How Sleep Monitor Apps work?

Most smartwatches have a small detector called an accelerometer to detect sleep quality.  Through the accelerometer-own algorithm, it detects sleep patterns such as how often you changed movements and the sleep quality at each sleep stage.

Benefits of sleep monitor app

-Whether you slept poorly or well, you can differentiate yourself through movement tracking. -You can set your own bedtime and wake-up routine. -It can also measure sleep duration and wake time from your heart rate and breathing rate. - Good quality sleep always has health benefits in every way so a good sleep tracking device can let you arm be alert for many sick before they happen


Sleepzy, the shrewd morning timer and rest tracker, sets aside the ideal opportunity to wake you, conveys daily rest measurements, and recognizes whether you wheeze.


NapBot is a programmed rest following and dissecting application for your iOS and watches' gadgets. It utilizes on-gadget Machine Learning to recognize and grasp your rest.


Sleep++ exploits the movement and wellbeing checking abilities of your Apple Watch to gauge both the span and nature of your rest.

Sleep Cycle

Unwind, rest better and wake up feeling rested with Sleep Cycle, the brilliant morning timer


Use Pillow as a shrewd morning timer to awaken at the lightest conceivable rest stage and begin your day revived and loose.

Sleep Center

The Sleep Center is a predominant across-the-board rest application. It comprises four modules: RECORDER, STOP SNORING, SMART ALARM, SLEEPY SOUNDS


Naturally track your rest from your Apple Watch*. No buttons to press. Indeed, even the Watch application is discretionary