LG Vs IFB Washing Machine

Last updated on January 8th, 2022 at 09:41 am

In LG Vs IFB washing machine it is tricky to say which one is the clear winner? Because picking the right one depends upon your requirements and budget, in this post, we tried to compare the specifications of both well-known brands, and we can say that both have good features. Now you have to make a decision whether you are looking for a full-featured washing machine or a budget washing machine with moderate features. 

If we review past data of sales then without any doubt we can say that LG has a clear edge over all other brands, but from 2018 other brands are also getting popular and giving good competition to LG. 

IFB  also has a good chunk in the Indian market from recent years and some good features like express wash and excellent wash quality with hard water are good while LG advanced features such as Inverter Direct Drive, Motion Control Technology, and trustworthiness among consumers makes it perfect for consumers.

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To assist you in selecting your dream washing machine and brand, we have compared LG and IFB on various parameters. If you want to swim in deeper for your product then you can read our budget segment post such as best washing machine under 15000, and if you are ready to spend more you can check out our post of the best washing machine under 30000

Now Let start with  LG Vs IFB washing machine Overview-

Features IFBLG
Energy EfficiencySame Like LGSame Like IFB
PortabilityMore Than LGGood
Annual Energy Consumption‎‎0.08 Kilowatt Hours‎0.08 Kilowatt Hours
Maximum Rotational SpeedLesser Than LG For 6-7Kg CapacityGood
Noise Level Washing‎54 dB‎54 dB
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Country of OriginIndiaIndia
Wash QualityGood even with Hard WaterGood
Hard Water Wash QualityExcellentStandard
User FriendlyYesYes
Voltage ProtectionAvailableNot mentioned by LG
User ReviewsAmazingAmazing
FunctionsAqua Energie, Anti Allergen, Laundry Add Option, Ball Valve Technology, Express Wash, High–Low Voltage Protection6-Motion Control Technology, Inverter Direct Drive, Smart Diagnosis, Heater, Waterproof Touch Panel, Auto Restart, Baby Care, Tub Clean, and Child Lock
Warranty 10-Years on Motor 10-Years on Motor
Best IFB WM ListBest LG WM List
Comparison Table

Major Differences

  • Both offer the best quality wash but IFB is better with hard water while for normal wash both are remarkable.
  • LG has more advanced features compared to IFB such as Inverter Direct Drive and Smart Diagnosis features while IFB saves more water and money, it is budget-friendly.
  • LG control panel is more robust and wide while IFB control screen is small compared to LG washing machine.
  • LG has a wide network of service centers while IFB has to work for tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

Which One is Best in LG Vs. IFB Washing Machine?

In built-design: LG Vs IFB

The in-built design and used material play an important role in the durability of the washing machines. The chassis of the washing machine is generally made of steel and coated with a specific material like zinc to prevent corrosion and the inner tub is made of stainless steel. The outer case is made of plastic, it is not bad because used plastic material has also good durability and it makes the product lightweight.

LG and IFB both are made from good materials for high durability. The LG Washing machine models are made of good stainless steel material. The tub guard, water pump, and drum housing are made from plastics. Similarly, the IFB washing machine chassis offers great stability and the inner wash tub is made of stainless steel that prevents rust and provides good durability to the washing machine.

If we compare the same capacity models of LG and IFB washing machines then we can say that IFB offers more portability than LG while in the case of RPM, the LG has the upper hand. As we know that high RPM means fast-drying, so LG has the clean edge for high RPM.

The design of both washing machines is fabulous and the sleek design provides a premium look to washing machines. The operating panel of the washing offers an easy-to-operate service. If we compare the control panel of both brands then we can say that the LG control panel is fairly easy to operate than the IFB washing machine control panel.

Features and Functions: LG Vs IFB

Energy Efficiency

Almost all models of LG and IFB washing machines come with a star energy rating. There is no doubt that these star ratings show the energy efficiency of a product but do not mean that it is the only way you can save your money, proper cleaning and caring also help you to save your money and enhance the productivity of the product and it is also true for washing machines. A three-star energy rating washing machine can deliver more productivity if you protect the washing machine from dust, direct sunlight, and do proper caring of its motor, so do not only purchase due to high ratings, other features are also important.

Noise Level

When we compared the noise (dB) and drum vibrations then LG performance seems better due to its inverter technology, but it is not far ahead of the IFB noise level. The multiple movements of the drum produce noise in all models but all top brands try to reduce the noise level, we can say that these two brands are good stand on this parameter.

Wash Function

Nowadays many brands offer a large set of wash functions, even up to 30, according to me it looks like a marketing strategy instead of practical use. Because most consumers use a maximum of 8-10 wash functions and it is well enough for the best quality result. Both offer a wide range of wash functions for all types of fabrics according to capacity and price segment. We could not find any bigger difference in wash function varieties, the only name of wash function has changed but both washing machines offer a similar type of wash function for clothes.


Both brands come with various technologies and offer similar types of mechanisms apart from some key differences that are inbuilt heater, smart diagnose auto restart, auto tub clean. The LG washing machine is equipped with direct drive technology that reduces vibration noise and offers a more smooth washing experience while the IFB washing machine offers express washing technology and a softener cleaning mechanism for best wash quality even for higher PH value (hard) water.

Price: LG Vs IFB

Prices vary according to capacity and technology if we compare 6kg capacity the LG price is slightly higher than the IFB washing machine, but when we move upper for higher capacity we found that there is a very narrow gap between prices. LG comes with advanced features like wi-fi connectivity and offers a wide range of varieties that would be flexible for you to choose the right one while medium capacity like 6-7kg IFB  offers more budget options with a great warranty.

Post-Sales Service: LG Vs IFB

LG has been offering its services for a long time and has a wide network of service centers so LG has a deeper reach than IFB. IFB has been expanding its service center and in the last three years it has done fabulous but still, IFB has to go longer, but for all metro cities, it has a sufficient number of service centers.

Comparison Of LG & IFB Washing in 6KG Capacity

For a revealing broader picture, we have also compared the two most popular washing machines from LG and IFB. This comparison also helps in choosing the best one from a popular segment of 6kg capacity.

Features IFBLG
PreviewIFB Washing machineLG Washing Machine
Model‎Diva Aqua SXFHM1006ADW
Energy Efficiency5-Star5-Star
Annual Energy Consumption‎0.08 Kilowatt Hours‎0.08 Kilowatt Hours
Maximum Rotational Speed (RPM)8001000
Noise Level Washing54 dB54 dB
Body MaterialSteel & PlasticSteel & Plastic
Tub Material Stainless SteelStainless Steel
Operating PanelTouchTouch
Weight 59 kg 500 g60Kg
Dimension50.6 x 59.8 x 84.8 Centimeters60 x 44 x 85 Centimeters
Special FeaturesTub clean, 2D wash technology, express washFast & Clean wash with 6 Motions
Motion Control TechnologyNot mentionedYes
Inverter Direct DriveNAYes
Auto RestartYesYes
Child LockYesYes
Customer Review4.2 / 5.04.4 / 5.0
PriceCheck On AmazonCheck On Amazon

Final Verdict

In the LG Vs IFB washing machine it is tough to say which one is the clear winner, where LG offers many advanced features while IFB is more economical and good for hard water washing. You can pick according to your need, but if you are not from the metro city then I can say that LG would be the better choice due to the large service center network.

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