Hello Theme Vs GeneratePress Theme 2021

Hello Theme Vs GeneratePress Theme-Which one is the winner?

Hello, and GeneratePress both are WordPress themes. As we know that in WordPress themes are a collection of templates used to define the layout and appearance of a website. In this article, we will discuss which one is winner in Hello Theme Vs GeneratePress Theme.

Hello is a plain theme or you can see that best work with Elementor while GeneratePress is a simple Templet and does not need any website builder but can work with.

Hello Theme

Hello is a plain simple lightweight WordPress theme and does the best work with page-builder Elementor.

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GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress is a lightweight WordPress theme and can be extended for a premium version. It works with all page builders.

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Major Differences

  • GeneratePress theme is a basic temple of WordPress while Hello Elementor theme is like a blank canvas.
  • GeneratePress theme  Loading time 1.3 sec and Hello theme loading time is 2.12 sec.
  • GeneratePress can work with all page-builder but Hello theme is only compatible with  Elementor page builder.
  • Later you can switch from GeneratePress to any other WordPress theme but switch from Hello theme to others may crash the page.

Pros: Hello Elementor Theme

  • Loading speed is good  
  • Compatible with Elementor page builder
  • Can use for any type of website.
  • Totally Free  
  • Easy to use with Elementor page builder

Pros: GeneratePress Theme

  • Fast loading speed
  • Compatible with all page builder
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Extensive Documentation 
  • Many customize option 
  • The premium theme has much control and speed 
  • Fit for all websites, Best for Affiliate website 
  • Can easily switch to another theme no crash  issue 
  • Provide the best support 
  • Easy to use 
Hello theme1
GeneratePress wordpress theme

Cons: Hello Theme

  • Not  theme, pure blank canvas 
  • Only compatible with Elementor page builder 
  • Page can crash if you  switch to other themes
  • Not so much flexible like other WordPress themes

Cons: GeneratePress Theme

  • Free Version is good but Premium is awesome

Why GeneratePress Theme has an edge over Hello Theme?

As we know that Hello theme is not pure theme it is just a blank canvas so in Hello theme the feature of “Global Styling Option ”  like font sizes, color, etc is not available.

It can be done but for this you need coding and it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

GeneratePress Theme is SEO friendly which is a much-needed requirement in today’s scenario for better ranking in search engine result. Hello Theme, is lacking in SEO.

GeneratePress has great acceptability, it is one of the best WordPress themes used by a variety of websites like blog and affiliate website while Hello is only for Elementor websites. 

GeneratePress theme is in the list of the most downloaded themes of WordPress. 

It is true that Hello theme is totally free but it is better to invest some amount to get a good result.

GeneratePress wordpress theme 2

Hello Theme Vs GeneratePress Theme: Conclusion

Selecting the best theme in WordPress is always challenging because lots of themes available in WordPress but final selection depends on the type of website and niche.

Hello the theme , is fair enough for selection but it is best for Elementor websites while GeneratePress is a very good theme.

It is true that the free version of WordPress does not give so much explore to your website as premium GeneratePress theme but you can start with GeneratePress.

If you are going to Start an Affiliate blog website then GeneratePress would be the best choice and I highly recommend it to you.

GeneratePress is Integrated Woocommerce so if your website is based on eCommerce or OnlineShope businesses then it would be a great choice.

If you want to go with free then apart from GeneratePress you can pick many other WordPress themes like Astra theme, Neve theme, and Schema theme.

So, in Hello theme Vs GeneratePress theme, GeneratePress is the clear winner and I would recommend it over Hello theme.

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