Best Smartwatch Under 5000: SpO2, AMOLED, Full Touch

We would like to start the article with a recommendation of the top three latest smartwatches below 5000 ₹, launched in the last 4 months (from April 2023). 

Smartwatches under 5000 in India

Price Table 2023 (April Update)

SmartwatchPrice Available From
‎OnePlus Nord Watch-OPBBE22 (AMOLED, 1.7 Inch, 60Hz, Spo2, Heart Rate, Women Health Tracker, 105 Fitness Mode)4999/- 04-Oct-22
Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max Smartwatch-2022 (LCD, 1.8inch, BT Calling, Health & Productivity Suite, 100+ Sports Mode)3881/-04-Jul-22
Amazfit Bip 3 Pro Smart Watch -2022(LCD, 1.69inch,5 ATM, GPS, 60 Sports Mode, Blood-Oxygen Saturation Measurement )4449/-17-Oct-22
Fire-Boltt Eclipse Smartwatch (AMOLED, 1.43inch, BT Calling, AI Voice Assitence, 100 Sports Mode)3499/-03-Jan-23
Pebble Cosmos Prime Smartwatch (LCD, 1.9inch, Bezel-Less, Wireless Charging, 600 Nits, Metalic Body )3699/- 08-Nov-22
CrossBeats Ignite Spectra Plus Smartwatch (AMOLED, 1.83inch, Always-On Display, Bluetooth Calling, Health Suite)4999/- 29-Jul-22
Price is updated on 20/04/2023 (Price of above smartwatches may get vary depending on merchants)

All of you have come here searching for which smartwatch is the best under 5000. For you guys, we have reviewed and checked more than 101 Smart Watches on different user behaviours. We have considered all the features that help a person who wears it.

Our BDP Rating team has updated the article with the top three latest smartwatches for 5000 Rupees.

At the final stage, we have justified each smartwatch under 5000 India from the list with our transparent BDP Rating.

If you are a newbie to online shopping looking to buy a smartwatch for the first time, my advice would be to first understand some basic terminology and buying guide to help you get understand about smartwatch.

Smartwatch is a tribute to modern technology and brings a personalized way of living. You don’t need to confuse it with a mobile watch, phone watch, touch watch, and Android watch. They all are other names for smartwatches.

In the modern era of the smartwatch, you manage your daily life with a touchscreen and apps for telemetry.

When the smartwatch came into existence, bring very basic features like game playing, digital time, calculation, and translations.

But after the year 2010, smartwatches came with real handy functions as a smartphone has. 

Companies did great work to make a smartwatch into a phone watch via apps, operating systems, Bluetooth connectivity and calling functions.

Some smartwatches got portable media players to enjoy digital video and audio files.

If we talk about inbuilt hardware you get a transflective LCD or OLED backlit as an electronic display powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The touch watch comes with useful peripherals such as thermometers, digital cameras, barometers, accelerometers, compasses, heart rate monitors, GPS receivers, pedometers, altimeters, and microSD card storage.

Software like multi-watch faces, schedulers, digital maps, calculators, and personal organizers for better communications. 

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Advanced smartwatches enhance your comfort with ergonomic design, long-time battery backup, and health-related applications.

How awesome is that! If you can organize your daily life with just a wearable on the wrist.

You can rely on the smartwatch as your friend to close watch on all activities like getting calls, bill reminders, message replies, tracking your fitness, heart rate, monitoring blood pressure, pulse rate, and many more.

Here in India when we are fighting Covid-19, the smartwatch can help you to keep your eyes on oxygen saturation through SpO2 function (with the advice of a doctor).

We all know it’s not easy to buy the best smartwatch under 5000 because there are too many products available and all look similar.

That’s we have come up with explanations for each aspect of a smartwatch to be the best value for your money. We will discuss thoroughly –

  • Monitoring Function
  • Design and build quality
  • Compatible apps and devices
  • Display
  • Battery life
  • Multiple modes
  • Interface and connectivity
  • Operating Systems

We have prepared the list by not only including good things about the smartwatches but also making comparative analyses of the downsides also.

With the help of that, you will be able to make a deal with the best smartwatches under 5000. The presence of each smartwatch in the list remains a high-quality setup, brand value, and cutting-edge technology

What is in the post?

In this post, we have considered all popular segments of best smartwatches in India below 5000 Rupees

We have listed the most demanding smartwatches of Noise, Amazfit, Fire Bolt, Pebble, CrossBeats, and GOQii.

Buying Guide

As we know a couple of years ago smartwatch industry was not clear about products and specifications. But nowadays there are too many companies that have launched smartwatches with innovative designs and cutting-edge technology.

You have many options available in the market with unique features and functions. But you need to understand your requirement, then have look at the options there.

Three basic things are compatibility, Battery, and Value for money, which you need to keep in your mind before buying a smartwatch.

We would like to discuss some points briefly to give some clear vision for buying decision –

  • Compatibility is the first thing that should come to your mind. A smartwatch is highly recommended and buzzing the market has no value for you if it’s not compatible with your smartphone. So first decide for which operating system like Android or IOS, you are searching a smartwatch.
  • Battery Life is another good point and you should look at it before buying. Sometimes you see that a company has done too much hard work to make wearable sophisticated but compromised with battery life. This kind of smartwatch may not be a good choice as it gives you a stylish look but is not capable to work for a long duration.
  • Value for money word is easy to say but very difficult to analyze. You need to consider each feature and function of all possible smartwatches according to your needs. You have to make a comparison between them based on your budget, tracking features, advanced inbuilt sensors, complementary features, and comforts.
  • The display is the main USP of a smartwatch. You can go with a round-shaped or square-shaped screen as per your choice. The screen comes with an HD full-touch display and Gorilla Glass Protection.
  • Fitness features are most common in every smartwatch. Somewhere you get limited basic features like running, walking, swimming, step count and others. But these days companies are working great to expand these features with add like sports mode, health tracking, SpO2, sleep tracking, and breath training. More features do not mean more money, you can get these features under your budget. 
  • Notification features are the basic need of a user. Every brand offers this feature in SMS, calls, reminders, payment bill, transactions, and many more. 
  • The app is not a worry for users because every smartwatch has its own.

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Let’s start analyzing the smartwatches, best fit you and your pocket.

OnePlus Nord Watch: OnePlus Smartwatch under 5000

OnePlus Nord, Smartwatch under 5000
OnePlus Nord Watch was launched on 4th Oct 2022

OnePlus Nord smartwatch has been available in the market since last October 2022, which you will easily find in online stores in the range of 5000.

Oneplus Nord Watch comes with a 1.78″ or 4.25 cm display. It comes with a 70% screen-to-body ratio, making it big and bright. Its 500Nits brightness and 367*448 resolution is a smooth combination for human eyes. The AMOLED display comes with a 60Hz refresh rate. You get more than 168 sports modes capable of tracking any sports activity. The IP68 rating assures you that you can safely swim or dive underwater up to 50 meters without worrying about damage.

Although the body of the Nord Watch is made of metal, using hypoallergenic material saves you from the problem of skin irritation if you wear the watch for a long time.

The Bluetooth 5.2 Version gives you a seamless experience of pairing the watch and the phone, for which you just need to download the N Health app and the devices for perfect synchronization.

The OnePlus Nord Watch has an RTOS and a Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset. The watch is snappy and responsive, with smooth navigation and quick app loading times. To keep it smooth, it got 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. 

The company touts that the 230mAh lithium battery can deliver up to 10 days of standby mode and 30 days of standby time per single charge.

In the smart health tracking feature, you get SpO2 blood oxygen, 24 hours heart-rate, and sleep tracking. Along with san general tracking, a special type of tracking will also be available, which can be helpful for women, that is, period prediction, which women are already prepared for.

It’s compatible with Android 6.0 OS or a higher version of OS, the same as for IOS 11.0 or a higher version.

Question-Related to The OnePlus Nord Watch :

Can we receive or make calls with OnePlus Nord Watch?

We can't receive or make calls through the OnePlus Nord Smartwatch because it has no pre-installed mic.
What is the price of the OnePlus Nord Watch?

The price of the One Plus Nord is under 5000 as you can purchase it for 4999/- INR.
Can we insert SIM into the OnePlus Nord Watch?

No, there is no specific option to insert micro sims.
Can we type and send a message to OnePlus Nord Watch?

No, you can't type the massage as a reply, but you can send predefined alert messages to others.
Is there GPS with in OnePlus Nord Watch?

Yes, it has a pre-installed GPS to track your activity anywhere.
Is OnePlus Nord Watch waterproof?

OnePlus Nord Smartwatch has IP68 certification to facilitate you to go deeper, up to 50 meters in water.

Noise ColorFit Pro4 Max: Best Smartwatch Overall

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max, best smartwatch under 5000 overall
Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max was launched on 22 July 2022


  • Display -1.8″ HD
  • SpO2 – Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Yes
  • Battery Life – 240 Hrs
  • GPS – N/A
  • Waterproof – 5 ATM
  • Operating System – IOS 9, Android
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth

Reason to Buy:

  • Inbuilt sensor for sleeping pattern according to rem cycle
  • Stress monitoring feature to keep you cool
  • You can control music playing on the smartphone through this
  • You can make the respiratory strong by breathing exercises monitor
  • Quality touch interface for quick response
  • Big square dial with HD display

Reason to Avoid:

  • Limited watch faces
  • The battery could have been better

What’s in the box:

  • A Noise ColorFit Pro3 smartwatch
  • A magnetic charger
  • A user manual
  • A warranty card

Noise Colorfit Pro4 Max smartwatch comes with a 1.8″ HD display and an Oximeter function.

Colofit Pro3 has an inbuilt activity tracker system to track SpO2 (oxygen saturation level), heart rate, blood pressure, stress level, sleeping habits and the distance you travel.

A monitor sensor of your wearable work with 14 sports modes including indoor and outdoor activities.

The sensor starts counting heart rate, blood flow and oxygen level with any sports activity like cycling, running, walking, skipping, swimming, badminton, football, and basketball.

With a sleep tracker, you can monitor your sleeping pattern and adjust your daily routine to have better sleep.

The sleep tracker recognizes your nocturnal movement, breathing level, and heart rate response to lighting and room temperature to record your sleeping sample.

Noise Colorfit is highly compatible with IOS 9 and Android operating system devices. You can connect your mobile device with Bluetooth. A 210 mAh lithium battery gives 240 hours of average life to let you enjoy your day with no worry.

You just need to link the Noisefit app to analyse daily health reports, workout sessions and calorie consumption. The HD touchscreen display comes with 320*360 resolution for quality output. Extremely high 500 NITS brighter display perfectly matches your eyes as close as possible.

Noise Colorfit gives you the option to make it personalized with swappable colourful straps according to a stylish outfit. The smartwatch put only 38g weight on your wrist to be with you when no one is with you.

You can choose any colour between jet black, rose red, rose pink, smoke grey and smoke green for your wearable. Multifunctional sensors like optical heart rate, the accelerometer, and the gyroscope keep you active every time.

Noise Colrfit Pro3 is an updated version of Noise Colrfit Pro with some unmatchable features. But the use of plastic material covered by paint in watch cases disappoints buyers somehow.

Still, Noise Colrfit Pro3 is the top performance cloud smart watch and earned its position at the top in the list for the best smartwatch in India under 5000.   

You can go through this Noise Colorfit Pro4 Max Full Review 2023

Amazfit Bip 3 Pro: Here is the Best Android Smartwatch

Amazfit Bip 3 Pro, the best Android smartwatch Under 5000
Amazfit Bip 3 Pro smartwatch was launched on 17th October 2022


  • Display – 1.43″ HD
  • SpO2 – Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Yes
  • Battery Life – 216 Hours (9 days)
  • GPS – N/A
  • Waterproof – 5 ATM
  • Operating System – IOS 10+, Android Devices
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth

Reason to Buy:

  • Auto screens off within 5 sec
  • SpO2 sensors enhanced by a 6-axis accelerometer
  • Lightweight with silicone rubber straps
  • Inbuilt with PAITM Health Assessment System
  • Display protection with Corning Gorilla Glass 
  • Customized 50 watch faces are available
  • Sleep quality monitoring with score and insight data

Reason to Avoid:

  • No inbuilt GPS Tracking feature
  • Delay in data sync

What’s in the box:

  • A unit of Amazfit Bip U smartwatch
  • A charger case
  • A user manual

Amazfit Bip U Smartwatch comes with a 1.43″ HD color display and 320×302 resolution TFT.

You will have the option to detach 20 mm width silicone-made rubber straps. The smartwatch can help you to measure your Oxygen level and stress level.

With the help of a breathing training function, you can overcome your stress instantly. To track your outdoor and indoor activity, there is an inbuilt 60 sports mode that includes cricket, yoga, swimming, outdoor cycling, fishing, table tennis and many more.

PAI health management system provides a better representation of heart rate and blood pressure data to understand.

5 ATM water resistance feature can bear the pressure of floating water under 50-meter depth. Sleep quality monitor system watches you the complete sleeping pattern.

To monitor accurately it recodes all data including deep sleep, light sleep, afternoon nap, REM cycle, and awake time. 

Amazfit Bip U gives the option of 50 watch faces and you can customize it at any time. The 230mAh Lithium battery keeps you relaxed for up to 5 to 9 days according to your use. Amazfit is only 31gm in weight and you can’t feel it while traveling or sleeping.

The watch case is made of polycarbonate and attached to a silicone rubber strap. The whole design of the smartwatch is so comfortable that you will never get uneasy while you are carrying long hours.

It’s quick, you can switch your modes to software and application in just a sec. It’s easy to configure, you just need to long-press the button and you will be in workout mode.

You will get BioTracker PPG (an optical sensor) built into the smartwatch to monitor heart rate for 24 hours. For better measurement and result bio tracker is placed under an elevated circle to keep touching human skin.

The TFT display is covered with 2.5 Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and Oleophobic Coating, which works fine in the sunshine.

Amazfit Bip is compatible with android and IOS, you just need to have the Zepp app to start functioning.

Sometimes you get experience delays in synchronized data, with Amazfit. There is no inbuilt GPS with Bip U and you have to use your smartwatch GPS to track a route.

But still, with improved UI and multiple colour options, Amazfit Bip U is the second-best choice in the search for the best smartwatches under 5000.

Note: Check the latest price Amazfit Bip U

Fire-Boltt Eclipse: This is the Best Round-Dial Smartwatch under 5000

Fire-Boltt Eclipse, the best round dial smartwatch under 5000
Fire-Boltt Eclipse smartwatch was launched on 3rd Jan 2023


  • Display – 1.69″ HD 
  • SpO2 – Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Yes
  • Battery Life – 192 hours (8 Days)
  • GPS – N/A
  • Waterproof – IP67 WaterProof 
  • Operating System – Android Devices
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth

Reason to Buy:

  • In standby, mode battery supports up to 15 days 
  • Shutter control feature for camera 
  • Meditative breathing and weather forecast features
  • Replicate Apple Watch looks and design
  • Full touch screen with the largest display
  • 24*7 heart rate sensor
  • Full Metallic body 
  • Multiple watch faces

Reason to Avoid:

  • Highly compatible with its own Da fit app

What’s in the box

  • A unit of Fire-Boltt Beast Smart Watch
  • A user manual 
  • A magnetic charger
  • A warranty card

Fire-Boltt Beast comes with a 1.69″ full touch HD display and 500 NITS quality brightness. Fire-Boltt is fully fletched to monitor oxygen level and heart rate 24×7.

You will get easy navigation like a quick access menu and auto ration button. The smartwatch enables the breathing monitor feature to work on a Meditative Breathing scenario, in which you can record and watch your breathing activity.

Fire-Boltt Beast need charging every 8 days cycle and 360 hrs with standby mode. Watch faces come with a multicolour option to get personalized according to your style.

Boltt Beast has space for all social media platforms and you can manage social media accounts with one fingertip. Some Unique features like camera control and music control make it more valuable. Fire-Boltt is compatible with all android mobile devices.

Fire-Boltt is made of quality metals and its 48 gm weight will not make your wrist heavier. You can purchase the watch in any colour between blue and black.

Fire-Boltt Beast has its own software to run and its UI design resembles the Apple Watch. Even it works fine with any android device and IOS operating software.

Most watch-face mode works to track activities like walking, steps count and distance while running. But some of them are not as worthful, only included to replicate the Apple watch feel.

Fire-Boltt Beast does not need to be paired with your smartphone every time, it also works fine when not get paired up. No delay with booting time and sync data.

The most unique feature you will get is to control the shutter for the camera. The flash app keeps your smartwatch handy in no lightroom.

You will get a USB-type A-port cable to charge your smartwatch with a magnetic covered area on it. The metallic frame body looks elegant and premium. The Fire Boltt Beast display does not wake itself, for that you have to use the dial button.

Fire-Boltt Beast 1.69″ is one of the best affordable smartwatches in India. If you want to buy a look like the Apple Watch design then Fire-Boltt is the perfect choice for you.

GOQii Smart Vital: The Best smartwatch with a heart rate monitor

GOQii Smart Vital, the top smartwatch under 5000


  • Display – 1.39″
  • SpO2 – Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Yes
  • Battery Life – 7 Days 
  • GPS – N/A
  • Waterproof – IP68 
  • Operating System – Android, IOS
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth

Reason to Buy:

  • ISO certified Smartwatch
  • Inbuilt body temperature monitor
  • IP68 water and dustproof
  • Two-pin magnetic charger with detachable straps
  • 3 months subscription to personal training
  • SpO2 feature
  • 18 exercise mode to set your health bar

Reason to Avoid:

  • It is a little bit heavier on your wrist 
  • Plastic body disappoints users

What’s in the box:

  • A GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Smart Watch
  • A scratch card to activate the subscription
  • A user manual
  • A 2-pin magnetic charger

GOQii Smart Vital is CDSCO and 3 graded ISO-certified smartwatches for accuracy.

It has a 1.3″ full touch screen colour display with multiple colour combination watch faces. The smartwatch has features of monitoring body temperature and Oxygen level (SpO2).

As usual, it tracks your heart rate 24*7 and sleeping pattern also. 

You can track your daily activities like step counting, distance, calorie intake, and running. IP68 water and dust resistance feature will keep your wearable safe & clean.

You will never miss essential notifications like SMS, FB, Twitter, calls and others. Battery life is 7 days on normal usage. 

The smartwatch comes with two pins magnetic chargers. With its 18 exercise modes, you can achieve any health goal. To use its interface you have to download GOQii App, and through this, you can get data instantly like blood pressure reports and others.

There are features to set alarms and reminders for water intake to keep active and hydrated. Its display gives you 240*240 resolution crystal clear visuals with a quick responsive touch feature.

You can customize watch faces according to your preferences like stopwatch, music control, camera, find my phone and many others.

GOQii ecosystem has taken initiative to keep in touch with the doctor and health mentors. And you can use this feature whenever you need it.

GOQii Smart Vital is made of metal with a matte finish that looks identical to Apple watches. You will get two options Red and Lavender with extra straps.

The UI is slightly off and the company could make a better presentation of fonts and icons.

GOQii Smart Vital comes with 180 gm weight with a rubber-coated strap which is not very suitable for a long duration. 

GOQii Smart Vital looks precise and stylish. The ability to monitor body temperature makes it an unmatchable smartwatch in the Indian market.

Pebble Cosmos Prime: best Smartwatch with BP Monitor

Pebble Cosmos Prime, best smartwatch under 5000 with BP monitor
Pebble Cosmos Prime was launched on 8th Nov 2022


  • Display -1.3″ Bezel-less HD
  • SpO2 – Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Yes
  • Battery Life – 10 days
  • GPS – N/A
  • Waterproof – IP67
  • Operating System – Android, IOS operating system
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth

Reason to Buy:

  • Simple full round shape
  • Silicon lather detachable multicolour straps
  • One year Warranty
  • Quick responsive sync data interface
  • SpO2 feature and heart rate sensor
  • Display data in every 10 mins
  • Full metal body
  • Come with a screen protector

Reason to Avoid:

  • Limited sports mode
  • Limited watch faces

What’s in the box:

  • ‎A unit Pebble Zen Smartwatch 
  • Two colours (Red and Black ) Straps
  • A Magnetic Charger 
  • A Screen protector 
  • A User Manual

Pebble Zen Smart Watch comes with a 1.3″ HD dynamic display with multicolour watch faces.

The daily activity tracker features like step count, heart monitoring, and calorie consumption help you be updated about how active you are.

You can synchronize the last seven days’ data and share it with your others through social media platforms.

Pebble Zen vibrate each time when getting any notifications and calls. You can take or reject calls straight away with just a single touch.

With the Ip6 waterproof feature, you don’t need to care about it when you enjoying the rainy season. It’s completely safe at the time of swimming and wash your hands. But hot water of more than 40°c can harm your wearable. It has no GPS support itself but you can use smartphone GPS to track routes.

There are multifunction to ease your life like a sedentary reminder, stopwatch, camera control, screen adjustment and setting screen-on time.

An inbuilt optical sensor scans your blood flow beneath a green LED that keeps touching your skin. Within every 10 minutes, the interface updates heart rate data and makes it available to the user.

Pele Zen records your blood pressure and sleeping pattern and give reminder from time to time as vibration.

It looks stylish and premium with a swappable Lather strap that comes in two colours Red and Black. A 200mAh power battery keeps your wearable charged for 10 days on average use and can go up to 15 days with standby mode.

You can connect it to a smartphone through the fit cloud pro app. The smartwatch is compatible with Android and IOS devices and it will put 50gm weight on the wrist.

Pebble Zen is a full-round shape smartwatch, that comes with one year warranty from the manufacturer. With a tap of any button, you can make it awake and a brighter display works fine in outdoor mode.

A typical viewing angel automatically turns the display when it gets a viewing position.

Pebble supports third-party apps also for IOS and Android versions and you can go with that apps according to availability on download platforms. 

Simple understandable design with easy setup rewards Pebble Zen as the most recommended smartwatch for IOS devices.

Pebble Zen has earned its position in this list of best smartwatches under 5000 in India by its remarkable performance and elegant look.

CrossBeats Ignite Spectra Plus: This is the Best AMOLED Smartwatch under 5000 in India

CrossBeats Ignite Spectra Plus, best amoled smartwatch under 5000
CrossBeats Ignite Spectra Plus was launched on 22 Jul 2022


  • Display – 1.4″ HD 
  • SpO2 – Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Yes
  • Battery Life – 15 days
  • GPS – Yes
  • Waterproof – IP68
  • Operating System – Android (all Samsung), IOS 
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 

Reason to Buy:

  • 250+ customized watch faces
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • 300 mAh powerful battery for long-lasting (up to 30 days)
  • The fastest next-gen NORDIC chipset
  • 3 ATM waterproof feature
  • Smart charge enabled can fully charge it in just 60mins
  • 3rd party alert and vibration motor

Reason to Avoid:

  • CrossBeats Ace is a little bit heavier and not comfortable for sleep

What’s in the box:

  • A CroosBeats Ace
  • A quick smart guide
  • A charging cable
  • A strap
  • A warranty card
  • A user manual

CrossBeats Ace comes with a 1.4″ HD touchscreen display enhanced by dynamic 3D UI. CrossBeats is a nice looking watch for both men and women

There are multiple sports tracking features. The smartwatch is made of metal covered with carbon textures. The CNC process is used to polish the surface to be smoother.

It will help you in Gym with a breathing training system. For better connectivity NORDIC chipset is inbuilt with CrossBeats Ace. The Pedometer, Heart Rate Sensor and BOSCH G-sensors help to sync data timely and accurately.

You can connect your smartwatch to any android device through Bluetooth 5.0. CrossBeats screen comes with 9H mineral tempered glass.

A 300mAh battery keeps your smartwatch charged for 15 days and goes up to 30 days in standby mode. 

The in-app GPS tracking system doesn’t let you miss your route. You will get many advanced features like a remote shutter, music control, find my phone, sleeping tracking, and weather forecast.

The sedentary reminder feature makes you safe from a sedentary existence by sending a notification one hour earlier. You can reject the calls according to your convenience with just a swipe.

The IP68 waterproof resistance features safe CrossBeats under 30mm deep water.  

CrossBeats is not too comfortable for long sessions because of its 150gm weight. The dial is made of 5D carbon fibreglass with a micro-sealed bezel.

If you see CrossBeats Ace as the whole package includes the multi-colour silicon-based strap, carbon fibre back case, polished black power button and ZN-MG alloy case.

More than 250 watch faces are available via the Da Fit app to make you feel like a rockstar.

If you guys looking for a smartwatch that comes with a quick and easy then CrossBeats Ace is for you only.

CrossBeats Ace’s classic sleek design with a round shape stands premium look and feel. 

Realme Fashion Watch: Best fitness smartwatch

realme Fashion Watch, best smartwatch under 5000 for fitness


  • Display – 1.4″ HD Colour Display
  • SpO2 – Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Yes
  • Battery Life – 
  • GPS – N/A
  • Waterproof – IP68 
  • Operating System – Android Devices Only
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth

Reason to Buy:

  • Lightweight and full touch screen
  • 100+ watch faces
  • Dust and waterproof
  • SpO2 (Oxegen Saturation Level) monitor
  • DND and raise your wrist features
  • The function of Music and Camera control
  • Notification reminder

Reason to Avoid:

  • The display size could have been a little bit bigger
  • Not compatible with IOS

What’s in the box: 

  • A Real Fashion Watch
  • A magnet charger
  • A user manual

Realme Fashion Watch come with a 1.4″ HD touchscreen display and 320*320 resolution supports 323ppi density.

You will get a silicon-based 20mm width detachable strap that can be adjustable up to 208 mm in length. IP68 feature keeps water and dust away from your wearable.

24*7 heart monitor and blood oxygen monitor keep keen eyes on your daily health report. There are features to track sleeping patterns and the steps you walk daily.

A PPG sensor is used to monitor heart rate. It works based on technology as light enters the body in various random directions with blood flow changed. The 3-axis accelerometer sensor counts your steps accurately. 

Realme Fashion is compatible with an Android device. you connect it to a smartphone through Bluetooth 5.0. The weight of Realme Fashion is 35gm only.

it’s very comfortable while sleeping. The straps are available in four red, Black, blue, and green colours with two designs classic and fashionable. The charging pin is around the back with sensors specially designed to keep touching human skin for better results.

The display is powered with 380 NITS brightness and 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to protect it. But Real Fashion Smartwatch does not support night brightness and you need to adjust it own.

You will get 12 watch faces like date, heart rate, weather, steps and many more but go up to 100 via OTA.

You can change watch faces according to your mood by the long press of the home screen. The display gets awake whenever you raise your hand thanks to the Lift Wrist to Wake Screen feature.

For a better interface, you need to have the Realme app on your Android device. UI is impressive and you can use screens by just quick responsive swiping.

The company has added other fascinating features like DND, Phone finder, Music controller and camera controller.

If you are looking for a stylish smartwatch with some fantastic features and lightweight, then Realme Fashion is a good choice. 

Zebronics ZEB-Fit4220CH: Best Smartwatch for BT Calling

ZEBRONICS ZEB, best smartwatch under 5000 for BT Calling

Zebronics ZEB-FIT4220CH is a multifunction smartwatch that comes with an inbuilt microphone and calling pad.

After pairing it with your smartwatch you can take a call and answer it. Zebronics has recently launched ZEB-FIT4220CH this week.

Specifications –

Modal: ‎ZEB-FIT4220CH
Display: Round dial 1.3” colour TFT, quick responsive screen
Straps:  Single Black strap with black case (sliver strap with a silver case and grey strap with grey case)
Features: Calling feature, caller id, call eject, built-in speaker, mic, calling dial pad, sleep monitor, optical heart rate monitor, SpO2, blood pressor, alarm clock, remote camera control, music control, calories burnt, IP67, notifications
Sports Mode: 7 modes as cycling, badminton, running outdoors, walking, skipping, basketball, football
Compatibility: Android and IOS operating systems
Battery: 30 days in standby mode
Apps: Zeb Fit20
Watch Faces: 100+ customize
Dimension: ‎ ‎5.5 x 8.7 x 9.5 cm
Weight: 60gm
Colour: Silver, Black, Grey

Enhance KW37 Pro: This is the Best OLED smartwatch

ENHANCE KW37 Pro, best OLED smartwatch under 5000

Enhance KW37 Pro is a new bee in the smartwatch market. Enhance KW37 Pro is an ultra-thin nice looking lightweight smartwatch that comes with a 1.3″ high-resolution full-touch display.

Enhance KW37 Pro is now available this week.


Modal: ‎KW37 Pro
Display: 1.3″ colour OLED, fully responsive touchscreen
Straps:  Blue, Pink, Grey and Black (thermoplastic polyurethane)
Features: sleep monitor, optical heart rate monitor, SpO2, blood presser, body temperature, alarm clock, remote camera control, sedentary alert, call alert, music control, calories burnt, IP68, notifications
Sports Mode: 7 modes as cycling, climbing, swimming, running outdoors, walking, running indoor
Compatibility: Android and IOS operating systems
Battery: 160mAh with 5 to 20 days battery cycle depending on usage
Apps: link to sports
Watch Faces: Multiple
Dimension: ‎4.15 x 3.5 x 1.1 cm
Weight: 80gm
Colour: Blue, Black, Grey

MC99 Pro Smartwatch: This is the Best Smartwatch for men

MC99 Pro is a Bluetooth calling smartwatch under 5000

MC99 Pro comes with a personalized DIY Dial and 320* 385-pixel support. It has sensors to monitor heart rate and SpO2 24*7 basis.

MC99 Pro is available from the second week of June.

Specifications –

Modal: ‎MC-99
Display: 1.75” HD IPS with 2.5 D corning Gorilla Glass, 320*385 resolution
Straps:  Red silicon rubber
Features: sleep monitor, calling feature, caller id, built-in microphone, optical heart rate monitor, SpO2, blood pressure, pedometer, alarm clock, remote camera control, music control, calories burnt, IP67, notifications
Sports Mode: Multisport tracking mode
Compatibility: Android and IOS operating systems
Battery: 10 days in standby mode
Apps: N/A
Watch Faces: Personalized DIY
Dimension: ‎ 25x6x4 cm
Weight: 250gm
Colour: Red

Compare Smartwatch under 5000 (2023)

PositionBest Smart Watch Under 5000CompatibilityBattery LifeDisplayBDP Rating
1Noise Colorfit Pro3  Android, IOS 9Up to 10 Days1.55″ HD8.3/10
2Amazfit Bip UAndroid, IOS 10+Up to 9 days1.43″ HD8.3/10
3Fire Bolt BeastAndroid, IOSUp to 8 days1.69″ HD8.1/10
4GOQii Smart VitalAndroid, IOSUp to 7 days1.39″ HD7.9/10
5Pebble ZenAndroid, IOSUp to 10 days1.30″ HD7.8/10
6CrossBeats Ace MetalAndroid (all Samsung), IOSUp to 15 days1.40″ HD7.6/10
7Realme Fashion WatchAndroid DevicesUp to 7 days1.40″ HD7.3/10
Comparison Table

Bottom Line   

Now we get the answer to this question “which is the best smartwatch under 5000 ?” and Noise Colorfit Pro 3 is the best answer.

We have noticed close competition between Noise Colofir Pro3 and Amazfit Bip Pro. But technology advantage and durability made Noise Clorfit a winner. 

If you ask “best android smartwatch under 5000” then I would like to go with Amazfit Bip U for its easy use and better interface app.

At last, every list should have the top three choices and here are –

#1. Noise Colorfit Pro3 – Overall Best Pick

#2. Amazfit Bip U – Top Users’ Choice

#3. Fire-Boltt Beast – Value for Money

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