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Last updated on January 10th, 2022 at 10:10 am

We know you guys are here looking for a USB juicer to help you start your day with a full glass of fresh green juice. We all know it sounds easy but extracting green juice has never been easy with a big juicer. For that, you just need a portable USB juicer with no-frill adding healthy juice to your diet.

Basically USB juicers or portable juicers are one kind of blender that can be rechargeable through any USB port device like LaptopPower BankUPS, Computer and Mobile.

We have tested and reviewed 51 juicers based on some vital factors as –

  • USB rechargeable compatibility 
  • Motor power
  • Capacity
  • Battery
  • Lightweight 
  • Size and design for better portability
  • Easy washable
  • Type of blade

Checked portable juicers performance with the hard stuff like carrot, some leafy vegetables like spinach and pulpy fruits like orange. 

And brought to you the top seven USB juicers, considering portable juicer price also –  

  1. Brayden Fito Rush: Best overall USB Juicer  
  2. Outgeek See Blue Cup: Best USB rechargeable portable juicer 
  3. ShopComfort Mini: Best USB juicer bottle blender 
  4. KBR Personal: Best portable USB juicer 
  5. LEVERET Electric: Best portable USB juicer blender
  6. Pigeon Blendo: Best value portable juicer 
  7. Aoozi PB-101B: Best portable electric juicer 

Best USB Juicer (Portable) in India 2022

Buy Best USB Juicer (Portable) with Price List (Jan 2022)

S.NUSB JuicersPrice
1Brayden Fito RushCheck Here
2Outgeek See Blue CupCheck Here
3ShopComfort MiniCheck Here
4KBR PersonalCheck Here
5LEVERET ElectricCheck Here
6Pigeon BlendoCheck Here
7Aoozi PB-101BCheck Here
comparison list of USB juicer

1. Brayden Fito Rush USB Rechargeable Blender

Best Portable USB Juicer (1)

Brayden Fito Rush is a powerful and stylish USB juicer for daily use. It comes with a 4000 mAh battery that can be recharged in just 4 to 6 hours. It is made of ABS plastic material for better impact resistance. The company has used six Stainless Steel blades to balance high spinning at 7.5 V RPM. Fito Rush is 750 grams in weight with 330 ml capacity. It’s perfect for fruit juice, vegetable juice, baby foods, milkshakes, and smoothies.

Easy to use –

  • First, you need to cut fruits and put them all into the jar.
  • Second, put some water or milk according to your need.
  • Third, you need to close the jar tightly and attach it to the juicer.
  • Four, press the button twice to start the juicer.
  • Six, within 20 sec your fruit milkshake is ready.
BrandBrayden Fito
ColorWhite, Green, Pink
Dimension10 x 10 x 18 cm
Weight740 Grams
Service Power50 Watts
Capacity330 ML
USB CompatibilityPower banks, Laptops, Mobiles, Desktops
Blades6 Blades
MaterialAPS Plastic
Battery 4000 mAh
Charging Time 4-5 Hours
Kids LockYes

2. Outgeek Cup Portable Juicer

Best Portable USB Juicer (2)

Outgeek Cup is a perfect portable USB juicer for home use. It comes with a magnetic sensing switch to keep you safe and at ease. The equipped base lid makes Outgeek Cup portable and handy. This juicer can be recharged at any time anywhere by just a USB port. It’s too lightweight to carry while travelling, running, climbing, gym, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

The body is made of APS plastic, comes with 6 stainless steel blades covered by high borosilicate glass. It got EU and FCC certification for its high-performance design and ease to use.

Easy to use-

  • First, take small fruit pieces with some milk.
  • Second, add one tablespoon of ice cream,
  • Third, press the button to start blending.
  • Four, after 10 sec pour your smoothie and enjoy.
ColourSea Blue, Apple Green, Peach Pink
Dimension8 x 8 x 28 cm
Weight850 Grams
Service Power100 Watts
Capacity 350 ML
USB Compatibility Power bank , Laptop, Mobbile, Dekstop
Blades6 stainless steel
MaterialAPS Plastic
Battery N/A
Charging Time 5 Hours
Kids LockYes

3. ShopComfort USB Rechargeable Portable Food Juicer

Best Portable USB Juicer (3)

ShopComfort is an Indian Brand and knocking on the door with a portable USB juicer online. The juicer is made of Food Grade Approved ABS plastic material. You will get 2 blades of austenitic stainless steel covered by food-grade polypropylene. A 1500 mAh battery gives an unrealistic long backup and a 280 ml cup can make a healthy drink to start your day. You will get a cup lid with a silicon lifting ring to carry it properly. 

You can carry your juice bottle anywhere you want to go for outdoor activities.

Easy to use –

  • First, take vegetables in small pieces.
  • Second, put vegetables with some water into the jar.
  • Third, close the lid and press the button to blend well.
  • Four, sieve the juice before drink.
ColourGreen, Pink, White
Dimension7.48 x 3.15 x 3.15  cm
Weight490 Grams
Service PowerN/A
Capacity 280 ML
USB Compatibility Power bank , Laptop, Mobbile, Dekstop
Blades2 stainless steel
MaterialAPS Plastic
Battery 1500 mAh
Charging time 3 Hours
Kids LockYes

4. KBR 6 blade Personal Portable Blender

Best Portable USB Juicer (4)

KBR USB juicer comes with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery to be utilized 10 to 12 times a day. Inbuilt 6 stainless steel blades with 2200 RPM, perform like a premium one. It’s able to perform multifunctions like a smoothie, baby food, protein shake, ice crushing, and fruit milkshake. the body is made of non-toxic and harmless materials. The jar has 380ml capacity and the Glass is made of high-quality polycarbonate.

The battery is compatible with 3.7 V DC. It will put 498 gm wait on you while carrying. KBR USB juicer is the best portable juicer for travel.

Easy to Use

  • First, cut fruits into pieces but not more than 2cm to keep the juicer moving.
  • Second, put a little bit of water or milk into the juicer for hard kinds of stuff.
  • Third, mind your content in the jar, should be below the max line.
  • Four, press the button twice when the light becomes blue.
  • Fifth, after 15 sec it’s ready to drink.
Dimension26 x 9 x 9  cm
Weight498 Grams
Service Power50W
Capacity 380 ML
USB Compatibility Power bank , Laptop, Mobbile, Dekstop
Blades6 stainless steel
MaterialAPS Plastic, PP, PC
Battery 2000 mAh
Charging time 3-5 Hours
Kids LockYes

5. LEVERET Portable Electric Juice Maker

Best Portable USB Juicer (5)

LEVERET Portable juicer comes with a 2000mAh powerful battery. It gives you the advantage of using the juicer multiple times in a day with no worry of recharge. The company has done excellent work on safety and made it easy to clean. You can detach the bottom of the cup from its body and wash it easily.

It is compatible with all kinds of USB devices. The juicer is so versatile that can perform multitasking like blending, mixing, and extracting. LEVERET USB juicer comes with 2 in 1 design as a bootle and a juicer. Inbuilt 4 stainless steel blades create a proper vacuum into the jar for better results. 

Easy to use –

  • First, cut fruits into 1.5* 1.5 cm pieces then put them into the jar.
  • Second, add water or milk into a proportion of 60:20 (60% fruits and 20% milk).
  • Third, set the jar on the machine.
  • Four, press the button twice to start and once to stop.
  • Five, within a minute you can enjoy your favourite drink.


Dimension14 x 10 x 6 cm
Weight439 Grams
Service Power3.7 W
Capacity380 ML
USB CompatibilityPower bank , Laptop, Mobbile, Dekstop
Blades4 stainless steel
MaterialAPS Plastic, PP
Battery 2000 mAh
Charging time 3 Hours
Kids LockYes

6. Pigeon Blendo USB Rechargeable Travel Juicer 

Best Portable USB Juicer (6)

Pigeon Blendo comes with a 2400mAh battery for a long session. You can use it 20 times a day. The battery gets fully charged in 2.5 hours. Blendo is the very best in portability and you can carry it as a stylish juicer bottle. Inbuilt 304-grade stainless steel blades give strength to the body at higher RPM. Its powerful 7.4 V DC motor can crush almond, groundnuts, and cashew. 

To keep it safe, it gets turned off when anyone takes off the lid of the jar.

Easy to use –

  • First, cut fruits in 1*1 cm and put them all into the juicer.
  • Second, add some water or milk to give a smoothie texture.
  • Third, tighten the lid and press the button twice to blend.
  • Four, give some shake to mix them well.
  • Five, within 20 sec it’s done. Enjoy your drink.


Dimension18.5 x 7.5 x 18.5 cm
Weight389 Grams
Service Power9 W
Capacity380 ML
USB CompatibilityPower bank , Laptop, Mobbile, Dekstop
Blades2 stainless steel
MaterialAPS Plastic
Battery 2400 mAh
Charging time 2.5 Hours
Kids LockYes

7. Aoozi PB-101B Portable Blender

Best Portable USB Juicer (7)

Aoozi portable juicer comes with a 4000mAh battery that gets fully recharged in 3-5 hours. The unbreakable SUS304 stainless steel blades can crush ice at 22000 RPM. For safety purposes, the juicer will not work until the body and base are assembled correctly.

With a one-button cleaning option, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning of the juicer. It comes with a 380ml capacity to fill your glass with nutrients. It needs 30W load consumption on 7.4 V DC working voltage.

Easy to use –

  • First, put some fruits with milk (approx 20%) into the juicer.
  • Second, assemble the jar on the machine.
  • Third, press the button and let the blades move at 22000 RPM.
  • Four, within a minute your smoothie is ready to drink.


Dimension24.5 x 8.8 x 8.7 cm
Weight581 Grams
Service Power30 W
Capacity380 ML
USB CompatibilityPower bank , Laptop, Mobbile, Dekstop
Blades6 stainless steel
MaterialAPS Plastic, BPS FREE, PCTG
Battery 4000 mAh
Charging time 3-5 Hours
Kids LockYes

Advantages of Portable USB Juicer

  • You can carry a USB juicer anywhere you need. It keeps you hydrated with instant healthy juice.
  • You can use it as a personalized health bottle in Gym and outdoor activities.
  • USB rechargeable and its battery features make it an intelligent blender. You don’t need to search for electric power plugs whenever you go.
  • Higher RPM gives better balance and smoothies with any mixture.
  • It does all its works like blending, crushing and others with no voice.
  • The portable juicers come in small sizes to fit anywhere in your bags.
  • USB portability is the most versatile part of this juicer because you can recharge it from any USB port device available.
  • Economically USB juicers don’t burn your pocket. It’s cheap and the best.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What are the most powerful portable Juicers?

These are the most powerful Portale USB Juicer

  1. Brayden Fito Rush
  2. Pigeon Blendo
  3. Aoozi portable juicer

Which USB juicer is best?

Brayden Fito Rush is the best USB juicer in the Indian market.

Why do you need a portable juicer?

If you are looking for a juicer that doesn’t need too much electric requirement. The juicer should have self battery backup. You don’t want to mess with a big juicer to get a glass of juice. Then you need a portable juicer.

Can I use a portable blender while charging?

No, you have to wait to get it fully charged.

What should I look for in a portable juicer?

  • Inbuilt battery power
  • Type of blades
  • USB rechargeable compatibility
  • Weight of juicer
  • RPM strength
  • Value for money

Can I put a portable USB juicer in the fridge?

No, it can damage the base of the jar.

Can portable juicer crush ice?

Yes, any powerful blender like Brayden Fito Rush can crush ice easily.

How do you know if the USB juicer is fully charged?

For that, you will get a small light on the above power button. When the light becomes blue indicates the battery fully charged.

Bottom Line

We have reviewed all products included in the list of best USB juicer based on performance, durability, portability and value for money.

And we have selected the best three portable juicers for you as-

#1. Brayden Fito Rush – Overall top choice

#2. ShopComfort Juicer – True value for money

#3. LEVERET Electric Juicer – Expert Choice

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