DTG Printers Under $5000

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Are you looking for a DTG printer under $5000, then you are on the right post, We are going to discuss the same.

As we know, DTG printing is the popular and most used printing method for commercial purposes. 

Generally, DTG printers are costly, but if you have a limited budget and are looking for a good DTG printer under 5000, we have made a list for you after good research.

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing method, is used by small businesses for high profit and quality t-shirt printing.

Why DTG Printing?

  • Low cost and favorable for small business
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Technology Used
  • Cost-effective & User-friendly
  • Fast delivery and printing of high-quality artworks

In this post, our product review team has mentioned the best DTG printers under $5000 for you. Let’s begin.

1. Automatic T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG Printer

Automatic A3 T-shirt DTG printer under 5000

This DTG Printer is one of the best automatic T-Shirt printing machines in the range of 5000. It can print T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Pants, and Jeans. 

The DTG printer uses a non-contact inkjet and a micro piezo print head printing method.

It is a very efficient and cost-effective DTG printer. You can print an A4 size picture on the t-shirt within 3-5 minutes. Due to fast printing, it is best for large orders. 

100ml ink can print up to 90pcs of A4 size images, so it reduces your printing cost too. Roughly, a white t-shirt cost for A4 size picture is $0.35/pc while for black t-shirt cost is $0.55/pc.

Nozzle540 pieces Nozzle
SpeedPhoto mode 111 seconds
Printing distance1mm~3mm
Printing size329*500mm
Printing interfaceUSB2.0
Printing height220mm
OSWindows XP / Windows 7/8/10
Printing TechnologyInkjet
Print mediaFabric, Glossy photo paper

2. DTG Printer T-Shirt Printing Machine A4 Size DTG Printer Machine for T- Shirts/Onesies/Socks/Bags

second dtg printer under 5000

This DTG printer is our second choice in the list of DTG printers under 5000. This printer is ideal for thin clothes like t-shirts and onesies.

The maximum printing size is 210x300mm. It is not good for printing like hoodies and sweatshirts.

Before buying make sure that you have a laptop and a heat press machine. This printer supports wired network printing.

Print height30mm
Max paper sizeA4
Interface typeUSB
Print speed12ppm
Double-sided printingNo
Max resolution5760*1440dpi
Printing size210*300mm
Computer systemsWindows XP/2000/3/7/10

3. Automatic A3 DTG Printer Machine Flatbed Printer

third dtg printer under 5000

This DTG printer can print big-size t-shirts, Hoodies, bags, and textile cloths because it has a large printing space. The large space provides comfort for both thin and big size clothes printing.

This DTG printer has a high resolution of 5760x1440dpi while print speed is 20ppm. Color print speed is 173s/A3.

This printer can print both light and dark clothes. The maximum printing size for the t-shirt is 500x329mm.

TypeInkjet Printer
Interface TypeUSB
Print Speed20ppm
Max. Resolution5760*1440dpi
Color Print Speed173s/A3
Ink type requiredtextile ink
SoftwareacroRIP 9.0 version
Print Area290*410mm
OSWindows 7/10

4. A4 DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine Dark/Light T-shirt Printer 110v or 220v

fourth-best DTG printer below 5000

This DTG printer uses Inkjet printing technology and USB connectivity technology. This printer is perfect for both dark and light color T-shirt printing.

The picture or image printed by the printer will be waterproof and scratch resistance. No need for plates, you can directly print your image file.

This is an easy-to-operate DTG printer, you can easily adjust the print height by using the knob.

TypeInkjet Printer
Interface TypeUSB
Max Paper SizeA4 Paper
Print Speed8ppm
Feed ModeAutomatic and manual
Double-sided PrintingNo
Max. Resolution5760*1440dp
Toner Size290*349*180mm
ColorC M Y K LC LM (6 colors)
Printing height60mm Printing
Net Weight48 kg
Print softwarePartner RIP 9.0(free)
OSWindows XP / Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10


Can a DTG printer print on hoodies?

Yes, the DTG printer can print on thick materials like hoodies and pants, but it is always better to review the product before purchasing.

How many shirts can a DTG printer print?

It depends on your DTG printer type and technology but roughly, a good DTG will take up to 5-minutes to print an A4 size image.

What type of ink does a DTG printer use?

Generally, Direct-to-Garment(DTG) printers use water-based pigment inks.

What is the best budget DTG printer?

DTG Printer T-Shirt Printing Machine A4 Size DTG Printer Machine is the best economical DTG printer.

What is DTG printing?

DTG printing is also known as Direct-to-garment printing in which prints the design on the garment. It is an economical way of t-shirt or garment printing, but it is beneficial when you have sufficient orders. DTG printing is also good for new businesses due to its economic cost. Generally, modified inkjet technology is used for printing onto the garment or textiles. 

What fabric can be used in DTG printing?

DTG printing is suitable for most textiles like Cotton, Combed Cotton, Linen, and light-colored polyester.

Compare Table Best DTG Printer Under $5000

Best DTG Printers Under 5000 (2022)

DTG BrandsFeaturesPrice
1. Automatic T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG PrinterFast printing, very efficient and cost-effective, 540 pieces NozzleCheck Price
2. DTG Printer T-Shirt Printing Machine A4Maximum printing size is 210×300 mm,Max resolution-5760*1440 dpi Check Price
3. Automatic A3 DTG Printer Machine Flatbed PrinterPrint speed is 173s/A3, Print Speed is 20ppmCheck Price
4. A4 DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine Dark/LightSuit for both dark and light color fabric, Color- C M Y K LC LMCheck Price

Bottom Line

DTG printers, also known as direct-to-garment printers, are an excellent investment for small textile and apparel businesses. These printers enable small businesses to print personalized designs directly onto T-shirts, hoodies, handbags and other apparel without the need for extensive inventory or pre-production.

A DTG printer has many advantages for small businesses as it makes the production of custom garments more efficient and less costly. For example, a small clothing company can quickly respond to customer needs and produce personalized products on demand. Additionally, DTG printers reduce the need for warehousing and prefabricating garments, resulting in cost savings.

In addition, DTG printers can print higher quality garments. Compared to other printing processes like screen printing or transfer printing, DTG printing machines can achieve better printing quality and detail. This leads to happier customers and positive feedback.

We have included products after research, but we also recommend that kindly decide according to your preference and budget. We do not want you to waste your hard-earned money, so we included only genuine products that will save your money and time.

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