Best Feeke Laser hair removal machine 2021 (Fezax, UUPAS, Painless Hair Removal Machine)

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Best Laser Hair Removal Machine 2022: Feeke IPL Hair Removal

The best home laser hair removal machine is important because the removal of body hair is essential to maintain healthy hygiene habits. Women tend to go for this more than men, for hygiene reasons. It is essential for both men and women to understand the importance of cleaning off the extra hair from the body. Hair removal for the woman is not new but they always looking for safe, easy-to-use, and home laser hair removal devices. Feeke hair removal device gives these required comfort to its customers and due to this quality, Feek is the best home laser hair removal device.

Top Laser Hair Removal: Technology | Is Safe? | Working Principles | Hair Management Procedure | FAQs

How home laser hair removal device work?

The best home laser (IPL) hair removal device works with the help of high-heat lasers or intense pulsed lights (IPLs), which are used in professional beauty salons for hair removal.

The best Laser hair removal machine is safe, painless, and provides an effective permanent solution to remove unwanted hair in comparison with continual waxing, shaving, or plucking.

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Like many Laser hair, removal machines are available in the online and offline market but as I always recommend the best products after researching and use. I selected the best laser Feeke  hair removal machines on the basis of the following feature:

  • Best available technology
  • Easy to use/safe in use
  • Effective result
  • Customer feedback
  • Selling rank
  • Value for Money

List of Best Feeke Laser Hair Remover Machines (Device)

Feeke Hair Remover Device, A1 pro

feeke B1 Pro laser hair removal

 Feeke Facial body Profesional Hair Remover Device

Feeke Home laser hair removal

Feeke Facial Body Professional Hair Treatment Wholebody Home Use 

feeke hair removal machine  for home

Feeke Hair Remover Device for Facial Whole Body, A2

feeke hair removal machine A2

Feeke Hair Removal Device Technology:

  • HAIR REMOVAL & SKIN device works on REJUVENATION TECHNOLOGY which is light-based technology called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), which is used in professional beauty salons for hair removal.
  • Home laser hair removal device utilizes the REJUVENATION clinically proven technology which is generally used by professional dermatologists and salons, but now Feeke providing the same technology for personal treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Is Feeke IPL hair removal device Safe?

  • Feek IPL hair removal device is safe for both men and women.Feeke is a safe, painless, and effectively permanent solution, to remove unwanted hair in comparison with continual waxing, shaving or plucking.
  • With Feeke, you can use hair removal innovative technology safely and effectively at home anytime now.

Working Principle: Feeke IPL Hair Removal Device

  • In Feeke hair removal IPL technology, the gentle pulsed light hits the skin and is absorbed by the hair roots. The darker the hair is, the better the absorption of light pulses. Light pulse stimulates the hair follicles to enter dormant periods. Therefore, the hair will naturally fall off, preventing hair regeneration, keep your skin smooth.
  • The hair growth cycle includes different stages, IPL technology is only effective at the hair growth stage, and not all hair grows at the same time, so we recommend an eight-week treatment regimen, trimming the hair to ensure that all hair is effectively irradiated during the growth phase. (Source: amazon.com)

Device work in two modes: Manual and automatic

Feeke hair removal using mode
  1. Manual Mode: In Manual mode just simply place your IPL Feeke hair removal device on skin and on the flash button for emitting light in this area. manual mode is used in small areas like bikini face and underarms.
  2. Auto Mode: For switching to automatic mode just keep pressing the flash button for 3 seconds,the machine will switch to automatic mode . Now you have to move emitted light in another area very slowly. This mode is generally used for larger areas like legs arms, back or chest, etc.


1. Before depilating, scrape off the hair on the depilating area with a hair scraper.

2. Connect the power cord to the power outlet of the IPLhair removal.

3. Long press the switch for 3 seconds, the display light will be powered on, short press to choose the right gear and the IPL hair removal can be used normally.

4. When operating, please wear the professional protective glasses attached to this product to protect your eyes.

5. Place the product vertically against the skin and press the flash button to start Feeke hair removal. No more than 3 continuous flash hair removal to be conducted in the same place.

6. Single press on the flash button is manual hair removal mode, long press on the flash button for 3 seconds will be switch to automatic hair removal mode.

You can use Feeke IPL hair removal machine or device at any part of the skin and it gives the best output both for men and women.

IPL hair removal at hand
Removal of unwanted hair from your arm to bring out the shining skin. Men appreciate women that are smart and confident, and they can easily notice a woman that is confident and smart just by looking at her appearance and movement. Get this done from the comfort of your home.

Ipl hair removal at underarm
Are you tired of constant shave of armpit hair? This device is your answer to permanent Feeke hair removal. Let your man or woman enjoy the company of you by always want to be close to you because of your fresh and smooth beautiful armpit
hair removal at face
Hair growth on the upper lip does not look good on women, to avoid this kind of embarrassment women can now treat this issues with our hair removal device to look beautiful all the time. After treatment every woman is a winner because the face is one of the most attractive part of of a woman
image 17
Hair growth on women leg makes them feel bad and lost confident because they can’t always wear what they want especially summer, with this IPL laser hair removal device women can get back their groove

How to use Feeke Home Laser Hair Removal Device-

parts of Feeke Home hair removal device
  • Shave to hair to clean the surface and also remove residual hair from the surface.
  • Always clean flash window and glass with cotton or any cleaning cloth with some care.
  • Power device by plugging to the power outlet, LCD screen will display ‘OFF’ to indicate powered successfully
  • Keep away from children to avoid any scratch on flash window and glass.

ENERGY LEVEL of Home Laser IPL Hair Removal Machine –

different energy level of IPL hair removal device
  • Feeke device works on 5 different energy levels.The device has 5 different energy levels according to your skin sensitivities.
  • Level 1 is Lower and level 5 is higher, you can choose energy level according to your need. The higher level, the greater strength, the better effect of hair removal.
  • If you are going to use the first time then level 1 would be recommended for you.

SKIN TONE/HAIR COLOR: It is important that understand this device whether suits you

SKIN TONE/HAIR COLOR:It is important that understand this device whether suits you
  • Applicable skin color: White, Ivory, Beige, Light brown.
  • Applicable hair color: Dark Brown, Black, Light brown, Medium Brown.
  • Not applicable skin color: Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black
  • Not applicable hair color: White, Grey, Red, Light Blonde

Feeke IPL Hair Removal :Pros

  • Permanent Hair Removal & Gentle and Painless: Feeke IPL hair removal device breaks the cycle of hair regrowth. The result is permanent hair removal and smooth skin. It is very gentle, especially for treating sensitive areas, such as the face or bikini line.
  • An Economical At-Home Solution: Feeke has adapted the technology for safe use in the comfort of your own home. Compared to the costs of salon hair removal methods, at home, you can get a hair removal effect like a beauty salon and spend less money
  • For Lifelong purchase (No Disposables Required): Newly upgraded to 999,999 flashes, is the peak value ever. You will never need to buy a replacement cartridge for your Feeke hair removal device. It is an effective & permanent light hair removal device and a lifelong purchase.
  • Skin Rejuvenation Technology: Feeke utilizes the same clinically proven technology (IPL) that professional dermatologists and salon use, but optimized for personal treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  • Adjust able two Flash Modes: Manual mode is mainly used for small area hair removal, such as bikini lines, underarms, fingers, lips; Automatic mode can be used in large epilating areas such as arms, legs, abdomen, and back.
  • Best Result for Men and Women: Gives the best result for both Men and Women, because it is the best professional hair removal machine for 2020.

Feeke IPL Hair Removal: Cons

  • Not battery operated.


which best professional laser hair removal machine 2020 ?

On the ground of available technology, customer reviews, cost, and result in Feeke is the best professional laser hair removal and also got top rank in Amazon’s best selling list. So it is a trustworthy hair removal machine with IPL technology.

I have some stubborn wild course gray/white brown hairs on my chin and upper lip. Will it work for that?

I think this will be the best option, you will have to try once a week until the root of the hair gets super weak and don’t grow back, definitely cheaper than laser skin spa!

Is it an IPL or laser? according to the description “the main difference between laser and ipl is the kind of light.”

It is IPL that is used in professional beauty salons for hair removal. Whether IPL or laser, the effect of hair removal is very optimistic. IPL hair removal is cheaper, gentler, and softer.

Can I use this like everywhere? Also is it effective on thick dark hair?

It is most effective on dark hair and lighter skin and yes, you can use it EVERYWHERE.

Do you need to use laser eye protection glasses while using laser hair removal ?

Yes, you need to use protection glasses while using the hair remover machine, the protection glasses in the packing box!

How many times per week you should do it?

1. Twice a week for the first 4 weeks.

2. Once a week from the fifth week to the eighth week.

3. Once a month from the eighth week to the twelfth week.

Feeke IPL Hair Removal :Wrap Up

As I always want to provide the best products at a low cost as I always believe that it is not necessary that If you pay more money you will get the best product.

I also not interested in recommending too many products because they might confuse you.so I am just giving information about the best products.

I know that money is very valuable so I recommend only cost-effective and best products. If you save money then you can spend this for your Pets Product or For fitness product. Best fitness product also makes you more confident and good looking, It is also true for your loving pets.

BestDigiProduct is a platform where I always recommend the Best product and I always do. I always believe that your appreciation is most important for me

If you are looking for the best Laser hair removal Machine then Feeke provides the best products and your search for the best hair removal machine will end with a smile note. Am I right?

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