What gaming laptop should I buy in 2021?

Last updated on August 21st, 2021 at 01:01 pm

Buying a good gaming laptop is tricky and finding it within your budget is more tricky. Many brands and good specification laptops are available for gaming that helps you in multitasking too like coding, video editing, online meeting, and other tasks. Purchasing a good gaming laptop totally depends upon your preference and choice. You can buy a normal laptop for entry-level gaming like gaming laptops under 70000 or can go for expensive laptops like best gaming laptops under 80000 or best gaming laptops under 1 lakh.

It is also true that there is not a certain price range for gaming laptops, you can pick expensive to budget gaming laptops. If you go for expensive you will get a good configuration that provides you smooth ultimate gaming experience while with the budget you would have limited options, but does not mean that you can not get top gaming laptops on a good budget, if you follow some below-mentioned factors, you will get best gaming laptop in your budget.

1. CPU: Powerful Processor

For a gaming laptop, a powerful processor is always a top priority, you can choose the latest generation core i5 or core i7 processor, you can also select the latest AMD Ryzen processor. The latest gaming processor is compatible with all the latest AAA games. In today’s scenario, many top laptops with Core i7 come in a range of 80K, so it is not required to spend too much money always. But only a core i7 processor does not make your system perfect for an impressive gaming experience, so move forward for other factors.

2. Select latest GPU for Good Visuals

Many students or gamers found lagging and blurring of frames during gaming, so to avoid these concerns you need to select a good GPU, at least NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650Ti graphics will be the best choice. Visuals are major parameters, It increases Visual impression and gaming experience.  

3. High-Resolution Display

Full HD display a good size of screen facilitates you to play the game for a long duration. The 1080p resolution and 15.6″ screen size are perfect for a gaming laptop. Most brands come with a nano-bezels display screen so you will get extra space for visuals and your tasks. A high refresh rate is also crucial and helps in fast rendering or fetching graphics and prevent frame loss, due to a good refresh rate and GPU you would be able to play most of the latest games on high or medium graphics mode with good FPS.

4. Good RAM and Storage Capacity

To support high graphics and display, a good RAM capacity is always required you can start with $GB DDR$ RAM but it is best for entry-level gaming for HIGH-end gaming you need at least 16GB RAM capacity, so If your budget is tight then you can start with 4GB RAM and later can upgrade it for good gaming experience because every month new games are introduced in the world of gaming and you can not let go away them without playing due to your RAM. Most laptops come with SSD storage or SSD+HDD storage, SSD reduces loading time and serves fast fetching of documents or save files to your processor that is always good for gamers, 512GB SSD would be a good choice for starting that can be upgraded later.

5.  Keyboard and Cooling System

The gaming laptop keypad is equipped with highlighted Arrow keys and WASD. Key has important roles when you play a game so smooth depression is always needed ahead of a competitor while close encounters take place. To prevent heat, a good cooling mechanism is required, a good gaming laptop should come with a good cooling grid system, from there fan can shuck air and spread inside the laptop, while minium 2-4 exhaust vents can exhaust the warm air, a good cooling system prevent to reach the temperature of the system during gaming and prevent from side effects of high temperature.