Best DTG Printer Under $1000 (2023)

Last updated on April 9th, 2023 at 12:37 pm

You are a small business owner or beginner and don’t want to pay too much for your DTG printer, this post is for you and will definitely help in making the right decision.

Finding the best DTG printer under $1000 is tricky because many cheap DTG printers are available in the market for countries that are known for cheap products but the problem with these products is services and ink, so better to choose the product that offers good post-sales services.

Only choosing a DTG printer would not be a great solution, quality printing is also a key parameter for your business, so we have provided details of some DTG printers along with cheap solutions that will help in reducing the cost of printing and help in new business. 

We have selected DTG printers in the range of 1000-3000, after researching more than 100 hours and feedback. As you know that on a limited budget, you will get a good product with limited features while if you have a little extra budget then you can also choose the best DTG printer under 5000 for more advanced features.

Now you can select a listed DTG printer or can choose the best cheap sublimation printer to narrow down your cost and later can go with an expensive DTG printer.

Let start with budget DTG printers-

1. HRM Inject Automatic Digital T-shirt DTG Printer

best dtg printer under $1000

This A3 DTG printer is capable of printing on t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. This is a flatbed inkjet printer that requires 110-240 volts and can automatically adjust the height. It supports multicolor and is a CE/FCC certified DTG printer.

This DTG printer not only comes with a one-year warranty but also provides good after-sale service. You can get online support, free spare parts, and video technical support which is always good for your DTG printer and increase trust in sellers.

The print dimension is 329x500mm that is fair for this segment while the printing resolution is 5760x2880dpi which is also good. It supports almost all media types like T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, jeans, bags, hats, and socks that are good for your small business.

This DTG printer uses RIP software 9.0.3 and is compatible with Windows 7-10, so its easy user interface provides you with an easy-to-operate facility. The weight of this DTG printer is about 85 kg. That is also fair for DTG printers, the printer head is L1800. This printer is delivered after packaging, generally, the package type is foam inside and plywood case outside for safe delivery.


  • Good Performance in limited budget
  • Power-efficient
  • Highly Durable
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Not come with Ink

2. HRM A4 t-shirt Printing Machine

best dtg printer under $1000

This DTG Printer is another budget DTG printer for small businesses and beginners. This printer comes with free updated printing software that is fully compatible with your PC operating system. RIP 9.0 is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7-10. 

The print size is 210x300mm which is decent for this segment, you would print on thin clothes like t-shirts and onesies but it does not offer good output on hoodies and sweatshirts.

This DTG printer supports network printing and a USB Interface. Print speed is 12ppm that is good for commercial purposes and the maximum paper size is A4. The Maximum resolution is 5760x1440dpi and the print height is 30mm.  


  • Cost-efficient
  • User friendly
  • High Resolution
  • Ideal For Small business


  • No automatic height adjust
  • No Double-sided printing

DTG printers are generally expensive and finding under 1000 is tough but still, there are some good options that will save your money.

Sublimation printing method-

This is one of the most popular methods and best alternative to DTG printing. The sublimation printing also offers great printing quality in which the ink mixes with fabric and offers the best result. Sublimation printing is a multicolor printing method so you would be able to print multiple patterns. The Sublimation printer contains CMYK or 4-color ink for printing and crafting beautiful patterns on fabric.

In sublimation printing, we put a blank t-shirt (sublimation blank) with the printed pattern or design under a heat press machine.  As we know that design is printed on t-shirts at an extensive temperature. You can use this design on various products like clothing mugs and many more.

For sublimation printer, you need the following machines that will come in around $1000-

 So sublimation printing is another way to print designs on fabrics. So if you do not spend much you can also go for sublimation setup and start your business.

Buy refurbished DTG Printer

If you are still not able to find a DTG printer then you can buy a refurbished DTG Printer. For this, you regularly visit websites where people sell their DTG Printer but before paying you must check the specification and working condition of the DTG printer.

Bottom Line

It is true that finding a good DTG printer under 1000 is tricky but we have provided some best options for you that will definitely help you in growing your business, but purchasing any product totally depends upon your preference and priority so before taking the final decision you have to also research from your own side.

If you pick any product from our list you would not be disappointed because we recommend, only quality and well-researched products.