How To Select Laptop For Students

Selecting the right specification laptops for students on a limited budget is not an easy task, so we are going to help you to provide parameters that could help you in selecting the best laptop for students.

If your budget is tight that is no issue because many good brand laptops are also available for every stream of students like computer science, IT, or college students. If you want to use the laptop for your programming, in online classes then you can check out our blog of the best laptops under 30000 Rs. But you are looking for a laptop that has crunchy sound and high graphics that also give you a good gaming experience along with daily tasks. You go for the best gaming laptops under 70000 Rs

By following some key factors you can easily pick the best laptops for students-

1. Decide your budget 

Budget is very crucial before proceeding forward because you know that high specification laptops are expensive compared to normal specification laptops. If you are a student whether a college guy or a technical professional and looking for a laptop that fulfills your daily requirements like online classes, e-content reading or creation, drawing, coding, and live meetings then you do not need to spend too much amount and you can start with a laptop in the range of 25k to 35k.

2. Select Operating System

The operating system provides an interface between user and applications, generally, Windows are used by most students that offer quite easy to operate facility and student also feel more comfortable, but many other operating system laptops like  Mac OS or Linux available in the market and if you are comfortable with Mac then you can go for that plus point is that Mac OS laptops are generally more economical than Windows. It is totally on your priority and preference that which OS you want to pick. I will recommend Windows laptops if you do not have much idea about the OS of laptops.

3. Select the Processor 

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As we know that CPU is the brain of the laptop and no doubt that it plays an important role in processing your task fast so a good CPU not only increases your performance speed but also reduces task completion rate. CPU along with RAM offers great flexibility and robustness during operation. You can choose a processor of different strengths and power but keep in mind that you have to pay according to that. For example, Core i7 laptops would be more expensive than core i5 or Core i3 laptops. If your requirement is limited like living meetings and classes or programming and drawing then Core i5 laptops would be perfect and they will also fall in your buying range. You can also choose AMD laptops that are also good for daily work.

4. RAM and Storage

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The capacity of RAM is vital for helping in processing, the processor would be able to process that task if RAM offers fast fetching to CPU, so only a good CPU can not deliver optimum result without good capacity RAM. We recommend a minimum of 4GB RAM for laptops because 4GB RAM is fair for multitasking and able to fulfill the requirements of students. Many laptops come with extra memory slots that enable you to extend RAM capacity later when needed. SO you can start with 4GB RAM and later you can extend RAM for more complex processing and speed.

You can pick two types of storage i.e HDDs and SSDs. Generally, budget laptops come with HDDs and this is not bad 512GB or 1TB HDDs storage is good for daily works while SSDs helps in reducing your booting time and your system get up fast compared to traditional HDDs but the laptop that has 512GB SSDs or more will come in the range of 50k or more so if your budget is limited then you can go for hybrids storage means the combination of HDDs and SSDs like 128GB SSD plus 512GB HDD, that will provide fast booting and good storage capacity too.

5. Select Good GPU

Best Graphics Cards
Best Graphics Cards

Graphics is crucial for visuals and rendering videos and images. If you want to use your laptop for entry-level gaming or watching movies then you have to know for good graphics unit. Generally, a laptop comes with two types of graphics i.e integrated or concrete. Most budget laptops are equipped with dedicated or integrated graphics cards. You can opt for AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce GPU for your laptop. 

6. Durability and Portability

The in-built design of the laptop should support the chassis and look of laptops. A good portable chassis and sleek design must be included in the laptop. The laptop should be lightweight and easy to carry during traveling. 

The keyboard should be easy to operate and well tested on key depression for a long duration. The navigation key should be properly visible and in an appropriate size that does not produce any concern during use. The hinge of the laptop should be strongly connected with the lower part of the laptop and should offer great durability to the laptop. The laptop should come with at least a one-year product warranty.

The cooling system should be well made and the exhaust vent should capably outflow the warm air and keep the laptop cool or reduce the temperature during operation, good cooling mechanism increases the lifespan of laptops parts and make it more durable.

Bottom Line 

We have tried to figure out all parameters or factors you need to care about before selecting a budget laptop for your classes or coding, but purchasing anyone totally depends on your preference, but if you follow the above point then definitely you would be able to choose your dream laptop.

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