11 Best Crossbow (Under 300-400) For Hunting & Targeting

Best Crossbow for hunting and targeting under 1000 & 500

In the current scenario, there is the immense influence of arms and ammunition, there were heydays of the crossbow. What churns in our mind, when we think of crossbows in fairs where the seller used to sell crossbows in a very basic form and that too in minimal resources.  Top 10 Crossbow: Under $300 | … Read more

5 Best Laptops Under 30000 (2022)

best laptops for students

Best Laptop Under 30000 Features Best For Price 1. Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Processor: AMD Athlon RAM: 4GBDrive: 1TB HDD Avg Battery Life: 5Hrs Student,Trader,Graphic designer,Programmers,Online-meetings SHOP NOW 2. Life Digital Laptop Processor: Core i5RAM: 4GBDrive: 1TB HDD Avg Battery Life: 5Hrs Student,Programmers,Online-meetings SHOP NOW 3. Dell Inspiron 3505 Laptop Processor: AMDRAM: 8GBDrive: 256GB SSDAvg … Read more

Best Gaming Laptops Under 1 Lakh: Tested On Latest Games

Best Gaming Laptops Under 1 Lakh

Many people take professional advice before buying an excellent gaming Laptop. But you don’t need that even if you are looking for the best gaming laptop under 1 lakh (1,000,00 INR). We have included high graphics NVIDIA RTX 3050 and top-performing Core i7 laptops after testing on various latest AAA games. All recommended gaming laptops … Read more

Best 16GB Laptops

Best 16GB Laptops

RAM capacity totally depends upon your uses, if you are looking for a laptop for high-end gaming or graphic designer software, or any large software you need a good laptop that comes with 16GB or 32GB RAM. But keep in mind that only choosing high-capacity RAM will not you reach the star where you want … Read more

DTG Printers Under $5000

Best DTG Printers Under $5000

Are you looking for a DTG printer under $5000, then you are on the right post, We are going to discuss the same. As we know, DTG printing is the popular and most used printing method for commercial purposes.  Generally, DTG printers are costly, but if you have a limited budget and are looking for … Read more

Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000

Gaming headphones under 3000

I know you guys are here searching for the best gaming headphones under 3000. For a good gaming experience, you should have all the necessary equipment.  A good gaming headset is one of those pieces of equipment without which playing video games is not that fun.  So let’s know your options for a budget gaming … Read more

6 Best Laptops For Video Editing Under 50000 With Core i5 and i7

Best Video Editing Laptops under 50000 (50k)

Which are the Best laptops for video editing under 50000 (50k) in 2022? Are you a YouTuber or any professional that requires video editing, and you don’t want to spend too much? If yes, then you are on the right post because we are recommending the best video editing laptops under 50000, which will make … Read more