Easy Access Hot Tubs: 4 Ways to easily get in and out of the hot tub

The hydrotherapy of the hot tub provides various benefits such as stress relief, improve sleep habits. Hot tub warm water is naturally good for the disabled, handicapped, elderly, and seniors too. The soothing hydrotherapy through strategically placed jets helps alleviate sore, stiff muscles and relieve the symptoms of Arthritis.

Although the health benefits of hot tubs are well known, many people can’t easily get in and out of the hot tub, so we are going to recommend some devices to help you access and exit your spa in complete safety.

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by customizing the hot tub you would be able to solve your easy access problem, but we generally do not suggest this step, you just buy the best hot tub from your favorite brand, and by our recommended devices you can easily make your hot tub accessible.

Let’s start steps for making your spa experience safe and comfortable.

1. Hot Tub Hoist

The hoist is our first choice for people not able to easily access the hot tub. This is the most popular way to lift people into and out of the hot tub. Hoist helps to gain access to much-needed hydrotherapy at home.

Type of Hot Tub Hoist-

  • Wall Mounted Hoist
  • Floor Mounted Hot Tub Hoist
  • Customized Hot Tub Hoists

The wall lift is generally mains powered, with a transformer included for safety. The wall-mounted hoist can be used to access a bath, bed, or even a stairlift.

Hot Tub Hoist for easy access

Floor mounted hoist is best for in-ground hot tubs and it is expensive compared to wall mounted hoist.

Occasionally you need to customize or look for a bespoke lifting solution to help people enter their hot tub. This could be a gantry hoist, floor-mounted hoist.

2. Hot Tub Handrails 

Good durable hot tub handrails make it easier for people to get in and out of the spa. But the handrail should be well constructed, the design should be anti-slippery for easy grip. The used material should be of good quality that can hold the weight and power of the person pulling on it.

Generally, stainless steel handrail is best in terms of durability.

There are a few different types of handrail you can opt for your hot tub for easy in and out:

Spa Side Handrail

spa side handrail for easy access of hot tub


  • 600 lbs Load and  Triangle Bracket
  • 360°Swivel & Variable Height
  • Premium Tough Quality
  • Skid-proof & Forested Design

The design of this handrail is best for sustaining good weight, the unique triangle bracket and large base offer great comfort during entering or exiting your hot tub. This hot tub Handrail can sustain up to 600lbs weight. 

This spa side handrail can rotate 360 degrees for easy adjustment and also comes with various heights, which you can pick according to your hot tub length.

This is our top recommended handrail due to its high durability. The handrail is made of heavy-duty iron and backed with a powder finish, so it is a totally rust-free handrail. 

This handrail comes with a rubber grip that makes its design skidproof even if your hands are wet.

The installation or setup of this handrail is easy. This handrail comes with hexagon socket screws and a wrench for an easy setup that you can do by yourself.

SmartRail Spa Safety Rail

easy access hot tubs


  • Provides safe and easy access
  • Durable and rust-free
  • Good design

This railing is made with stainless steel that offers high durability. Stainless steel prevents rust and it is required for used material because it will be always close to the water all the time.

You can easily mount a rotating bracket on the hot tub.

3. Hot Tub Steps

Hot tub steps help in easy get in and get out of the water. Steps are an essential investment for a safe and enjoyable experience. 

But before beginning your search, you have to measure the space you have for steps. Generally wider steps are good in terms of safety.

Most hot tub steps are made of all-weather plastic which is durable and easy to maintain while some are metal. These plastic steps are capable of sustaining a good amount of weight, but if you want an uncompromised option then you can choose metal steps which are often powder-coated to prevent rust.

Some steps come with storage space underneath, which is used to store chemicals and other necessities to maintain the hot tub, but generally, you can not lock this storage so you have to take care if there are pets or kids around.

Puri Tech Hot Tub Steps

Puri Tech Universal Spa and Hot Tub Outdoor Steps

This is an affordable hot tub step, which is decently wide and safe for people. The weight is 16 pounds, so it is quite portable too. The step is perfectly designed to fit hot tubs of any size and non-slip treads.

Confer Plastics Hot Tub Step

Confer Plastics Spa Step with Storage

The confer hot tub step comes with built-in storage, so you can store necessary chemicals, the storage is wide and sturdy, according to our team this is the best step for a hot tub. The built-in quality is good and its high durability makes it a long-run product. This step provides easy access to hot tub water and is also safe for kids and the elderly. The hot tub steps are U.S-made and portable, the design of steps prevents slipping.

4. Hot Tub Location

The location should be easier to access, disabled or elderly people can’t walk too much and the even surface would be ideal for them, so before setting up a hot tub keep ready your plan. So, location is vital, think about convenience- a spa located far back in your yard might not be as motivating as one placed on your patio.

Weather is also a crucial factor for deciding the perfect location for a hot tub, if the weather around you is always not good then placing your hot tub indoors might be the perfect solution.

You should consider comfort and privacy as key factors in choosing a location. The location should be comfortable for your friends and family members because you are going to use the hot tub for a decade or longer.

Selecting the perfect spot for your new hot tub is part of your intent and little common sense, so before setting up a hot tub, finalize your hot tub spot where you can enjoy your hydrotherapy for long years.

Is a hot tub good for the elderly?

Warm water gradually widens the blood vessels, which circulate blood through the body. Warm water provides stress relief, improves sleep quality, also brings down swelling, and loosens tight muscles.

Why do some seniors get dizzy in a hot tub?

Actually, the temperature of a hot tub is higher compared to normal internal temperature, so staying in a hot tub too long can produce some uneasy experiences such as light-headedness and dizziness.