Q18 Smart Watch Review: GIXON Q18 Android Smartwatch with Camera

Last updated on March 3rd, 2022 at 09:00 am

Today we are going to review the Q18 smartwatch that comes with many good features and it is a value-for-money product too. Q18 smartwatch is a Bluetooth smartwatch that easily connects with your Android smartphone. You can answer your phone call from your budget smartwatch with the help of Bluetooth or directly from a sim in the smartwatch (GSM call)

This smartwatch is a budget watch, if your budget is not limited then you can read our other blogs such as best smartwatches under 3000 and smartwatches under 5000 that will definitely help in taking the right decision and also work as a buying guide for smartwatches.


  • Standalone Phone Watch
  • Multifunctional Smartwatch
  • Can read Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and other application push messages
  • Android and IOS Compatible
  • Wearing Comfortable
Q18 smartwatch review


  • Compatible Devices: Android and iOS
  • Special Features: Calendaring, Pedometer, Camera, Phone Call
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Manufacturer: ‎GIXON
  • Country of Origin ‎India


The smartwatch comes with a 1.54 HD display with 240×240 pixel resolution, which is fair for a smartwatch in this price segment while the smartwatch has a nice sensitive capacitive touch screen. The overall touch screen is responsive and provides a good look but don’t forget that this is a normal smartwatch and may not match the brand’s smartwatch look and style.

The smartwatch features an ergonomic convex design and a nice soft strap that provides a pleasant wearing experience even after long hours.

When we unboxed the smartwatch, we found a camera on top of the watch while the microphone was on the left side of the camera. The design of the power button is nice and easy to press, at first glance everything looks good even the charging port looks nice and durable. There is an inner slot for SIM and MicroSD cards. This smartwatch comes with a 380mAH battery capacity that is okay for daily routine.

App and Social Media Sync

After downloading the smartwatch app you would be able to see all your event messages, the time and date will be automatically synchronized. After connecting to Bluetooth with a smartphone you can read social media texts and messages such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and other application messages.


This is a multifunction smartwatch and perfect for many activities monitoring, you can say that this is a standalone smartwatch, and in this price range is a perfect competitor for all other brands. Most people buy a smartwatch to monitor activities and keep track of health because an early warning is always better for health. This smartwatch also comes with many health and activity monitoring features that will help you keep track of your health issues.  By a calories calculator, you can track how many calories you have burned, also by the step-counting feature you can count the number of steps you have taken or can set a goal for steps that will help you to reduce your fat and increase productivity. The sleep monitoring function provides you with data about your quality of sleep. This smartwatch also comes with many functions for your health such as a pedometer, Sedentary reminder.


  • Durable and Portable
  • Good Battery life
  • Budget smartwatch
  • Good Design


  • No Advance functions like Spo2
  • Ideal for normal activity monitoring

FAQs: Q18 Smartwatches

Does Q18 come with Live wallpapers?

Yes, this comes with live wallpapers.

Does it support 4G SIM?

Yes, This smartwatch supports 2G,3g, and 4G sim.

What is the battery life?

It offers good battery life and comes with380mAH battery capacity.

Can we use social media?

Yes, you can use Facebook and Whatsapp easily.


Q18 is a low-budget smartwatch and comes under 1200 Rs, So it has limited features but includes all basic features and is good for activity monitoring. SO if you are looking for an inexpensive smartwatch or fitness tracker then Q18 would be a good choice.