BDP Rating-A Transparent Rating Method

The customer feedback process is one of the crucial and mandatory processes for BestDigiProduct (BDP). BDP team works hard before recommending any products. It is always required that we collect worthful product feedback for our valuable customers. We collect feedback on a product by the various methods which we have discussed in this article.

What are BDP Methods For Collecting Feedback of a Product?

  • By Post a link to a survey on social media
  • Use Instagram Stories to collect feedback
  • Use a feedback Form
  • By Calling and Polls
  • By Monitor social media channels
  • Request feedback on the online Form
  • Create an online community

Which Parameter BDP Team Consider For Rating?

Roughly BDP Team review a product on five parameters, which included in survey questions. These parameters have equal weightage and after that BDP research team convert this feedback into ratings. We conduct feedback or survey on the following parameters-

  1. In-Built Quality of Product
  2. Durability
  3. User Friendly
  4. Value For Money
  5. Feature Richness

How to Convert Feedback into BDP Rating?

We ask our users or customer to rate a product on the above-mentioned parameters, after that we sum the total rating and do an average that will be our rating for a particular product for one user, similarly, we do for other customers’ rating. In the end, we aggregate all user ratings and divide the total with the number of users or customers to find the final average rating of a product.

For Example- John has given the following rating to a “laptop”

How BDP Rating Done

So as you can see that John’s average BDP rating is 7.4 for the laptop, similarly, the BDP team takes feedback from others and convert it into ratings.

In the end, BDP Team sum all customers rating and divide total with the number of customers and we get a final rating of the product.

For Example- The John rating for a laptop is 7.4, Ben’s rating for the same laptop is 6.8, and Jessy’s rating for the laptop is 7, then the final ratings for the product will be 7.1

Final BDP Rating Calculation