WPX Hosting Reviews 2021

Overview Of WPX Hosting Review 2021



Page Speed Grade

B (81%)


Free SSL, Free Migration, DDoS, WPX Cloud

Monthly Business Plan 

$20.83 to $83.25


01 to 05


10 GB to 40 GB


100 GB to Unlimited

Customer Support 

Ticket, Email, Live Chat



WPX Hosting Reviews-Is Now WPX Hosting Leader in 2021?

If you are reading this post because you are not able to take the decision that whether you purchase WPX Hosting or not? Then you are at the right place we are going to do honest and deep WPX Hosting review.


WPX started in 2013 by Terry Kyle, who is the current CEO of WPX hosting. Before he commenced WPX hosting services, his personal experience with many other hosting services was not good and he learned lots of things and upgrade himself. So ownership of WPX is in a very experienced and skilled person’s hand.


It is true that I had never fan of WPX web hosting, I have seven websites including all business and personal blogging sites, I and my team used many other web hostings but we never got a permanent solution of speed.


Before 2019, we were looking for a web hosting company for better Uptime and Page Upload time.


I found some of them, they provide better performance but lacking in customer support. So our search for a web hosting company which stands great in every parameter of good hosting was still on.


Finally, we got WPX hosting brand, which not only provided great performance also a very compatible and best hosting service for WordPress.


And we know that more than 2 million websites are using WordPress.


WPX hosting review will be done on following matrices-


Performance-In WPX hosting reviews it is important to review the reliability and speed of WPX web hosting in comparison to other hosting brands.


Features: Review of feature tells the story that WPX is feature-rich or not? And have the potential to meet user requirements.


Price Review: Is WPX providing value for money? The cost of web hosting for all types of users as a small business to the website has huge traffic should be economical with quality services.


Customer Support: In WPX hosting customer review we will see that customer support reps are capable to give solution for all types of queries including technical.

WPX Hosting Review: What is the performance of hosting brand?

Performance is the most important key metric for any web hosting company.


We can divide performance matrics into two-part first one is the reliability of web hosting or you can say Uptime of a web hosting brand.


And the second part is speed or page load time.


As we know that Uptime of web hosting shows the availability of hosting server for your website. 99.95% of Uptime is the guarantee by WPX company.


For measuring Uptime of WPX server we use the tool of Pingdom we got a good result, Uptime was 99.98% in the last 6 months.


But Six-month data is not sufficient and in some cases, Pingdom results are not much accurate, our team directly connected to “Review Signal” web hosting (which data referenced is used by WPX for UPTIME) and ask what is Uptime of hosting server. customer support reps reply 99.99%

uptime confirmation from customer support

And he also provided a reference blog of “Review Signal”.I checked data and this data confirmed reps statement.


Note: This Uptime data is measured and monitored by “Uptime Robot” and “Status Cake”.

uptime of WPX graph
table uptime

In the picture, we can see that Uptime of WPX is 99.99% which is remarkable and it is also above to guarantee Uptime of WPX.


But you have noticed one more interesting thing…


I know you did…


Yes ..Mostly hosting companies in the Uptime monitor result table are well-maintaining Uptime of above 99.99%.


So Uptime of WPX is remarkable without any doubt, but Only WPX is not providing this remarkable Uptime other brands are also available. So we forward move and let check for page load time.


Page load time shows how much time required to a web page to fully load on a web browser. So page load time or speed is very crucial for WPX hsoting review.


As we know that page speed also plays a key role in search engine rankings apart from this it is also true that delay of 1 second in page speed can hamper your business up to 7%.


We used a tool Gmetrix for the latest speed monitor.

GTmetrix speed compare -final

As you can see that we have compared eight hosting brands by 25 June 2021 for the latest data.


We found that WPX  hosting speed well but not the best. In Gmetrix data you can see that page speed grade is B(81%) while page load time is more than 4 seconds.


Similarly in Gmetrix data A2Z hosting is best due to high-speed grade A(100%) and page load time is 284 ms which is tremendous. So in our test WPX  has less speed than A2Z.


It is true that if we collect large data of every month all server location then the average speed of WPX would increase but it is also true for others.


As I and my team always believe that present only those fact which is true and honest, and you also can check the speed of every web hosting with Gmetrix, it is not rocket science.


And you will more than happy that we are right.


So WPX web hosting is stood on its commitment of Uptime and providing reliability of more than 99.94% in fact 99.99% and has 100% Uptime from the last 6 months.


In case of speed, WPX  providing a fair speed but A2Z provides more speed compare to WPX.


But if we combine the Uptime and Speed grade of WPX then we can reach on this point that WPX has good performance results.


Review of WPX Features

It is important before choosing any web hosting brand you must know what you will get and it will meet your requirements or not?


In today’s scenario many web hosting brands providing a similar type of facility and features now we have to check,  how WPX  web hosting is different from other web hosting brands.


Let’s start feature discussion in detail and we also compare the facility provided by other web hosting brands

Free CDN

CDN stands for content delivery networks. In this network distributed server sends web pages, images, content, etc to users according to their location.


CDN works on the cache mechanism means a copy of the content is reside in the CDN network while the original copy resides in the web hosting server.


When a request is made by the user then nearest CDN server provides content that is in the cache of the CDN server after the communication of the hosting server.


So by this web-cache mechanism delivery of content becomes faster because it reduces the time of request and sending of content by hosting server, the request is processed by the nearest CDN server.


Todays most web hosting providing free CDN and WPX web hosting also providing free for better performance of the content 


but one thing which gives the upper hand to WPX is that WPX web hosting has its own CDN called the WPX cloud.

WPX Cloud

WPX cloud is a high performance, WPX own build CDN and have more than 20+ ends point and still WPX growing more endpoints in the word for better performance.


WPX CDN is different from others because generally, all CDN companies are not hosting companies, they only provide CDN services due to this always required a bridge for performance and many are lacking in this.


But WPX has the advantage of its own CDN  due to this WPX hosting review for content performance increase compared to others.


You can see just how fast our CEO, Terry Kyle’s, the image-heavy site runs on the WPX Cloud.

CEO website CDN performance

If you are thinking that will this work for all kinds of websites?


The answer is yes but as you know that CDN best works for static content and images so if you have a WordPress website then you will get the best result.


But the website has dynamic content like an eCommerce site with individual shopping carts, then the WPX Cloud won’t help quite as much because those dynamic elements can’t be cached by our CDN.


WPX provides free CDN for all web hosting customers across all planes-Business, Professional, and Elite.

According WPX cloud endpoints across the word are in the following locations-


  • New Jersey, USA
  • Chicago, USA
  • Dallas, USA
  • Seattle, USA
  • Atlanta, USA
  • Kansas City, USA
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Silicon Valley, USA
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Miami, USA
  • London, UK
  • Manchester, UK
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Paris, France
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Pune, India
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil


Free SSL


SSL certification is almost mandatory for all kinds of websites and many web hosting companies also provided Free SSL certificates.


WPX also providing a free SSL certificate.


SSL stands for secure socket layer which encrypts message over the internet so it is not related to virus or malware. It establishes a secure session with the server in terms of information exchange with an encrypted form.

It encrypted your important information over internet like credit card number.


A website has an SSL certificate then you can see that it’s URL starts with https while websites do not have an SSL certificate by default start with http.

Free Migration

WPX hosting review for migrational is tremendous because WPX offers free migration from your old host.


WPX did the entire process manually, they have experts who do this task with a fully professional way with a very short time of period.


  • For Business Account WPX support up to 5 website migration and their respective emails from another hosting service.
  • For Professional Account WPX support up to 15 website migration and their respective emails from another hosting service.
  • For Elite Account WPX support up to 35 website migration and their respective emails from another hosting service.


WPX web hosting has a details policy for migration –

WPX migration policy review

No doubt that the WPX migration service is the best and the company expert is well trained in the website migration process which provides great relax, you have to only share some information of the old host and rest all is taken care by WPX expert, such a great facility provided by WPX.

Daily Backups

Backup Manager of WPX hosting allows you to take backup and restore as you see the best fit.


Two types are backup is provided by WPX, one is the User or personal or Manual and the second is a System created or Automatic backup.


In personal or user back is generally taken before the user going to change anything like installing a new plugin and want to a backup before installation then…

the user can do this and if required then can restore website but one thing needs to remember that user backup is only for 24 hours after 24 hours backup would be deleted.

WPX backup review
wpx backup

The system created or Automatic backup is best, the server took the website backup of 28 days.


 so if you want to restore your website then just select your date of the backup and your website will be restored according to your selected date.

review of wpx backup

Does WPX Hosting Remove MALWARE For Customers?

Some hosting companies instead of providing malware tool send their customers to a service like Sucuri.


Which is not good ..and they do this why?

 Because they want that customer go through an affiliate link and expect their customers to pay an EXTRA $200 a year for malware removal.

 On the other hand, WPX Hosting DOES clean malware from all WPX servers daily 


And most important that WPX customers are NOT charged for this daily removal of malware.

wpx malware removal review

DDoS Protection

DDoS Stand for distributed denial of service, in DDoS attack an attempt is made by the attacker to make an online service unavailable to users.


DDoS is a set of algorithm which allows legitimate traffic while filter traffic that is not legitimate.


WPX provides free DDoS protection (Enterprise-level) to all WPX hosting customers with Incapsula, an industry leader in DDoS security.


This Protection with Incapsula comes with $299 per website, but WPX provides free for all customers.


In the security review of WPX, WPX stands strongly and perfect care of customers security issue, it works to prevent and cure any type of security issue, that’s great!


Staging Area

Staging Area of WPX is like test ground where you can test your website with new themes/templates .plugins layouts etc.


But unlike other web-hosting brand’s Staging Areas, WPX Staging Are allow you to merge your Staging site with your Live site.


It means, If you create a new page/blog or comment on the Staging site then you are able to merge this new page/blog to your live site.


Which is fantastic…


And makes WPX different from others.


But there some Guidelines and Important points for WPX Staging Area-


  1. If your website database is more than 1 GB then you would not be able to create a Staging version.

  2. 5GB file size limitation for the Staging sites, if your website’s files more than 5GB, then you would not be able to create Staging Version 

  3. It should note that the Staging area does not work properly with the multisite installation.

wpx review on staging area

WPX Hosting Review for Plan and Price

monthly payment wpx plan
yearly payment wpx plan

WPX offers three types of plans Business, Professional, and Elite you can select according to your requirements.


Plans cost varies according to the duration you have to choose.


If you want to pay monthly for your services then it cost more compare to the yearly payment.


Review of WPX Business Plan

WPX Business Plan costs $24.99 if you pay monthly and if you want to pay yearly it cost only $20.83 so you can save near about 48 bugs.


WPX Business plan is best for those who have a limited budget and looking for good featured web hosting services.


If you have up to 5 websites then a Business plan suit you.


Also, we will get 100GB bandwidth with 10 GB storage


This is the pure basic plan and WPX hosting review of the Business plan is good for only who have up to 5 websites and have small traffic.


Because if you have 4 to 5 websites with huge traffic then 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth are not sufficient for you. 


So you can say that the main con with the Business plan is its storage capacity which should be more.


But your small business or your newbie then Business plan provides very good features and performance which you need as a startup.

Review of WPX Professional Plan

WPX Professional  Plan costs $49.99 if you pay monthly and if you want to pay yearly it cost only $41.58. 


Professional Plan is for those who have moderate or high traffic on the website.


It is also very good for multiple website hosting.


In the Professional plan, you can host up to 15 websites with 200GB bandwidth.


The professional plan comprises of 20GB storage.


So the entire package is the best for medium-level business and moderate traffic.


But my concern is the same if you have 12-15 websites with good traffic then 20GB storage and 200GB bandwidth are not sufficient.


So I want to say again that WPX needs to work on the storage of the web hosting plan.

Review of WPX Elite Plan

WPX Elite plan is the best and highest plan of WPX hosting, it cost $99 per month if you paid on a monthly basis while it cost $83.25 per month if you paid for annually.


This plan is best because it provides unlimited bandwidth and you can host up to 35 websites which is huge.


And if all of your websites have a huge amount of traffic then there is no concern of bandwidth exhausting.


This plan also provides 40 GB storage.


But I think storage should be more than 40GB because for 35 website bandwidth is unlimited which is fabulous but storage for Elite plan should is still a concern of mine.

In all packages WPX providing free services which are included in plan-


  • High-speed, custom CDN
  • WPX Cloud CDN    
  • Unlimited SSLs
  • Unlimited Site Migrations*
  • Staging Area
  • 24/7 Fast-response Support
  • Manual Backups  
  • Email
  • Malware Scanning & Removal
  • DDoS Protection
  • PHP 7.X
  • HTTPS/2
  • 30 Day Money-Back
  • 28 Day Automatic Backups
  • 99.95% Uptime Guaranteed
  • 1-Click WordPress Installations
  • USA + UK + Australia Hosting locations

 So we can say that the Business plan is best for small businesses or beginners has not much traffic on the website.

 A professional plan is best for moderate and relatively high traffic websites.

While Elite Plan is best for expert or big business, have high traffic and they need to high bandwidth at all time.

Customer Support

WPX feedback customer support

We know that customer support means a range of services that provide assistance for product-related concerns.


WPX customer support reps generally face two types of queries. The first one is general queries like account profile and new product service-related.


While second is technical related, many time troubleshooting is required for this WPX has expert but WPX has mentioned that technical troubleshooting has some limitation.


As we know that in WordPress many plugins are used by users for a variety of requirements.  


But some time user installs a badly coded plugin due to this entire website get in problem, it might slow or crashed and when this type of issue raised


..Most of the users reach web hosting customer support but it is true that it is not web hosting company concern.


So WPX has mentioned in its guideline that Technical support is very limited ..here limited does not mean that they do not offer support but they want that their expert work on web hosting related troubleshooting.


Not for third party bad coded plugin and we know that this does not issue because there is always an alternative is available for bed coded plugin that we should replace with good and trusted plugin,


If we talk about WPX customer support reps then I say that they are very friendly in nature and they take care of all your concern in a very polite and humble manner.


WPX provides the best customer support 24/7 on chat and ticket.


…but they do not provide any support via call.


But I think you would not miss that because they respond to live chat in a few seconds and dedicated resolve your query.


You also raise a ticket for your issue and they will reply within 5-10 minutes.


So customer satisfaction is the first priority of WPX web hosting. 


WPX hosting review for customer support is very good in comparison to other web hosting brands.

WPX Hosting Vs The Competitors

WPX Hosting provides many valuable features but you also know where WPX stands against its competitors.


It always interesting to know that if you are going to take any product and service then it should be worthful and you will get the best product and service at competitive prices.

WPX compare list to others

So you can see that the WPX engine is standing on top of its competitors.

You would be part of “Every Dog Matters” initiative

You know that you would indirectly help an “Every Dog Matters” social cause because this entire initiative will carry on by Terry Kyle so if you get Web hosting some amount will be investing in work for Homeless Dogs and cats help.


And I love this type of Initiative and I know you are too…

Every Dog Matters-WPX

WPX Vs. Others

  • WPX gets rid of traditional cPanel which is mostly used by other hosting brands, If I  review WPX cPanel then I felt this was more customize and easy to use compared to traditional cPanel.
  • WPX is only a web hosting brand in the world that has its own custom-build CDN  while others are still using 3rd party provided CDN.
  • WPX  switched to SSD instead of conventional HDDs because you know that SSD(storage) is faster, lighter, and more reliable and durable compare to HDDs.
  • Recently WPX switched from Apache to Litespeed. Litespeed server is able to handle more traffic than Apache and also able to handle DDoS attach more effectively than the Apache server.
  •  Apart from web hosting services, WPX providing funds for food and medical care of 500+homless dogs.

WPX Hosting: FAQ

How to cancel and access my full refund?

You can cancel your WPX subscription with 30 days of creating your subscription account.you can cancel via the “Cancel” link inside your account dashboard.

Is WPX hosting good for WordPress?

WPX is now leading brand in hosting WordPress websites due to excellent compatibility and flexibility with WordPress makes WPX best host

Does WPX hosting provide free SSL certificate?

Yes, you will get a free SSL with WPX.

How I can transfer my website to WPX?

WPX provides a free transfer service. The WPX support team will assist you and they will complete the process of site transfer with 24 Hours.

Can I pay monthly in WPX Hosting ?

Yes, in WPX hosting you can pay month-wise or annually, but in a one-time annual subscription you can save up to $48.

WPX Hosting Review: Conclusion

Its time to give the final remark, It is true that most of you are reading this post because you might switch from your old host or looking for a new hosting brand.


For both, this is a good web hosting company.


If you newbie or beginner then you can start with a Business plan you will get a number of features you do get from others.


This web Hosting company set a very high benchmark for other hosting companies, which very tough to meet.


Some of its key feature like best customer support, own CDN, SSD Storage makes this web hosting special in the field of hosting services.


It has totally customer satisfaction motive.


It reflects from its control cPanel, this is customized and best user interface for beginner and expert, It is a totally different control panel mostly provided by web hosting companies.


As you know that this is the first Hosting brand switched from Apache to Litespeed, which means this organization is fully dedicated to providing the best performance and security to its customers.


So if you want guaranteed Uptime of 99.95% high performance and reliability then WPX hosting would be best for you.


In WPX hosting review we found that this web hosting is the total solution reliability and dependency.


I recommend this WPX hosting and also say that if you are searching for the best hosting brand then start with WPX ..you will not be disappointed

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