.95(per month) whereas WIX plans start with $13(per month).
  • BlueHost offers 30 days money-back guarantee while WIX offers 14 days free trial.
  • BlueHost does not offer any month-to-month plan whereas in the WIX plan you can pay month to month.


BlueHost Vs Wix: Which one is more reliable(Uptime)?

Uptime calculation is based on the number of hours the server is available during a given period of time.

So, you are looking for a 100 % Uptime server then my friend it is not possible.

Let check out which is more reliable:

bluehost vs wix avg uptime

So, the average Uptime for BlueHost(Shared) is 99.99%, which means the availability of the BlueHost server is 99.9% while the availability of the Wix server is 99.98%.

Which also reflects that BlueHost downtime is very low which is good for hosting brand.

Wix has 99.8% availability which is also very good and tremendous because the Industry benchmark is 99.6% and Wix is ahead of this and close to  BlueHost. 

Verdict: So, you can easily see that BlueHost is the winner in the case of reliability.

BlueHost Vs Wix: Which one has great load time(Speed)?

Load time is important because it describes, how long the time the browser is required to fully load a web page after a visitor clicks on a link or makes a request.

Pingdom tool is used for comparing data between BlueHost and Wix.

So, now you can see that the BlueHost page load time is less than Wix.

The average load time for a website should be less than 3 seconds to top rank in google.

More than 45 percent of visitors leave the website takes more than 2 seconds.

You can increase your website traffic and engagement time by less load time. Great Speed is a crucial factor to rank your website.

bluehost vs wix avg load time

BlueHost’s average load time is approximately half of Wix’s average load time.

Verdict: BlueHost is the clear winner while the speed of Wix is also very good and Wix is a close competitor of BlueHost.

BlueHost Vs Wix: Which one is value for money?

Pricing is the most important factor because everyone is looking for affordable and reliable hosting.

BlueHost Plans(Shared Hosting)

bluehost shared plan overview


$2.95 per month, renewal cost:$7.99 per month


$5.95 per month, renewal cost:$10.99 per month

Choice Plus:

$6.95 per month, renewal cost $14.99 per month 


$13.95 per month, renewal cost $23.99 per month 

Wix Plans:

Wix price month wise


Monthly Plan:$17 per month

Annual Plan:  $13 per month


Monthly Plan:$22 per month

Annual Plan:  $17 per month


Monthly Plan:$27 per month

Annual Plan:  $22 per month

Verdict: So It is clear that in BlueHost Vs Wix, BlueHost has more economical plans compare to Wix.

BlueHost Vs Wix: Which one is feature-rich?

Free Domain Name for the first year. You can connect one you already own.Provide free Domain (username.wixsite.com/siteaddress). You can choose a custom domain or connect one you already own.
Shared, VPS and dedicated hosting provided by BlueHost It does not offer this type of hosting. It provides free and secure hosting.
cPanel -Most popular and great control panel Wix does not offer a traditional control panel like cPanel.The control panel it provides is designed for its web services, so it does not offer many tools for website administration.
Offer 365 mailbox for 30 daysProfessional mail Box
Free SSL certificateSSL certified site
No such feature Wix Chat-you can live chat with your visitors.
It provides more than a thousand WordPress themes.Over 500 design-made templates for your business.
Can install many website builders even WordPress in a single play.Freedom of drag and drop design for your site.
No such Apps. Many business-oriented plugins are available. Powerful web Apps for managing your website and grow your business
Provide good control and flexibility, by this you can make more responsive and good-looking pages.AI combined with web design, which makes every website unique.
BlueHost provides cheap shared hosting, which is very good for new bloggers and website creators.Well known as a leading website builder, which loves by a beginner also provide domain  name free for the first year 
Provides dedicated and VPS hosting at a very reasonable price.No such hosting is provided by Wix.
Money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchase.You can cancel your premium plan at any time within 14 days of purchase.
For WordPress, you have the advantage of revision by your account panel.CodeGuard backup comes with a choice plus and above plan.Wix creates a website History feature, which automatically creates website revisions every time you save or publish.
No inbuild SEO, need to install the plugin.In-build SEO.
Minimum 25 subdomains to unlimited subdomain facility according to plan.No such plan
Good for a single page to a complex website.Not good for a complex website.
Provide very affordable and quality hostingPrice is slighter high and does not have a variety of hosting plans.
Compare Table: BlueHost Vs Wix

Verdict: Wix and Bluehost both are feature-rich, but if you are looking for a variety of plans or you can say flexibility then Bluehost is the clear winner.

Bluehost Vs Wix: Customer Support 

Customer Support is generally the process of providing answers, help, and guidance for Customers.

Support reps should capable of handle any type of query like technical as well as account-related.

Both customer support reps should increase engagement time to better understand customer queries and reduce waiting time because quick and exact answers increase the credibility of customer supports.

bluehost and wix customer support

BlueHost and Wix both customer support reps are very friendly.

Both provide 24/7 call and live chat support. Wix provides premium support for their premium plan customer.BlueHost provides all customer support to every plan customer.

Verdict: Both have good and friendly customer reps.both providing 24/7 help via customer support. So no one is the winner, it is a draw.

BlueHost Vs Wix: FAQ

Is BlueHost a good host?

BlueHost is easy and quick to get a website. It is also recommended by WordPress. cPanel interface is ideal for beginners. Due to being fast and reliable Bluehost is the favorite of everyone.

Which provides cheap hosting?

BlueHost is the most affordable hosting service provider. The basic plan starts with $3.95 per month which is quite economical.

Is BlueHost only for WordPress?

No, BlueHost is not only for WordPress. BlueHost comes with all top-listed content management systems (CMS) like WordPress.

Is BlueHost good for beginners?

Yes, BlueHost is one of the best hosting providers. WordPress integration is best with BlueHost and most important that BlueHost is an affordable hosting service provider.

Is WordPress or Wix is better?

Through WordPress, you can create complex sites but you have to spend some time. On the other hand, Wix is much easier to use but you would not get the same level of flexibility that WordPress offers.

Is Wix a good website host?

If your website is small then Wix is a very good website host. It comes with an in-build SEO feature, good SEO is required to rank in Google.

BlueHost Vs Wix: Conclusion 

summary of bluehost vs wix

In the comparison of BlueHost and Wix BlueHost is the winner for more complex websites.

BlueHost has good Uptime and page loading speeds, while Wix also but BlueHost is good ahead. If your website is not for a simple blog or shop then you have to enjoy the great reliability of BlueHost.

No doubt Wix is very powerful and popular for website building with more than 500 business templet. But due to more flexibility and website Builder like Weebly BlueHost is also very popular.

BlueHost serves a variety of hosting like Shared, VPS, and dedicated but these types of hostings are not available for Wix. It is also true that Wix comes with an inbuilt SEO feature while in the case of BlueHost you have to install plugins.

So, Bluehost is the best hosting provider also BlueHost plans are very affordable. We would recommend Wix to anyone who looking to make a website for small businesses or blogs.

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