Where to Install Your Split AC in Home

Where to install ac

After you have invested in the best 1 ton AC in India, be it split or window AC, knowing where to place it is something you must consider. To help you figure out where you can place your split AC we have brought your some simple tips and tricks. The most prevalent type of air … Read more

How does an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) work?

UPS is also known as battery backup. UPS provides backup power to your equipment when your regular power supply break or voltage drops. A UPS proves you’re the facility to properly shut down your system after proper saving of work, so it prevents data loss on sudden power supply cut. Types of UPS Topologies- Standby … Read more

How To Select Laptop For Students

Selecting the right specification laptops for students on a limited budget is not an easy task, so we are going to help you to provide parameters that could help you in selecting the best laptop for students. If your budget is tight that is no issue because many good brand laptops are also available for … Read more

How to Setup a CCTV Camera at Home

How to Setup a CCTV Camera at Home

CCTV cameras have become an essential part of society. They can be spotted in virtually every building, no matter where you go. Whether it is in the staircases of a mall or the room of an office or at an auditorium, CCTV cameras are everywhere you go. CCTV cameras are used primarily for surveillance. Surveillance … Read more

What gaming laptop should I buy in 2021?

Buying a good gaming laptop is tricky and finding it within your budget is more tricky. Many brands and good specification laptops are available for gaming that helps you in multitasking too like coding, video editing, online meeting, and other tasks. Purchasing a good gaming laptop totally depends upon your preference and choice. You can … Read more