Difference Between Domain Name and Web Hosting (2021)

Domain Name vs Web Hosting: Overview

  • For building a website domain names and web hosting both are required.
  • Domain Name is the address of the website but without home no meaning of the address. It same as an address without the physical presence of Home.
  • Web Hosting is required to build your website. when you make pages and files of your websites is hosted by a web hosting service

Many people do not know what is domain names and Web hosting. Is it the same or both are different terms. So In this blog, we cover What are Domain Names and Web hosting? What is the difference between Domain name and Web Hosting? So Let discuss one by one in detail-

What is Domain Name?

Do you ever think that how you reach any website? 


I know your answer is that you type the website name into the URL and hit the enter key and reach the website page.


Actually, you did type the address of the website in the URL of the web browser.


So the domain name is the address of the website that people type in the URL bar of the browser and reach the particular website.


Now Let move in more depth to understand domain name-


Assume that you have to post a letter to your friend James, then what is your first requirement that this letter reaches your friend?




Similarly, the Internet is a very big network more than your imagination, in this network many computers are connected to each other or you can say in a network.


So how can you fetch your desire computer or how can anyone connect to your computer?


Thank god there is a solution, every computer is assigned with a combination of numbers (String) called IP addresses.


A IP address is written in human-readable notation with dots like

domain name

As I had mentioned that It is human-readable notation but not easy to remember. So it is very tough for people to communicate via the internet without these IP addresses.


But there is a solution and the solution is the Domain name.


Domain name converts these numbers into words string and this word string is easy to remember for people.


For example – is the IP address and the Domain name of this IP address is JamesShops.com (Note-It is the only Example for better understand).


So JamesShops.com is easier to remember than


Now, you want to visit a website then you do need to type a string of numbers, instead you can type a domain name of the website which is much easier to remember.


So the domain name is a solution for people using the Internet to interact with the world.


I hope you have understood the basic concept of the domain name. Now let discuss web hosting-

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting means a place hosting all your website assets like webpages, files, images, etc.


If someone types your website address in the web browsers like google chrome and Mozilla, this domain name is converted into the IP address of your hosting company server computer.


This server computer contains your website assets. This server computer returns website assets as requested by you through a web browser like if you requested a particular web page you get a web page of a particular website.

web hosting

Similar you requested for video in the URL of the web browser you will get video.


Web hosting is like home and domain address is like the address of the home .your website files, database, and web pages are reside in this home.


So for the entire communication following steps are included


Step1-You, type the domain name of the website into the URL bar this domain name is converted into the IP address of the hosting server.


Step2-Hosting server return desired file or web pages to a web browser and the page would appear on your web browser for you.


Web Hosting companies offer a variety of hosting according to every need.


Generally offers three types of popular hostings-

Shared Web Hosting

It is the most popular and economical web hosting. In this web hosting resources of the server are shared with other users like CPU, RAM, and other resources of the server. If you are a newbie or want to start a new blog website then shared hosting is the best.

VPS Web Hosting

It stands for Virtual Private Network, VPS a set of resources of the server is virtually assigned to your website means the server is shared but a set of resources of a particular server is dedicated for your website while in case of Share web hosting no guarantee of same resources, it will provide according to availability.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In Dedicated web hosting a server with resources is fully dedicated to a website. Dedicated web hosting provides great control and security over your website. This is the best suit for the website has huge traffic or a huge number of visitors.

How to choose a Domain name and Web hosting?

A domain name is your address and you want to start your business or blog then you must require a domain name.


But good domain name selection is a crucial task and must need a requirement.


Before the selection of domain names, you must know your niche.

Niche selection means you must decide on which keyword you want to work like technology, Beauty, Travel, etc.

When you decided your niche according to your niche select your domain. For example, you want to make a website then your domain name should be related to your niche like beautyproducts.com, etc.

After selecting a domain, you have to select a web hosting brand. The selection of web hosting fully depends on your requirement.

If your business is small or you are a beginner and want to start your business then Shared hosting will best the best option for you.

But you have huge traffic or the big business then Shared hosting would not be the best choice for huge traffic or big business you have to go for VPS or dedicated hosting because dedicated and VPS hosting provides great control security and flexibility for your website.

Which Domain Name and Web hosting brand is best for a beginner?

Many hosting brands are available in markets like A2Z hosting, Godaddy Bluehost, Siteground, and many more, for a beginner, it is most important that web hosting should be within the budget of a beginner.

The beginner has to purchase not only the web hosting also go for a domain name but I recommend Bluehost for beginners and reason is simple Bluehost provides 1-year free registration for the domain with economical web hosting apart from that BlueHost also provide a free SSL certificate. 

Bluehost provides the best web hosting with great Uptime and speed, so I recommend that if you are you are looking for web hosting then Bluehost would be a good choice. For detailed analysis and information, you can visit on BlueHost review post.

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