Rodecaster Pro vs Goxlr

Last updated on December 26th, 2022 at 09:45 pm

Rodecaster Pro (Zoom L-8) vs Goxlr: Compare & Review 2022

The Rodecaster Pro and the GoXLR are both digital mixing consoles designed for use in recording and streaming audio. Both devices offer a range of features and capabilities that make them well-suited for different applications.

Some key differences between the Rodecaster Pro and the GoXLR include:

  • Compatibility: The Rodecaster Pro is designed specifically for use with podcasts, while the GoXLR is designed for use in a variety of audio applications, including gaming, music production, and streaming.
  • Inputs and outputs: The Rodecaster Pro has four XLR inputs for connecting microphones, as well as a USB input for connecting digital devices. It also has a headphone output and a line output. The GoXLR has four XLR inputs, as well as a USB input and a USB output. It also has a 3.5mm auxiliary input and a 3.5mm headphone output.
  • Effects and processing: Both the Rodecaster Pro and the GoXLR offer a range of effects and processing options, including EQ, compression, and reverb. However, the GoXLR also includes a sampler and a noise gate, which may be useful for certain applications.

Ultimately, the choice between the Rodecaster Pro and the GoXLR will depend on your specific needs and the type of audio work you are doing. Both devices offer a range of features and capabilities that make them suitable for different applications, so it is worth considering your specific needs and budget when making a decision.

Quick Comparison

Rodecaster Pro (Zoom)GoXLR
Number Of Channel Mixer8 digital mixer4-channel mixer
Number Of Tracks  (simultaneous recording)12-Track16-Tracks
Number Of Track Playback10-Track10-Track
Number Of Sound Pads6 assignable sound pads8 pads
Number Of Preset Sounds135
Hardware InterfaceUSB USB
Mix-Minus functionYesYes
Run Time (After Full Charge)2.5 Hours
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Zoom LiveTrak L-8 Podcast Recorder, Battery Powered, Digital Mixer and Recorder

Zoom LiveTrak L-8 Podcast Recorder-Rodecaster Pro

Reasons To Buy

  • The Zoom LiveTrak L-8 facilitates you to mix, monitor, and record professional podcasts and music performance.
  • It comes with 6-sound pads so by just pressing a button you could play intros, outros, jingles, and sound effects.
  • The mix-minus function of L-8 prevents from eco. You can use a USB connection to connect audio from Hangouts and Skype.
  • The L-8 comes with four headphone outputs that help participants hear what is going on.
  • The L-8 can record separate tracks on SD cards and later you could edit so it provides more flexibility in the edit.
  • The L-8 enables you to record any episodes directly to your PC or Laptop. The main advantage of L-8 that you can live stream while recording.
  • The size is portable and easy to carry. It is the perfect mixer and recorder for musicians

Reasons To Avoid

  • It looks is not premium

GoXLR – Mixer, Sampler, & Voice FX for Streamers


Reasons To Buy

  • GoXLR is the perfect and best choice for the musician. You can easily mix your audio even in real-time also can change your voice that helps you in engagement with your audience.
  • It is compatible with mostly all industry-defining hardware and software.
  • It comes with a 4-channel mixer so you can manage and control the volume of audio sources in real-time without any discomfort.
  • The multiple inputs and output ports give you the freedom to connect your mic, headphones, console, and second streaming laptop or computer.
  • The GoXLR app is easy to use and comes with advanced options that provide more control over the sound.

Reasons To Avoid

  • It is not compatible with MAC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Rodecaster Pro vs Goxlr

The Zoom L-8 has 48v phantom power?

Yes! it comes with phantom power. 

Is Zoom L-8 good for the record a music group?

Yes! It is an excellent choice to record a music group. You can record the sound of the guitar, bass, percussion, and others at once.

Can we use the L-8 as an audio interface?

Yes! you can. The L-8 can record the full episodes on your computer. You can also live stream while recording.

Does L-8 come with the Overdub function?

Yes! The overdub function enables you to listen to the playback of one track while recording on another.

What is the mix-minus function?

With the mix-minus function, you would be able to connect L-8 to a zoom call via a phone. You can also use audio from another source like your pc and laptop.

Is GoXLR Mac compatible?

No, currently GoXLR is not Mac compatible, only windows compatible.

Can You use GoXLR to get audio from your pc speakers?

Yes, you can easily add audio from a laptop or PC even Xbox audio from pc speakers.

Does GoXLR come with phantom power for the xlr?

Yes! it comes with phantom power. So GoXLR can run nearly and microphone you throw at it.

Does with work for twitch?

Yes! it works for various streaming software-Twitch studios, Game Capture HD, SLOBs, and many more.

What effects does GoXLR have?

It comes with a few presets effects but you can create various your own effects.